» Long Running Engagements: A Musician's Best Friend
10/01/15 15:00
Musicians love long running, ongoing engagements.  To have a situation where you can build an audience and your fans can get to know you and understand your music - it's a great thing no matter how big or small the venue. I've been ... Read on»

» Fantasy Studios Recording Sessions
08/22/15 15:00
In late June, I was joined by musician and audio specialist extraordinaire, Tim White, who engineered four days of recording sessions at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.  My long time friend and colleague, Jon Lesher, was present at... Read on»

» Hello Folks....We're Back!
08/22/15 15:00
Yes, it's been far too long.  Somehow, the "administration" of my music - updating websites, sending out notices of gigs and updating my performance schedule, not to mention taking part in social networking - it's all crashed and bu... Read on»

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