» 15 killed after SUV carrying 27 crashes with semitruck, Calif. hospital officials say
02/03/21 19:56 from PoliceOne Daily News
Officials said 14 people died at the scene and several patients were transported with injuries, including four who were airlifted

» Active supervision challenge: Critical thinking
02/03/21 19:50 from PoliceOne Daily News
Critical thinking engages your brain to comprehend, assess, analyze and process information in a way that improves your decision-making

» Police: Cheetos stuck in woman’s teeth help solve burglary case
02/03/21 19:44 from PoliceOne Daily News
“A good reminder that Cheeto dust can be pretty hard to get rid of,” Tulsa police said in a Facebook post

» Video: Bullets fly during live report in downtown San Diego
02/03/21 19:24 from PoliceOne Daily News
News footage captured a shootout between a Harbor police officer and a suspect

» Minneapolis cancels plans to pay social media 'influencers' during officer's trial
02/03/21 18:09 from PoliceOne Daily News
City officials were to hire “social media influencers” to post info during the upcoming trial of a former cop accused in George Floyd's death

» 2 teens dead after shootout, short pursuit in Okla.
02/03/21 18:03 from PoliceOne Daily News
The two suspects, both of whom were armed, fled the vehicle and the girl started firing at officers

» Motive remains unclear in La. LEO's fatal shooting
02/03/21 17:59 from PoliceOne Daily News
Investigators are trying to determine why the suspect was trying to force his way into a high school basketball game

» FBI chief calls Jan. 6 'domestic terrorism,' defends intel
02/03/21 17:56 from PoliceOne Daily News
FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers intel was properly shared with other law enforcement agencies even though it was raw and unverified

» Asking versus telling
02/03/21 17:44 from PoliceOne Daily News
How to get the most out of your personnel

» How police crisis clinicians and LEOs can work together to better serve a community's needs
02/03/21 17:07 from PoliceOne Daily News
When social service professionals are properly integrated into departments, they can provide community members with the much-needed services they're seeking

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