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For podcasters, it’s been a busy month of fundraising. First, “Snap Judgment,” reached their fundraising goal to produce the best next season ever, and this week, Radiotopia reach...

» A Joan Didion Documentary Is in the Works
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Griffin Dunne , nephew of famed journalist Joan Didion , launched a Kickstarter campaign today for a documentary of his aunt. Titled We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live after that memorable ...

» Find a Home for Your Music Features and Essays at TheFader.com
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If music magazine  Fader hasn’t worked with you in the past or isn’t familiar with your writing, the chances of making it onto its glossy, visually striking pages are slim. However, if ...

» Hysteria or proper precaution — a conversation with Michel du Cille
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Michel du Cille (Photo by: Julia Ewan/TWP) Kenny Irby interviewed Washington Post photographer Michel du Cille about his work in Liberia covering the Ebola virus, but before we get into his work, w...

» News Deeply Introduces Microsite Just For Ebola News
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Think back on the last couple of weeks (or so), when the Ebola crisis really started to pervade all of our media sources. There has been sensationalism, misinformation and more sensationalism that ...

» Narratively Started Out As an Idea in Noah Rosenberg’s Notebook
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For   Noah Rosenberg , the birth of long-form site  Narratively  came at the convergence of middle-of-the-night moments of inspired thought and a desire to explore the story left out of space-restr...

» #Student.You - Cinema Journalism psycholgical film in University
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» BBC Launches WhatsApp ‘Ebola Lifeline’ Service in West Africa
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The BBC has launched a WhatsApp service in West Africa to spread information, news alerts, and provide what they’re calling a “lifeline” to people in the affected areas. It will b...

» Jo Stool
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Lovely wooden chair with j-shaped legs.

» New Brookings Essay Examines ‘The Bad News About the News’
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There’s always more and more bad news about the news, which is the theme of a new Brookings Institute essay by Robert Kaiser . “The Bad News About the News” is available here , bu...

» This Twitter Bot Doesn’t Like Your Headlines
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Margarita Noriega , Fusion’s director of social media, wants you to stop assuming things about your audience. Yesterday, she and Andrew Briggs, a web developer who’s also behind whowrit...

» Digital Pub OZY Receives $20 Million In Funding
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If you’re into the next big thing in digital magazines (and why wouldn’t you be?), you’ve probably heard of OZY . If, however, you aren’t privy to the latest and greatest wh...

» Metropol Kurier
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Illustration for 10 years of Metropol Kurier based in Basel. Bellissimo! via Riccardo Guasco

» Citizens 3638
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Album Anatomy is an exploration in the art of reduction. via Album Anatomy

» GoBicycle - Connect
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Keep it simple and make it awesome. via Warvick Kay

» Build for Speed
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Would be a great badge for on a bike. via Allan Peters

» Miles Davis - In Person
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Miles Davis in Person At Club Diamond in Memphis Concert Poster 1959. via Visual Conversation

» The Dawn of Man
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Shot 5 by James White in the Layer Tennis match between James White and Brian Taylor. Lovin’ it! via Layer Tennis

» Hundre Kroner II
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Another example of the proposal for Norway’s new banknotes. via The Metric System

» Chicago by Neil Stevens
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Very enjoyable. via Neil Stevens

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