» How infants are falling victim to the opioid crisis
23/09/18 07:10 from PoliceOne Daily News
One overlooked “victim” of the opioid epidemic are children born to opioid-dependent mothers who actively used throughout pregnancy

» Police: Fla. kidnapping suspect shot at LEOs with AK-47 during fatal shootout
23/09/18 03:14 from PoliceOne Daily News
Alexander Carballido, 40, had just been released in July after a decade in prison

» NYPD: Off-duty cop injured in fatal shooting
23/09/18 03:07 from PoliceOne Daily News
Officers arriving at the scene found the front door locked, then heard as many as 10 shots fired

» Idaho sheriff takes heat for Facebook meme
23/09/18 02:56 from PoliceOne Daily News
Before it was deleted, the meme said, “My a-- was groped in 1886 and I waited till now to tell about it.”

» Wis. LEOs who shot at gunman named
23/09/18 02:41 from PoliceOne Daily News
Two officers and two deputies shot at gunman Anthony Tong on Wednesday

» Former Mass. officer suing city for firing
22/09/18 02:39 from PoliceOne Daily News
Leon Stuart is alleging that his firing was in retaliation for complaints he made about alleged departmental misconduct

» 2 men claiming to be retired cops found with guns, more than $100,000 cash in vehicle
22/09/18 02:22 from PoliceOne Daily News
Brian Lane Clemann. 47, and Richard Peter Barry, 48, were arrested for illegal possession of concealed firearms and possession of more than $100,000 derived from the unlawful sale of a controlled substance.

» Cop, EMT brothers team up to deliver baby in Times Square
22/09/18 02:11 from PoliceOne Daily News
It was by coincidence that the brothers responded to the same emergency call Friday afternoon

» Sheriff: Motive unclear for Md. shooter who killed 3
22/09/18 01:29 from PoliceOne Daily News
"When someone does something like this, we're never going to make sense of it or understand it fully," the sheriff said

» Sheriff: Md. shooter had mental illness but legally owned gun
21/09/18 06:51 from PoliceOne Daily News
Officials say three workers were fatally shot and three more were wounded but expected to survive

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