» Robins
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Lovely fall color palette. via Neil Stevens

» Just one stray match…
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Screen-print by Olly Moss. via campo santo

» Powerless
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Powerless by Andy Westface. via grain edit

» Jimi Hendrix - Experience
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Jimi Hendrix Experience At Ellis Auditorium Amphitheatre Gig Poster 1969. via Visual Conversation

» Bicycle Magazine spot illustrations
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Series of spot illustrations for the Beginner’s Guide in Bicycling Magazine. via Ty Wilkins

» Orange Fall
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Those colors! via pure climber

» Leisure icons
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I love the bits of hair and the liquid. Solid icon work! via RADIO

» Android Vs. iOS Start Experience
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How times change... Today's new iPad Air 2 experience consists of 23 or more steps and no less than three iCloud services (iCloud, iCloud Drive, & iCloud Keychain). In contrast, today's new Android...

» Call the professionals
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Call the professionals. Sound advice! via ICON

» Google Calendar - September
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Monthly header illustration for Google’s redesigned Calendar app. via Lotta Nieminen

» Tour de France 1964
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Competitors in the 1964 Tour de France stock up on supplies in the stage from Toulon-Montpellier. The Roger Viollet photo was part of ESPN’s look back at the history of the Tour. via cadenced

» Five Great Campaign Websites from the 2014 Election Cycle
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Having worked in digital politics in a previous life, I observe elections these days with mixed feelings from a safe distance. Working for political campaigns is hard, stressful and often demoraliz...

» Video: Mobile Navigation, Conversion, Input, & More
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Conversions@Google published a complete video recording of my two and a half hour seminar last month (September 2014 in Dublin) on optimizing mobile experiences for conversion using design. In part...

» Everything You Haven’t Read About ‘Serial’
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On Thursday I wake up to a bunch of WhatsApp messages from my London-based friend. Turns out the career woes we Skyped about earlier in the week are moot — there’s a new episode of R...

» Making Sense of Social Media Metrics in the Newsroom
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There are so many ways to use and track social media success in the newsroom; it can make your head spin. In a recent report on The Media Briefing, writer Chris Sutcliffe outlines how to make sense...

» Video: How to Adjust Designs for Wide Screens
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In order to display video content well, today's computing devices make ample use of wide screens. This impacts software design in several ways. To illustrate how, I share ways an interface design c...

» Introducing Klynt 3 | Klynt.net
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Introducing Klynt 3 | Klynt.net Amazing Interactive Platform tags: klynt 3 The rest of my favorite links are here.

» Vanessa Valenti on How a Lack of Profit United a Young Feminist Blog Network
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It’s 2004 and Vanessa Valenti and her sister Jessica Valenti    turn to the Internet in an effort to expand the conversations around feminism they’d been having with each other. Problem...

» The Economist Espresso Offers Bite-Sized Dose of Daily Global News
Posted 17 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
At the end of last week, weekly global news publication The Economist announced a new offering called The Economist Espresso. Designed to be a snapshot of the day’s most important news in bus...

» Photo Sphere, a free and simple tool, gives interactivity and depth to stories
Posted 17 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
I have tried many programs and apps over the years to capture 360-degree interactive photographs. None has been as easy to use as Google’s Photo Sphere Camera app . Android users have had thi...

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