» Reynolds Business Journalism Center Offers Financial Fellowship Worth $1,500
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  Lily Wu, reporter for KAKE News in Kansas, was a 2014 Strictly Financials fellow. Photo via businessjournalism.org Financial journalists take note, there is still time to apply for a Donald ...

» Ping Cars Vol.13: Retro Moto showcases Tokyo’s custom motorbikes
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In the late 1990′s Japan experienced a craze for custom bikes called “street trackers”. Bikers would customize their rides to make them minimal but speedy like dirt biker racers. ...

» Amelia McDonell-Parry, EIC of TheFrisky, Shares Her Advice for Writing Online
Posted 18 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Amelia McDonell-Parry  knows a thing or two about creating a killer pitch. She’s held editorial positions at such publications as  Rolling Stone,  Maxim  and Jezebel, and is currently the edi...

» Beegit Brings Content And Project Management Together With New Platform
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Collaborative writing is hard to do. Former journalist Mike Cottrill understands that. Which is why he, along with co-founders JD Eaton and Kris Ciccarello , created Beegit (BEE-GET), a web based e...

» GoBicycle - Smile
Posted 23 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Gobicycle is an imagined design intervention to promote bicycle commuting in Durban. via Warvick Kay

» Colorado fall
Posted 23 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
What a scene to ride your bike in! via pure climber

» Back to School
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Design for the London Graphics Centre billboard. via Jack Hudson

» Video: How to Ask for App Permissions
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
From cameras to location detection, today's computers have lots of amazing capabilities. But in order to maintain the right level of privacy, people are in charge of which of these capabilities our...

» Blexbolex
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Love the style of Blexbolex (Bernard Granger) via Pixturebook Makers

» Como Clique
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
One more of the badges collection designed by Allan Peters. via Allan Peters

» Water tree
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Great shot by Jasper van der Meij. via Unsplash

» PBS NewsHour and The Atlantic Partner to Broadcast Cover Stories
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The Atlantic and PBS NewsHour announced this morning that they are collaborating to bring stories from the magazine to the news broadcast. The first premieres tonight with NewsHour’s Judy Woo...

» Tarifa, Spain
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Great golden glow on the sand. Tarifa, Spain. via Drop Anchors

» Autumn
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
It’s the season but I still have to found just one. via pureclimber

» frankenstein’s monster
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Halloween is almost here! via Luke Bott

» Swimming With the Fishes?
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Openings shot in the great Layer Tennis match between DKNG vs. Delicious Design League. via Layer Tennis

» An Event Apart: Designing for Crisis
Posted 2 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In his Designing for Crisis talk at An Event Apart in Orlando FL 2014, Eric Meyer shared how considering crisis-driven personas can help improve Web site designs. Here are my notes from his talk: M...

» An Event Apart: The Elusive, Inclusive Web App
Posted 2 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In his The Elusive, Inclusive Web App talk at An Event Apart in Orlando FL 2014, Scott Jehl talked over building a complex Web application using the principles of progressive enhancement and univer...

» Deadline for National Geographic Photo Contest on Halloween
Posted 2 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
You have only three more days to get your best photos into National Geographic Magazine for the pub’s annual photo contest. If you have photos dying to be seen and shared, this contest is a g...

» UI19: The Architecture of Understanding
Posted 3 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In his presentation at User Interface 19 in Boston MA 2014, Stephen Anderson talked about the onset of ubiquitous information sources and their impact on user experience design practices. Here's my...

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