» Vox Media Snags The Mary Sue Founder Susana Polo
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Launched in 2011, The Mary Sue , a leading genre entertainment site for women, must now make do without its founder. That”s because Susana Polo (pictured) has chosen to move on to Vox Media&#...

» William Shatner Questions ‘Captain Jerk’ Headline
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The Daily News cc:ed @WilliamShatner on Saturday when they tweeted out a preview of their Sunday front page (pictured). This has led to an active discussion of the headline among Shatner’s Tw...

» Rebekah Brooks Officially Re-Ups with Rupert Murdoch
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But exactly where and for which News Corp division depended Sunday on which report was read. According to the Daily Mail and, subsequently, The Guardian , Brooks was headed to New York with her hus...

» Garden & Gun Magazine Continues to Fire on All Cylinders
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The image on the right is the cover of Garden & Gun ‘s Spring 2007 debut issue. Eight years later, the Charleston, South Carolina publication shines bright as a beacon in the troubled mag...

» Contractor Accuses LA Times of Padding Circulation Figures
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In 2007, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn announced it was ceasing prosecution of Tribune publications Newsday and Hoy for padding circulation figures, in exchange for the papers agreei...

» CUNY Journalism Dean Will Miss His Friend Leonard Nimoy
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Stephen B. Shepard (pictured) and Leonard Nimoy vacationed together. They became friends through their wives and on those trips to the Caribbean, would often discuss the novels of Philip Roth . Nim...

» Clarifying Who Described Les Moonves as ‘Adult’
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A compliment recently paid by one top CBS executive to another has been taken back. From today’s New York Times corrections : Because of an editing error, an article last Saturday about an ag...

» NY Observer Rebrands Site as ‘Observer’
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The New York Observer is dropping the best part of its title — New York — from the paper’s website. The site is now branded as “ Observer ” for the same reasons The New York Daily...

» The Five Most Popular FBNY Posts for The Week
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Here’s a look at the posts that made the most buzz the past seven days. Bill O’Reilly Threatens NY Times Reporter Cover Battle: Maxim or Newsweek And the Wackiest Oscar Headline Goes to…...

» NY Jobs: Equinox, People.com, DailyMail.com
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This week, Equinox is hiring a publisher , while People.com needs a multimedia photo editor . DailyMail.com is seeking reporters , and Adweek is on the hunt for a senior editor for its branded cont...

» What if Stephen Soberbergh did journalism? Apple talk by Knight Batten Winner David Dunkley Gyimah
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» Love by the book
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Cover illustration commissioned by Penguin books for Melissa Pimentel latest fiction. via Malika Favre

» Comunichiamo
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Such a beauty. via Riccardo Guasco

» Gavia morning
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That morning on the Passo Gavia. via Jered Gruber

» Cozy living room
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The dog is adorable. via Alexey Kuvaldin

» Tycho - Sydney
Posted 3 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Awesome graphics. via ISO50

» King of the Mountains Pinball Print
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Lovely poster. via Neil Stevens

» Mystery Project 64
Posted 3 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Those colors! via DKNG

» Rethinking the Wild
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Beautiful! New York Times Review Cover - Rethinking the Wild. via Jon Mcnaught

» Landmarks of Istanbul - Galata Tower
Posted 3 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Superb! via Zeynep Kınlı

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