» A clue as to why it's so hard to wake up on a cold winter's morning
22/05/20 19:45 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Do you remember the challenge of waking up on winter's cold, dark days? Neurobiologists have uncovered a clue to what's behind this behavior. In a study of the fruit fly, the researchers have identified a 'thermometer' circuit that relay...

» Blood flow recovers faster than brain in micro strokes
22/05/20 18:51 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Neurobiologists show that increased blood flow to the brain is not an accurate indicator of neuronal recovery after a microscopic stroke.

» High stress related to coronavirus is the new normal for many parents, says new APA survey
21/05/20 19:19 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Nearly half of parents of children under age 18 say their stress levels related to the coronavirus pandemic are high, with managing their kids' online learning a significant source of stress for many, according to a new survey by the Ame...

» Brain's 'updating mechanisms' may create false memories
21/05/20 19:18 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
New research is one of the first comprehensive characterizations of poorly formed memories and may offer a framework to explore different therapeutic approaches to fear, memory and anxiety disorders. It may also have implications for acc...

» Stroke rates among COVID-19 patients are low, but cases are more severe
21/05/20 16:46 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
The rate of strokes in COVID-19 patients appears relatively low, but a higher proportion of those strokes are presenting in younger people and are often more severe compared to strokes in people who do not have the novel coronavirus, whi...

» Scientists identify gene linked to thinness that may help resist weight gain
21/05/20 15:26 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Researchers used a genetic database of more than 47,000 people in Estonia to identify a gene linked to thinness that may play a role in resisting weight gain in metabolically healthy thin people. They show that knocking out this gene res...

» Blood pressure lowering reduces risk of developing dementia
21/05/20 15:26 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Research has shown that lowering blood pressure by taking blood pressure medications reduces the risk of developing dementia and cognitive impairment by 7%.

» Sex bias in pain research
21/05/20 15:25 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Most pain research remains overwhelmingly based on the study of male rodents, continuing to test hypotheses derived from earlier experiments on males. This points to an important blind spot in pain research, particularly as it relates to...

» When is reading your partner's emotions beneficial, and when harmful?
21/05/20 14:21 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Are you good at reading your partner's emotions? Your perceptiveness may very well strengthen your relationship. Yet when anger or contempt enter the fray, little is to be gained and the quality of your relationship tanks, researchers fo...

» Scientists find evidence of link between diesel exhaust, risk of Parkinson's
21/05/20 14:21 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
A new study in zebrafish identified the process by which air pollution can damage brain cells, potentially contributing to Parkinson's disease.

» Surging numbers of first-generation learners being left behind in global education
21/05/20 14:20 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
'First-generation learners' -- a substantial number of pupils around the world who represent the first generation in their families to receive an education - are also significantly more likely to leave school without basic literacy or nu...

» Unconscious: 'Sniff test' predicts recovery of consciousness
21/05/20 14:19 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
If an unconscious person responds to smell through a slight change in their nasal airflow pattern -- they are likely to regain consciousness. This is the conclusion from a new study.

» Hearts that drum together beat together
21/05/20 12:36 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Researchers have found that in a structured group drumming task aspects of participants' heart function synchronized. In a subsequent improvisational drumming task, groups with high physiological synchrony in the structured task showed m...

» Family environment affects adolescent brain development
20/05/20 17:13 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Childhood environment and socioeconomic status affect cognitive ability and brain development during adolescence independently of genetic factors, researchers report. The study demonstrates how important the family environment is, not ju...

» Legal cannabis hemp oil effectively treats chronic neuropathic pain
20/05/20 17:13 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Researchers examine the effectiveness of consuming hemp oil extracted from the whole cannabis plant using a chronic neuropathic pain animal model. Researchers showed that legal cannabis hemp oil reduced mechanical pain sensitivity 10-fol...

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