» Gent -Wevelgem
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The latest in the Spring Classic Series is the Gent-Wevelgem race held every year around March and one for the sprinters. Available as a poster . via Neil Stevens

» Workstation
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Loving this color pallet. via Jan Cavan

» Help Ink
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Nice custom typography. via Lauren Hom

» Comunichiamo
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Riccardo’s style never stops to amaze me. via Riccardo Guasco

» Duoro
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Wine illustration for Majestiic Wines by Neil Stevens. via Neil Stevens

» nihilisten - Triangle stairs
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Rockin’ geometry! via nihilisten

» Bidons S.V.P
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Great shot of a couple of kids being inventive to receive a few bidons from riders. via Jered Gruber

» Amstel Gold Race
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If you are Dutch and love cycling this should be in your living room. For sale here . via Neil Stevens

» Cyclist Magazine
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Always a pleasure to add new work from Riccardo. via Riccardo Guasco

» LP cover for St. Louis band The Feed
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Great textures and lovely background. via Tyler Gross

» What Is Slate Premium? The Publisher’s New Method For Monetization
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Slate is dipping its toe in the membership pool. Digital publishers keep experimenting with different methods of monetization, whether through metered paywalls, crowdsourcing, events or subscriptio...

» Get Your Personal Essay Published in Saveur
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In part three of our  Personal Essay Markets  series, we got the inside scoop from another 15 pubs on what editors are looking for in a personal essay. With mags ranging from  Psychology Today  to ...

» Inflight Entertainment Company Global Eagle Inks Deal with Digital Newsstand Leader Magzter
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A recent deal announced by inflight entertainment company Global Eagle and digital content provider Magzter will give airlines—and their passengers—access to thousands of local, regional and intern...

» Japanese Sliding Door Handles: Artworks in the Home
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Sliding doors need handles but traditionally these have been as artistic as they are practical!

» (Re)defining multimedia journalism
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I published a post on Medium.com 11 days ago. The title is (Re)defining multimedia journalism . I thought it would be interesting to publish it there, instead of here, on my own blog, and see what ...

» The Silence at The Intercept Is A Reflection of Startup Newsroom Difficulties
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Just over two months after publishing its first revelations about the NSA’s mass surveillance program, First Look Media’s The Intercept is taking a break. Well, sort of. The newest memb...

» Online News Outlet Alaska Dispatch Buys Legacy Competitor Anchorage Daily News
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Online news has certainly come a long way from the early days of the Internet when many were skeptical of the credibility of online-only news operations. The recent announcement that the Alaska Dis...

» Yuki Kageyama: Exploring Japan’s Secret Hideouts for Grown-Ups
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We all had one as a kid. But how about grown-ups in Japan who build secret hideouts? There are more than you think!

» From the Tow Center: Research Indicates Video News Is Always Growing, Changing
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Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism is producing some important research on upcoming trends in online media, like news video, sensor journalism and longform. Its most recently releas...

» Sigma Delta Chi Award Winners Announced
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Yesterday, the winners of the SPJ’s Sigma Delta Chi awards were announced. You can see a full list of the winners here . Here are some of the highlights: Those of you feeling like Dasani was ...

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