» Calif. cop killer gets minimum sentence, prompting DA to rebuke judge
17/05/22 00:30 from PoliceOne Daily News
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael, who was fatally shot in October 2019, left behind a wife and three children

» Foot pursuits: 13 tips to improve your running skills and your safety
16/05/22 20:35 from PoliceOne Daily News
If you can’t catch the suspect with a quick dash that lasts no more than about 20 seconds, ease off and pace yourself

» Why you should record interviews
16/05/22 19:40 from PoliceOne Daily News
It doesn’t matter if it is a witness, suspect, or business owner

» 3 simple ways to reduce redundancy in police report writing
16/05/22 18:57 from PoliceOne Daily News
Redundant question and answer phrases can cause confusion and make your reader (usually the charging attorney) lose interest in your case

» Police snipers gather at football stadium for live-ammo, crisis response training
16/05/22 18:26 from PoliceOne Daily News
Officers focused on the angles and places they needed to be to prepare for future real-life situations

» Starbucks store closes for a day to honor slain Wash. officer
16/05/22 18:23 from PoliceOne Daily News
Dan Rocha, a Starbucks regular, was fatally shot in the store’s parking lot in March while responding to a suspicious person call

» 'She just rammed me!': New video shows woman barreling at cops, ramming cruisers
16/05/22 18:21 from PoliceOne Daily News
A chaotic pursuit ended in a deadly shooting at the police department's parking lot

» 'A matter of seconds': SWAT officers pull driver from car before it 'burned to the ground'
16/05/22 18:12 from PoliceOne Daily News
The officers were driving on a highway when a wrong-way driver hit a concrete barrier, bursting his car into flames

» How police departments attract new recruits when every agency is hiring
16/05/22 18:08 from PoliceOne Daily News
The Chesapeake Police Department says their recruiting success goes beyond pay

» Va. police department says 'recruiting success goes beyond pay'
16/05/22 18:08 from PoliceOne Daily News
Between July 2021 and April 2022, the Chesapeake Police Department hired 41 officers — 37 were new and four were lateral transfers

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