» RD Recap: Changes at Time; Jazmine Hughes Joins NYT Mag
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Coastal Living replaces editor Antonia van der Meer with Country Living executive editor Steele Marcoux , who once served as design director at her new home. “Steele is a great editorial tale...

» Media Minutiae
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FishbowlDC: Ben Affleck  appeared before a Senate subcommittee  to plead his case  that Batman should have a Boston accent. TVNewser:  Good Morning America and Today  used the new Twitter app Peris...

» NY Jobs: Greatist, Daily Voice, Full Stack Media
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This week, Greatist is hiring a senior editor , while Daily Voice needs a reporter . Full Stack Media is seeking a deputy editor , and The New York Post is on the hunt for a Page Six reporter . Get...

» The Most Popular FBNY Posts for The Week
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Here’s a look at the posts that made the most buzz the past seven days. Bomani Jones Gets ESPN Radio Show Are You Making These Resume Mistakes? Mashable Hires First Fashion Reporter Fortune Omits O...

» American Media Inc. Goes Full-Frontal on Robert Wagner
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There has been a barrage of Radar and National Enquirer exclamation-mark exclusives this week aimed at the Hollywood actor. On March 25, the Enquirer revealed publicly something that those who have...

» Kathy Haggis Continues to Disown Brother Paul
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The Church of Scientology’s counter-PR campaign against Going Clear , the documentary debuting Sunday night on HBO, has two main prongs: Twitter account @FreedomEthics and a dedicated section...

» CNNMoney Adds Gregg Birnbaum
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Gregg Birnbaum is joining CNNMoney as a senior news editor. Birnbaum most recently served as head of managing editor and head of political content for The New York Daily News . Prior to his four mo...

» Send Flavor-Packed Pitches to The Latin Kitchen
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The Latin Kitchen appeals to Latinos who have a strong knowledge of their culinary heritage. But it also appeals to non-Latinos who have the same affinity for the flavors and tastes of Latin cookin...

» Behold: The White House Briefing Room Seating Chart
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There are only 49 seats in the White House briefing room, which makes them highly coveted. So when changes were recently implemented, news organizations scrambled. Score a front row seat and you...

» Tanzina Vega Joins CNN
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Tanzina Vega is leaving The New York Times to join CNN Politics. Vega had been with the Times for the past eight years. During her tenure at the Times , Vega covered a variety of beats. Her work wa...

» Bus stop
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Lovely. via Giordano Poloni

» Fire In The Sky
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Magical! via Conor MacNeill

» Mrs. Roboto
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Meet Mrs. Roboto. via Allan Peters

» Velo
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Great looking poster inspired by a velodrome. via Graphical Shop

» Aaron Eiland
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What a strong expression you have there Mr. Roboto. via Allan Peters

» Winter in France
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Go home Winter you’re done here. Welcome Spring ;) via Rona Keller

» Mr. Rutin
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The expressions are gorgeous. via Laura Perez

» Irish fairytailes
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Demon cat. via Zara Picken

» Qatar Airways
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Qatar Airways in-flight magazine illustration. via Vesa S

» Peepin That Phone
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Digging the style of the illustrations. via Justin Pervose

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