» IBM vows to replace business email with Verse
18/11/14 14:49 from PC PRO
New Verse platform will unify email, social, analytics and security into one solution, claims IBM

» Nokia N1 Android tablet launch: as it happened
18/11/14 10:40 from PC PRO
Full specs for Nokia's new N1 Android tablet with Z launcher

» Police: drones used for harassment and voyeurism
18/11/14 09:55 from PC PRO
Metropolitan Police warn the law is failing to keep pace with drones being used for criminal purposes

» Intel's PC division sucks up loss-making mobile group
18/11/14 08:53 from PC PRO
Chip maker Intel merges failing mobile team with PC processor division

» DxO Optics Pro 10 review
17/11/14 18:00 from PC PRO
DxO Optics Pro 10 pips Lightroom 5 to the post for RAW processing, but can it match up in other areas?

» (2014)
17/11/14 17:00 from PC PRO
Apple new, cheaper Mac mini is its most reasonable desktop yet, but new features are thin on the ground

» How to set up Family Library for Kindle
17/11/14 13:07 from PC PRO
Follow our step-by-step guide to set up Amazon's new Family Library function to share ebooks free with your family

» Nexus 9 review: a fine tablet with flaws
17/11/14 12:25 from PC PRO
The long-awaited Nexus 9 is here, and it wants a piece of the iPad Air 2; find out how it fares in our in-depth review

» Five year old passes Microsoft Certified Professional exam
17/11/14 11:29 from PC PRO
He's barely old enough for school, but Ayan Qureshi has become the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

» Government wants terror sites blocked - but who's creating the blacklist?
17/11/14 10:34 from PC PRO
PM wants ISPs to block extremist content - but doesn't say who will decide what amounts to terrorist material

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