» Inspiration Point
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It’s pretty amazing what one can do with drone photography these days. via Jeremy Bishop

» Postcard from Morocco
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These postcards from Morocco are quite incredible. via Putri Febriana

» Summer Vibes
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I think everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is looking forward to some summer vibes. via Tjeerd Broere

» Kids doing chores
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Nicely done visualisation of how kids hate done chores. via Steve Scott

» Van Morrison Los Angeles
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Great vibe in this new poster for Van Morrison’s two-night stop in Los Angeles made by DKNG. via DKNG

» The Correspondent - Maus
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Nice bold colors and simplicity. via Maus Bullhorst

» What’s keeping you up?
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The many distractions that can keep you up at night. via Dean Gorissen

» Worlds (P&C ‘17)
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Nice ! Love this retro style and the realization of all the different sceneries. via AQ studio

» Characters x Oxygene
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Awesome stylization of these characters. via Maïté Franchi

» AAF Omaha Bowl-A-Rama
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This is next level bowling with these wonderful graphics. via Sean Heisler

» The Three Things Every Nonprofit on Instagram Should Know
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Last year, my client, African Parks , grew their Instagram following from 2,000 to 20,000. And this got me thinking, how can other nonprofits do what they did? What does it take for an organization...

» Making Your Website Work for You: Knowing What to Track and Why
Posted 19 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
The most important lesson I’ve learned at Brick Factory is that results matter. What good is a website if it doesn’t help you reach your goals? We work closely with a ton of nonprofits, and when it...

» Boost Nonprofit Donations with Google’s Donate Button
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If there was a fast, free way to increase visibility to your nonprofit’s donation page, would you do it? Google has recently released a feature that connects Google users with a nonprofit’s d...

» Upcoming workshops
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A workshop is kinda like a class but shorter…and I’ve got two scheduled over the next few months through SICL/Stockton Institute for Continued Learning.  That’s an all-volunteer g...

» Five Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads
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Did you watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did. You sat pleasantly with your extended family checking your watch as the game dragged on, because it’s a school night after all and little Trevor is ...

» Changing Time Spent
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Following a few conversations on the future of TV and desktops/laptops, I decided to look into how people's screen time has changed. To do so I compiled data from a few different sources going back...

» We Tried Facebook’s New Donation Tools. Here’s What We learned.
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You’ve got a large, engaged Facebook following. They comment, they like, they share. But, for some reason, they’re not donating. Frustrated? You’re not the only one. Thankfully, about six months ag...

» The Increasing Size of Smartphones
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Two years ago, I pulled together a look at the most common mobile device form factors and how people were using them. At the time 67% of mobile devices were 4-5.5 inches. Since then things have cha...

» Apple.com's Visual Hierarchy
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Recently, I dusted off my full day workshop on visual communication for a room full of product managers. While discussing the role of visual hierarchy in screen layouts, I was struck by how many pe...

» Drawing Logos from Memory
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As an experiment Signs.com  recently had over 150 people draw ten famous logos completely from memory.  The study found that while people are certainly familiar with these ubiquitous logos, the det...

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