» Six-foot-long pipe bomb found near Sri Lanka's international airport and defused
22/04/19 06:16 from CNN.com

» 24 people were arrested in connection with bombings that also left about 500 injured, an official says
22/04/19 06:01 from CNN.com

» Violence returns after decade of peace
22/04/19 05:56 from CNN.com
Eight coordinated explosions that tore through churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday have killed at least 290 people and injured another 500, in what officials have called a "brand new type of terrorism."

» Florida man pretending to be a deputy tried to pull over a real detective and got arrested
22/04/19 05:31 from CNN.com
When a South Florida undercover detective almost got pulled over earlier this week, it came as a surprise that the deputy attempting to conduct the traffic stop wasn't even a real deputy.

» 'GoT' Episode 2 recap: Let's all sit by the fire before we die
22/04/19 05:11 from CNN.com
Did you like that episode? Did all the fireside chats and sweet moments of affection between your faves warm your heart and make you foolishly believe, even for a moment, that there may be true happiness awaiting them on the other side o...

» Photo shows family at Easter breakfast, just before the explosion
22/04/19 05:01 from CNN.com

» Deadly Easter ends with bloodied pews and broken glass
22/04/19 05:00 from CNN.com
Explosions rocked three churches and two hotels in Sri Lanka on Sunday morning as Christians celebrated Easter, authorities said.

» A holy day meant for rest and worship turned deadly in Sri Lanka
22/04/19 04:11 from CNN.com

» Woman carrying a gun and a baby tackled after threatening to blow up church
22/04/19 04:09 from CNN.com
Church members on Sunday tackled a woman, carrying a handgun and a baby, who threatened to blow up the church during Easter service, San Diego Police said.

» 'Veep' imitates life
22/04/19 03:57 from CNN.com
The following contains spoilers about the April 21 episode of "Veep."

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