» Why Does a Mainstream Media Outlet Want a Share of this Non-profit Digital Site’s Pulitzer?
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OK, the headline is a maybe over the top, but the sentiment isn’t. Why does a mainstream media TV news organization want a cut of a non-profit digital site’s Pulitzer? The non-profit di...

» Sonya Park: Design that starts from individual sensibilities
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How do you go about designing a day planner? And what if it's a "translated" planner? We spoke to Sonya Park

» How to Pitch Your Personal Essay to Literary Magazines
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If you’re a writer eager to pitch your personal essay, check our latest Journalism Advice feature, which includes another 15 markets. See below for just one example. (And don’t forget t...

» PingCars Vol.10: eCOM-8 and the Hidden Potential of Slow Mobility
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eCOM-8: An electric bus with eight wheels that looks like a toy? Once you've seen this vehicle, you'll never forget it!

» It’s called death watch…
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…the stories you go on “just in case”… Routine almost to the point of boring.   Hop on over to Amanda Emily’s The Dope Sheet and check it out.

» Longreads Joins Forces With Automattic, Owner of WordPress
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During the month of its five-year anniversary, Longreads was bought by Autommatic , the web development company best known for its ownership of WordPress (also Gravatar and Polldaddy, for the nerdi...

» Chineasy illustrations by Noma Bar
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Chinese is a hard language to master so that is why Taiwanese artist Shao Lan has developed ‘ Chineasy ’, a method which allows non-chinese readers to learn the written language by understanding th...

» Miami Herald Wins April Sidney Award For Project On Abused FL Kids
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  photo via cpexecutive.com Journalists Carol Marbin Miller and Audra D.S. Burch of the Miami Herald won the April Sidney Award for “ Innocents Lost “, an investigative multi-media...

» Japanese Homes and Pop Idols? PingMag went to learn about idol rock band TOKIO’s popular TV show “The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!”
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Japanese Homes and Pop Idols? PingMag went to learn about idol rock band TOKIO's popular TV show "The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!"

» How to Maximize Your Social Media Experience
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For a freelance writer, maintaining and updating your social media accounts is vital to your career. But it can be easy to neglect, what with the daily grind of chasing editors, finding new gigs an...

» Tour of Flanders by Neil Stevens
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Lovely new work illustrating the Tour of Flanders, one of the 5 monuments of European cycling. via Neil Stevens

» Koppenberg - Jered Gruber
Posted 6 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Spectacular shot of the legendary ‘Koppenberg’ a few hours after the race at sunset. Taken by my friend Jered Gruber. via Jered Gruber

» Spiral - nihilisten
Posted 6 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Fabulous!! via nihilisten

» Every Mountain
Posted 6 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Wonderful style and colors. via Brian Miller

» Dreamstime Launches WordPress Plugin for Stock Photos
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Finding images is my least favorite part of writing on the web. As a freelancer, it’s worse, because you don’t get to play with an organization’s subscription to Getty Images. It&...

» Your Twitter Chat Is Stressing Me Out
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Twitter is stressing me out. It all culminated this weekend when I wanted to waste some time on an Amtrak train, but couldn’t focus. The journo chatter was too loud. Jacob Harris seemed to understa...

» Vox.com and News Flash Cards: What Do You Think?
Posted 8 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Finally Ezra Klein ‘s Vox.com has debuted , and the Internet has spoken. Of course, the former Wonkblogger and Washington Post resident celebrity’s move away from legacy media to, essen...

» How Al Jazeera America’s Domestic and Global Resources Help ‘Deepen’ News Understanding
Posted 8 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In the latest installment of MediabistroTV’s “What’s Your Show?” we go behind the scenes at Al Jazeera America’s primetime newscast with John Seigenthaler , which airs...

» Join Us Tomorrow for Our First ‘Career Lunch’ Google+ Hangout!
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We’re excited to announce Mediabistro is launching a new Google+ Hangout series tomorrow called Career Lunch to help our ever-growing community stay ahead of the job curve. We’ll be tal...

» UXIM: Doing Pocket Research
Posted 9 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In her Doing “Pocket Research” talk at the UXIM conference in Denver CO 2014, Cyd Harrell talked about how we can research deeper service design questions using mobile devices. Here are my notes fr...

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