» Reforms set to improve life for sight impaired
22/08/17 00:00 from OnMedica News
Department of Health introduces changes to Certificate of Vision Impairment forms Related items from OnMedica STPs can help CCGs deliver eye care at scale Eye problems Eye problems: the eyelids Ongoing concerns that cataract surgery bein...

» CHS investor calls for CEO Wayne Smith's ouster
21/08/17 19:15 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
ASL Strategic Value Fund managing director Steven Braverman said Community Health Systems' management has failed to return his phone calls and the company's operational turnaround has not gotten traction.

» Camber Capital is latest hedge fund with sights on Tenet
21/08/17 18:18 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Tenet now has two activist shareholders with sizeable stakes in its business. Boston-based Camber Capital has purchased a 5.7% of Tenet's shares, and the hedge fund has a CEO with an activist history.

» Texas home health agency owners, doctor get jail time for $60M Medicare fraud
21/08/17 18:01 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
The home health agencies billed Medicare at an "alarming rate" generally for the most comprehensive physician exam and always adding a prolonged service code, investigators said.

» Tax could ensnare medical device industry
21/08/17 16:24 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Biomedical leaders hope they'll be able to find bipartisan support to stall or repeal a 2.3% excise tax on all medical devices sold in the United States before it comes back online on Jan. 1, 2018.

» Coming soon to a strip mall near you: An MRI provider
21/08/17 16:14 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
More and more medical procedures are moving to the strip mall, thanks to high-deductible insurance plans that are turning patients into penny-pinchers. Hospital systems like Edward-Elmhurst Health are reacting, hedging their bets on what...

» Past health chiefs: Insurance market stability is the goal
21/08/17 14:52 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Three former Republican- and Democrat-appointed HHS chiefs have four words of advice for President Donald Trump and the GOP-led Congress as Obamacare seems here for the foreseeable future: Don't make things worse.

» Thinking​ you're​ not​ exercising​ enough?​ That​ could​ be​ unhealthy
21/08/17 05:01 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Comparison is a thief of joy, and according to new research, a thief of health. A study published in Health Psychology claims that just thinking you are less fit in comparison to others might trim years off your life.

» Kitchen sponges are hidden bacteria havens
21/08/17 05:01 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Something overflowing with bacteria is lurking in your home, right by your kitchen sink. There it is: the dish sponge.

» Q&A with Rucker: Giving patients modern access to their health data
21/08/17 05:01 from Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Rucker spoke with Modern Healthcare information technology reporter Rachel Z. Arndt about how the ONC is responding to the act and about giving patients more control over their health data.

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