» Schumer believes the push for witnesses 'gains every day'
23/01/20 10:44 from CNN.com

» City on lockdown as deadly virus kills 17 in China
23/01/20 10:32 from CNN.com

» China locks down city of 11 million people in battle to contain deadly virus
23/01/20 10:32 from CNN.com

» 3 Americans killed after firefighting water bomber crashes in rural Australia
23/01/20 10:24 from CNN.com
Three American crew members have died in Australia after an air tanker crashed in the state of New South Wales, where fires continue to burn out of control.

» Opening arguments: Schumer believes the push for witnesses 'gains every day'
23/01/20 10:21 from CNN.com

» Tesla is now worth $100 billion
23/01/20 10:21 from CNN.com

» What the 'Doomsday Clock' means and why it's bad when we're close to midnight
23/01/20 10:00 from CNN.com
The Doomsday Clock is being reset Thursday, letting humanity know if we've inched any closer to the complete and total annihilation of the earth (well, at least metaphorically).

» Asian markets drop as coronavirus death toll climbs
23/01/20 09:49 from CNN.com
Stocks in Asia were broadly down Thursday as the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus jumped to 17, deepening fears across the region of a potential public health emergency.

» UN calls for investigation after Saudi crown prince implicated in hack of Jeff Bezos' phone
23/01/20 09:15 from CNN.com
A forensics team hired by Jeff Bezos has concluded with medium to high probability that a hack of the Amazon CEO's mobile phone originated from an account controlled by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a source.

» Trump tapes help incriminate the President at his own trial
23/01/20 09:14 from CNN.com
Can't get a new witness? Call Donald J. Trump.

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