» Ottawa considering increasing China travel risk warnings for Canadians
11/12/18 19:23 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
The federal government is considering increasing the risk level for Canadian travellers to China, CTV News has learned.

» No flood of extremist returnees to Canada expected, federal report says
11/12/18 18:28 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A federal report says there has been no surge of extremist travellers returning to Canada, despite the overseas setbacks suffered by militant forces in Iraq and Syria.

» Police say they've busted gun-manufacturing ring in the Toronto area
11/12/18 17:55 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A group making and selling illegal handguns using legal parts has been busted in the Toronto area after an eight-month investigation that culminated in a massive raid, Ontario Provincial Police.

» U.S. ambassador to Canada says Huawei arrest not over politics
11/12/18 17:17 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
Donald Trump's envoy to Canada says China's rise might have worrying implications for North American workers but she says the U.S. pursuit of of a Huawei executive is a separate legal matter.

» Growing movement seeks to remove 'midget' from Alta. sports leagues
11/12/18 17:02 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
The term “midget” has been part of age classifications in sports for years. But there’s a growing movement seeking to remove it from the sports vocabulary, as many say it’s a demeaning slur.

» Postal workers union filing court challenge over back-to-work legislation
11/12/18 16:35 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
The union that represents Canada Post workers is filing a constitutional challenge on the federal government’s back-to-work legislation.

» Caught on cameras: Poorly executed break-in excellently recorded on video
11/12/18 16:20 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
Police are investigating after a pair of thieves broke in to an Edmonton automotive electronics shop in a poorly executed robbery that was superbly recorded by several surveillance cameras.

» Police seek Quebec woman missing in Mexico after male travel companion dies by suicide
11/12/18 15:07 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding a 41-year-old Quebec woman who left on vacation to Mexico last month and never returned home.

» Public money for Christmas decorations? B.C. politician blasted for saying no
11/12/18 14:58 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A city councillor in Victoria, B.C., has been called a Grinch and far worse for questioning whether the city’s public Christmas decorations could be an unnecessary promotion of Christianity.

» Former Canadian diplomat arrested in China: reports
11/12/18 14:29 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A former Canadian diplomat who worked as a political lead for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's 2016 visit to Hong Kong has reportedly been arrested in China.

» Sask. lacrosse team gets chilly response for embracing 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'
11/12/18 13:41 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A professional lacrosse team in Saskatchewan has received mixed reaction after choosing to support a controversial Christmas song.

» Decades after the Cabbage Patch Kids riots, why it's still hard to get must-have toys
11/12/18 13:20 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
A hot toy can be crucial for the US$89 billion global toy industry, but guessing the next hit is difficult. Toys and games are tied to the swift rise and fall of trends driven by social media, and the complexity of global supply chains m...

» 'The Guardians' are Time Person of the Year in 2018
11/12/18 12:51 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
Time magazine’s editors have selected 'The Guardians and the War on Truth' for the cover of their 2018 Person of the Year edition, recognizing a group of journalists they say are symbolic of a broader fight around the world to hold those...

» Omar Khadr writes of hope for end to 'indefinite and potentially endless detention'
11/12/18 12:09 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr wants to be granted a Canadian passport to travel to Saudi Arabia and permission to speak to his controversial sister.

» LIVE UPDATES: Flight risk arguments at Huawei CFO bail hearing in Vancouver court
11/12/18 09:43 from CTVNews.ca - Top Stories - Public RSS
The bail hearing for Huawei's chief financial officer continues for a third day today in a Vancouver court, as lawyers argue about her bail and whether she poses a flight risk.

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