» NYPD auxiliary officer dies from COVID-19 complications
04/04/20 01:56 from PoliceOne Daily News
Auxiliary Police Lt. Pierre Moise had served with the NYPD since 1994

» Officials: Chicago officer’s death from COVID-19 will be considered on-duty
03/04/20 20:56 from PoliceOne Daily News
Because of that, Officer Marco DiFranco's family will be able to access financial benefits, police leaders said

» The hazards of bail reform
03/04/20 19:32 from PoliceOne Daily News
Advocates of accused offenders have called for "cash bail" to be ended, citing economic inequities

» Photo of the Week: Post-training pose
03/04/20 19:03 from PoliceOne Daily News

» Calif. deputies shop for elderly man who didn’t want to leave his home due to COVID-19
03/04/20 18:44 from PoliceOne Daily News
The deputies took the man’s grocery list and returned to leave his food and supplies at the door

» Ill. chiefs ask governor for confirmed COVID-19 patient addresses to boost responder safety
03/04/20 18:21 from PoliceOne Daily News
First responders are concerned they are unwittingly putting themselves at risk by relying on residents to disclose if they are infected with COVID-19

» COVID-19: Law enforcement deaths
03/04/20 18:04 from PoliceOne Daily News
Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. police officers

» Calif. deputy dies from COVID-19 complications
03/04/20 17:59 from PoliceOne Daily News
Deputy David Werksman is the second Riverside County deputy to die from the virus

» Reader poll: 92% say LEOs should get hazard pay during the COVID-19 crisis
03/04/20 17:52 from PoliceOne Daily News
As COVID-19 strengthens its grip on the United States, there’s been increasing talk among lawmakers, unions and officers of boosting compensation for LEOs

» Utah officer pays bill after someone 'prank calls' large order at restaurant
03/04/20 17:01 from PoliceOne Daily News
Officer Danny Christiansen said he purchased the unclaimed order to show support for a small business during the COVID-19 pandemic

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