» Guar Output to Fall due to Erratic Rains, Crop Disease, and Decline in Cultivation
08/22/14 from News + Views
Guar output in the key guar producing state in Rajasthan, India could fall as monsoon once again plays spoilsport. Rajasthan is the leading producer of guar contributing over 70 percent of guar produced in the world. Consequently, if the...

» Guargum Futures up on Export Demand
07/23/14 from News + Views
Guar gum prices were up by Rs 260 to Rs 16,010 per quintal in future trading today as speculators enlarged positions, driven by strong export demand. “This trend is consistent with what we are currently seeing in the market place.&...

» July 2014 Guar Gum Market Report: Insights from Three Headed Lion Inc.
07/23/14 from News + Views
Three Headed Lion Inc. (THL) today announced the July 2014 update of its market report - 2014 Guar Gum Report: INDIA. The report provides an in-depth analysis of supply, demand and pricing trends as the new season for guar gets underway ...

» 2014 Guar Gum Report: INDIA – Insights from Three Headed Lion
03/04/14 from News + Views
Three Headed Lion Inc. (THL) today announced the release of its latest market report – 2014 Guar Gum Report: INDIA. The report analyzes the latest state of the guar gum market and provides guidance on what to expect as the year unf...

» Reimagining India: Solving the Challenge of Complexity
01/26/14 from News + Views
The recent celebration of India’s potential as presented by McKinsey in Reimagining India: Unlocking the Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower is a timely reminder of the promise of India. Unfortunately, because the book consis...

» Open India: Considerations for Retailers
10/11/13 from News + Views
India has rapidly emerged as one of the largest economies in the world, but it is also one of the most complex. Now, led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s insistence that “good economics is good politics,” India has announced a new wave...

» Study Finds a 20% Increase in India’s Guar Gum Cultivation, New Suppliers Poised to Enter the Market
09/29/13 from News + Views

» Is the Guar Gum Gold Rush Over? An Interview with Three Headed Lion’s Javed Matin
05/06/13 from News + Views
The following interview took place in Houston Texas on the 6th of May, 2013.  Javed Matin is the co-founder of  Three Headed Lion, a leading intelligence advisory company focused on the Indian sub-continent. Their latest update on the Gu...

» India: The Executive Journey
04/09/13 from News + Views
As growth imperatives drive businesses to explore opportunities in India – the world’s largest democracy – mixed signals, inconsistent policy, and opaque business practices, create challenges for even the most seasoned ...

» Formulating Your Go-to-India Strategy
09/20/12 from News + Views
The development of you Go-to-India strategy cannot be left to the analysts in the Home Office.  This is the first and most crucial point of consideration; get this wrong, and you will inevitably fail. Second, your India strategy, by defi...

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