» Minneapolis police restrict use of no-knock search and arrest warrants
27/11/20 17:10 from PoliceOne Daily News
Under new guidelines, no-knock warrants would only be acceptable in high-risk circumstances such as a hostage situation

» Man dragged 2 Ind. officers with SUV, ran over one of them, court records allege
27/11/20 17:02 from PoliceOne Daily News
While the officers were arresting the man, he was able to get back in his SUV and drag both officers for several feet

» Body cavity search ruled reasonable based on CI credibility
27/11/20 16:22 from PoliceOne Daily News
The trial court ruled there may not have been probable cause, but if there was not, the good faith exception applied to save the search

» NYC cop impersonator stole wine before commandeering bus
27/11/20 15:49 from PoliceOne Daily News
This wasn't the first time that the man, a civilian NYPD worker, had impersonated an officer

» Police departments face a flood of retirees
27/11/20 11:13 from PoliceOne Daily News
Agencies are bracing for a retirement tsunami as cops hired during billion-dollar federal push in the 1990s reach their 50s

» N.M. county inks $3.8M deal for body cameras
26/11/20 17:57 from PoliceOne Daily News
The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office is now close to compliance with a new state law that requires bodycams for LEOs

» Police: Suspect in Calif. church stabbings has criminal history, deported 3 times
26/11/20 16:57 from PoliceOne Daily News
The stabbing attack left two people dead and three injured

» NJ will halt prosecuting marijuana possession cases, AG says
26/11/20 16:42 from PoliceOne Daily News
The order came as lawmakers continue to debate bills to formally legalize cannabis

» LAPD requests $100 million budget increase
25/11/20 18:45 from PoliceOne Daily News
Police officials called the proposal a "bare bones" budget, while critics said it undermines efforts to shift spending away from police

» 6 Mich. officers honored for heroic efforts to save lives
25/11/20 18:23 from PoliceOne Daily News
"Their quick response to potentially deadly situations is a testament to their extraordinary courage and commitment to protecting and serving."

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