» My design assets folder just got bigger
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As a graphic designer, I have a lot of textures, patterns and backgrounds collected over the years. I actually have a whole library of them, but it’s something you never have enough of. You always ...

» Celebrating Adobe Illustrator at 30
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If there is one application that has a role in everything that I create it would be Adobe Illustrator . The program just celebrated its >30th Postscript (John Warnock) wouldn’t have been married to...

» Grid Layout
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A nice collection of visual grid layout demos to explore how they are done. You'll need Firefox 52 or Chrome 57, both of these support CSS Grid now. Safari will soon follow, probably with the next ...

» Better Web Typography for a Better Web
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
An easy-to-follow free web typography email course for web designers & web developers. You'll get ten lessons in your mailbox.

» Why remote works
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I’ve been at Chalkbeat for more than 15 months now, working remotely on a permanent basis for the first time, after two six-month stretches at the beginning of my gigs with GateHouse and Publ...

» Multicolored Architectural Photography
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The Swedish photographer Jeanette Hägglund seems to have found a nice playground in the city of La Manzanera, near Alicante. She plays with the architecture, colours, and light and shadows. Be sure...

» Magazine Italiana II
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One more of Riccardo recent work. Brilliant as always! via Riccardo Guasco

» Magazine Italiana
Posted 5 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
iccardo is regular guest here. Love how he works with flat colors and sharp angled shapes. via Riccardo Guasco

» Hong Kong
Posted 5 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Great view on the hustle of Hong Kong. The flow of the water is greatly executed. via MUTI

» Rough Day At Work
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How does ‘empty’ after a rough day at work looks like? I think this illustration pretty much nails it. via Today I love This

» Sweater Friends
Posted 5 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Such a great concept to have a panoramic scenery on the sweaters. via Make The Big Eye

» ONE MILLION! - ArmchairMayor.ca website approaches a big milestone
Posted 11 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Kamloops has a great history. ArmchairMayor is building a history of its own. (Kamloops Museum and A

» The weariness of technology
Posted 22 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
It’s been a long day. Eugene O’Neill long and there wasn’t so much as a Tylenol PM in the mix. Most of my days are like this now and it’s not because I’m getting up there according to my weir...

» THE MEDIA - Trump is wrong; the news media is #NotTheEnemy
Posted 24 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
By SHAUNA SNOW-CAPPARELLI Associate professor of journalism Mount Royal University IT WAS a swift, a

» How is Stacks different from Paragraphs?
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
We announced a new Drupal module called Stacks a few days ago.  Since we launched the module we’ve gotten some thoughtful questions from the Drupal community about why we built Stacks given t...

» Millennialisation and the Fusion Approach - Seeing where your cohorts’ talents take them.
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%

» Introducing Stacks: a better way to Drupal
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
We love Drupal. It is flexible, feature-rich, cost effective and has a fantastic user community supporting it. It is the Content Management System we use most. However, we will be the first to admi...

» When you are no longer a journalist…
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Comes the day when we all have to retire…from work.  At that point are we still journ.alists?  Former journalists?  Or do we morph into something else as we settle into our new lifestyle. My ...

» Adsquare Launches U.S. Operations
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
CEO and co-founder Tom Laband has relocated to New York.

» Vanity Fair Mexico Recycles Melania Trump Photo
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
When photo licensing attacks.

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