» See You at Drupal GovCon
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The countdown has begun! Drupal GovCon is only a week and a half away. We’re looking forward to seeing you all July 31st through August 2nd. Every summer we send our team up to Bethesda to learn th...

» Racing Post
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So many things to discover in the beautiful piece. Made me smile. via Steve Scott

» Foggy Sunrise
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Wonderful landscape and atmosphere with fog, foreground and one red poppy! via Pascal Schirmer

» Manhattan - Muti
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Love the amount of detail and simplicity with the 1 line weight and the minimal use of color. via Muti

» Countryside Cycling Prints
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Inspired by those long countryside rides. via Neil Stevens

» Thirty-Nine Steps
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The suspense is all over this illustration for the novel ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’. Makes me want to read. via Giordano Poloni

» 100 Years of La Rinascente
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Love the elegancy that this style has. via Simone Massoni

» Kinkaider Brewing Co. - Moscow Mule
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Interesting choice of colors. It’s gets the adventure spirit going. via Matt Carlson

» Design in Alert
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Still from an illustrated animation. The finished video ‘Festival Bienal’ is quite nice. via Felipe Vargas

» Mortirolo-Gavia
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Just gorgeous! via Jered Gruber

» ING Creatives Festival II
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Much to love in here such as the custom typography, the special dog and the color palette. via Lena Vargas Afanasieva

» Facebook’s Support for Subscriptions Is a Double-Edged Sword
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Campbell Brown, the former NBC and CNN broadcaster who is now Facebook’s head of news partnerships, confirmed in a speech at a digital publishing conference that the social network plans to r...

» Newspaper Group’s Hope for Antitrust Exemption Is a Hail Mary Pass
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The news came by way of a softball pitch of a story from the New York Times: The News Media Alliance — a group formerly known as the Newspaper Association of America — says it plans to ...

» Pictures Can and Do Lie, and GIFs Lie Twice as Loudly
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If there’s one thing the coverage of Donald Trump has shown time and again, it’s that the mainstream media is more than happy to construct elaborate stories about him, based on nothing ...

» CNN Made Itself the Story Instead of the Reddit User Who Created that Trump GIF
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It was a pretty big scoop, at least as far as Twitter and Reddit were concerned: CNN’s “K-File” investigative unit, run by former BuzzFeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski, found the guy...

» Kakadu
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Designing something directly on a computer, like many people do these days, risks letting the computer dictate the forms of the thing you design. It’s easier to draw a perfectly straight line in a ...

» Grifo
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We are in a period in which media — both digital and print — is thriving, offering new opportunities for editorial typeface design. Helvetica/Futura and Bodoni/Didot —...

» Tsukushi Antique Gothic
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Tsukushi is a family of Japanese typefaces that began with Mincho (the Japanese equivalent of Roman) in the early 2000s and now contains a variety of subfamilies, some of which you can find as macO...

» Di Mare
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As a type designer who is currently landlocked in the middle of the United States, I have moments of envy when I scroll through Instagram and come across square after square of oceans. So it doesn’...

» Scientia
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I recently made an amazing discovery: the portfolio of Natalia Vasilyeva, whose latest typeface release, Scientia (PDF), calls for scientific work in more ways than one.* She may not be widely know...

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