» Chrome Summit: New Bar for Web Experiences
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At the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, Thao Tran and Chris Wilson discussed the user experience benefits made possible by new Web technologies with a number of case studies. Here's my notes fro...

» Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas II
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Here’s another one from the Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas. They are so good! via James Gilleard

» Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas
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These dinosaurs are just fabulous. Love everything about it. via James Gilleard

» Holiday
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Beautiful shades. Now, I want to go to the beach! via Nutsa Avaliani

» Laguna Beach, California
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SoCal ❤️. Beautiful reflections and those colors are so divine. via Earth

» Clio Awards x We Transfer
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So many little details to admire in this one. via Owen Gatley

» Herbie Hancock Austin City Limits Poster
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New work from DKNG for Herbie Hancock. via DKNG

» Finhautemosson Dam
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My friends Ashley & Jered really get to ride their bicycles on the most beautiful places on this earth. This here is the Finhautemosson Dam in France. via Jered Gruber

» Bakken and Baeck
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Not an ordinary color palette. via Owen Gatley

» Times Education Supplement
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The wood structure is great. via Mitch Blunt

» Sometimes you might run into horrible things
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Sometimes you might run into horrible things. via Sami Viljanto

» Free Webinar: Design Systems, Not Pages
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We will be hosting a free webinar at 2:00 pm on Thursday, October 19th.  The webinar will use our recent redesign of the African Parks website as an example of system-based website design.  We̵...

» Archiving the past…
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Sorting through old drafts and found this from 2010. 10.12.10 I am constantly befuddled by people who say they don’t know what career they want to go into. This includes my kin and students. I’ve k...

» Thinking in Widgets: A Better Page Building Experience in Drupal
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A few years ago we realized the old strategy of designing websites page by page was dying a slow and painful death. Increased complexity and more complicated requirements were increasingly renderin...

» MEDIA - Milewski's answer to fake news: Buy a newspaper, hug a reporter
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Broadcaster Terry Milewski during keynote speech to UBCM. (Image: UBCM) By MEL ROTHENBURGER Director

» Building a global community of typographic practice
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In 1928, Vincent Steer, the self-described “advertising typographer” behind the book Printing Design and Layout (1934), established the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) in the ...

» How We Built It: African Parks Website
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Over the last few years, we have embraced a systems-based approach to website development. Instead of designing and developing page templates, we focus on defining overall styles for a site and cre...

» Choosing a camera 6.0
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Sometimes you live long enough to wade through changes you saw or never saw coming. Shifts in the reality of getting your job done. Film to tape I saw coming…and the shift to digital (much fu...

» How to Win Followers & Influence People: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits
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Steve Winter: conservation photojournalist, speaker, and most importantly: social media influencer. A simple endorsement from Steve caused one of our client’s, African Parks’, Instagram following t...

» Setting up a New Widget with Stacks: a 4-Step Guide
Posted 2 months ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Hello and welcome to this quick tutorial about working with Stacks. First of all, you might be wondering: What is Stacks? Stacks is a Drupal 8 module that allows you, or a content editor, to easily...

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