» The story behind the picture of this lone survivor
28/01/22 02:32 from BBC News - World
Juan Esteban Montoya's younger sister is among dozens feared dead in the migrant boat tragedy.

» Storm Ana kills dozens in Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique
28/01/22 01:26 from BBC News - World
Some 100,000 people have lost their homes in Madagascar, while parts of Malawi are disaster zones.

» Portugal focuses on post-pandemic politics ahead of poll
28/01/22 01:01 from BBC News - World
A snap election has been called on Sunday after the national assembly rejected the government's 2022 draft budget.

» Ukraine: How big is Russia's military build-up?
28/01/22 00:53 from BBC News - World
About 100,000 troops are positioned near Ukraine's border.

» Novak Djokovic: Doubts over timing of Covid test
28/01/22 00:47 from BBC News - World
Mystery of why tennis star’s positive test was out of sequence with other test codes from Serbia.

» Burkina Faso: New leader gives first speech since ousting president
28/01/22 00:42 from BBC News - World
Lt-Col Paul-Henri Damiba says constitutional order will return when the conditions are right.

» North Korea missile tests: What does Kim Jong-un want?
28/01/22 00:41 from BBC News - World
Pyongyang has conducted six missile tests so far this year - but why now, and what do they want?

» 'He stole from me' - Stormy Daniels testifies at her ex-lawyers trial
28/01/22 00:36 from BBC News - World
The actress who says she had sex with Donald Trump is a witness in a court case against her ex-lawyer.

» Tennessee school board defends ban of Holocaust novel Maus
28/01/22 00:32 from BBC News - World
The Tennessee board objected to profanity, nudity and depictions of suicide in the graphic novel Maus.

» Former Nazi speaks in new BBC documentary
28/01/22 00:04 from BBC News - World
Hans Werk features in a new documentary about the last living generation of Germans in Hitler’s Third Reich.

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