» The Law of Attraction
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Not your typical color palette. They work really well together. Lovely shapes too. via Martin Azambuja

» Sitting in Green
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Perfect scenery for some daydreaming. The texture used in this illustration is awe-inspiring. via Xuan loc Xuan

» The New York Times gift guide
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The first thing i noticed is the wonderful color palette. I’m also admiring all the different building created with very little elements. Imagine how it would look like if it was brought to l...

» Best Photos of the Year
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Some fantastic photographs in this Strava collection of 2016. Hard to pick just one but after much deliberation I choose this one. Isn’t it marvellous? via Strava

» Twins in the Forest
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Creating hair is among the most difficult things to achieve. It takes a long time to get it right. That’s why I always study the ones who master it. Here the hair is gorgeous, especially thos...

» The golden bicycle touch
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One of my own pictures shot during a morning bicycle ride. The best kind! Those colours are just wow! via Veerle Pieters

» Fire in the Sky
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A wonderful advertisement for planet Earth. Look at that fire in the sky! Purdy. via Dan Rubin

» The World’s Best Street Food
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Illustrated cover for a Lonely Planet guide. via Muti

» Dario Flaccovio Editore
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The illustration look so “simple”, but the longer you look at it, the deeper you get into the design. via Marco Goran Romano

» Chen Design Associates
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Lovely letter-pressed poster in a special color palette. via Ryan Bosse

» Millennialisation and the Fusion Approach - Seeing where your cohorts’ talents take them.
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» Introducing Stacks: a better way to Drupal
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We love Drupal. It is flexible, feature-rich, cost effective and has a fantastic user community supporting it. It is the Content Management System we use most. However, we will be the first to admi...

» When you are no longer a journalist…
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Comes the day when we all have to retire…from work.  At that point are we still journ.alists?  Former journalists?  Or do we morph into something else as we settle into our new lifestyle. My ...

» Adsquare Launches U.S. Operations
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CEO and co-founder Tom Laband has relocated to New York.

» Vanity Fair Mexico Recycles Melania Trump Photo
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When photo licensing attacks.

» An Editor Who Made Tom Wolfe Go ‘Varoom! Varoom!’
Posted 23 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Byron Dobell was 89.

» New York Times Maps Out Plans for Expanded Canadian Coverage
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Newly hired bureau chief Catherine Porter will oversee a local staff of three.

» Barnard College Grad Gets Time Magazine Hat Tip
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Feb. 8 issue cover features the "pussy hat."

» Quartz’s New Professional in Residence Comes From Goldman Sachs
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Quartz residency program goes beyond "traditional norms" of hiring

» Craig Ferguson Scores SiriusXM Home Studio
Posted 24 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
"I look forward to working in an environment that has zero network interference."

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