» San Diego, California
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Surf’s up at San Diego, California. Stunning colors and reflection. via Earth

» Le Champion de Boxe
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The first one I’ll feature here of this wonderful series. via Owen Davey

» Gifts Galore
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The color is very beautiful and the style is cute. via MUTI

» Stanley Park Brewing
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Great label for the Stanley Park Brewing Bier campaign. via Tom Haugomat

» Principles of Product Design
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Superb illustration, the composition, colors, and the concept. via Jack Daly

» Sjees Magazine
Posted 16 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Love the characters for Sjees Magazine, a cycling magazine from Breda. via LouLou & Tummie

» Toucan
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This Toucan sure is a good lookin’ bird. via Ty Wilkins

» Firework on top of the mountains
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Beautiful winter view and a gorgeous sky. via Jørn Allan Pedersen

» Archer Farms Coffee
Posted 16 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
There’s a beautiful simplicity to this illustration. via Tom Haugomat

» Tomorrow’s World
Posted 16 hours ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Imagine how the world of travel could be in the future. via Fernando Volken Togni

» The Increasing Size of Smartphones
Posted 1 day ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Two years ago, I pulled together a look at the most common mobile device form factors and how people were using them. At the time 67% of mobile devices were 4-5.5 inches. Since then things have cha...

» Apple.com's Visual Hierarchy
Posted 2 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Recently, I dusted off my full day workshop on visual communication for a room full of product managers. While discussing the role of visual hierarchy in screen layouts, I was struck by how many pe...

» Drawing Logos from Memory
Posted 15 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Recently, as an experiment Signs.com  had over 150 people draw ten famous logos completely from memory.  The study found that while people are certainly familiar with these ubiquitous logos, the de...

» The best new songs of 2017
Posted 17 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
I listen to a lot of bad new music so you don’t have to, always searching for great new songs. I keep a constantly rotating playlist of my iPhone of Top 50 New Songs. When I decide a song is ...

» Best Photos of 2017
Posted 17 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
I skipped out on doing a Best Photos of 2016. Here’s 20 of my best from 2017.

» So we have leftover cardboard…
Posted 19 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
…from making the light box. What to do, what to do… How about making a handy-dandy two-sided reflector? What you’ll need: Cardboard Scissors Tape Foil Glue White board or paper. &...

» Do-It-Yourself Light Box
Posted 19 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Have an artist acquaintance who needs to take photos of his work (wire sculptures) for his website. We tried a jury rigged setup in his garage but the light (as expected) was too harsh. So I revert...

» What do the Brick Factory staff want for the holidays?
Posted 27 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
... Continue Reading

» Brick Factory Announces Production Release of Stacks
Posted 29 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
The Brick Factory is happy to announce the first 1.0 production release of our Stacks Drupal 8 module. Stacks makes it possible to develop re-usable components such as slide shows, galleries, banne...

» An Event Apart: Prototyping The Scientific Method of Business
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
In his Prototyping: The Scientific Method of Business presentation at An Event Apart in Denver, Daniel Burka described how to use different forms of prototyping to create value for businesses based...

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