Wednesday, May 27 » Amazon finally fixes the Kindle's text justification

Wednesday, May 27 » Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
         free tool for making Twitter bots using Tracery  

Wednesday, May 27 » Space Weird Thing
         remaking Space Oddity using only the thousand most-common words in the English language...

Wednesday, May 27 » Extra Credit on Rust's representation of race
         the game devs randomly and permanently assign skin color to players with interesting re...

Wednesday, May 27 » Querkles

Wednesday, May 27 » Trailer for The End of the Tour

Wednesday, May 27 » Dior and I

Wednesday, May 27 » High-rent blight in the West Village

Wednesday, May 27 » Analysis of Twitter's 133k verified accounts
         25% are journalists; collected by scraping who @Verified follows  

Wednesday, May 27 » Screentendo
         turn a selection of your OS X screen into a playable Super Mario level  

Tuesday, May 26 » Hot Topic buys ThinkGeek
         this will only surprise someone who hasn't been in a Hot Topic in a decade  

Tuesday, May 26 » Volvo responds to self-parking car accident video
         sorry, pedestrian detection costs extra  

Tuesday, May 26 » Informal entrepreneurship and The Misfit Economy

Tuesday, May 26 » Millennials to Snake People
         "Who are they? What do they want?"  

Tuesday, May 26 » The Counselor
         Robin Sloan's near-future scifi short story of persuasive AI in medicine  

Tuesday, May 26 » Screentendo

Tuesday, May 26 » Shot in the name of art

Tuesday, May 26 » Climate music for string quartet

Saturday, May 23 » TNG Edits, "Riker"
         a new TNG Edit after five years! the original series of remixes were instant classics &...

Friday, May 22 » Mystery Show's debut episode
         new podcast from Gimlet and This American Life's Starlee Kine  

Friday, May 22 » On A Plate
         short comic nicely articulates privilege  

Friday, May 22 » Movie intro megamix

Friday, May 22 » Some weekend reading from David Foster Wallace

Friday, May 22 » Ten things you'll learn in your first year of business school

Friday, May 22 » A Very Murray Christmas

Friday, May 22 » Deep learning robots use trial and error for motor tasks
         we need a word for the feeling when something is equally exciting and terrifying  

Thursday, May 21 » Expensive wine is for suckers

Thursday, May 21 » Redrawing Shake It Off
         49 animation students each rotoscoped 52 out of 2,767 total frames  

Thursday, May 21 » Mapping photos of old NYC

Thursday, May 21 » America's most popular tastes map

Thursday, May 21 » Jessica Hische's secrets revealed!

Wednesday, May 20 » "I Googled how to be a porn star"

Wednesday, May 20 » Ta'izz
         third part of Maciej Ceglowski's incredible travelogue series  

Wednesday, May 20 » The birth of bees

Wednesday, May 20 » Flickr faces complaints over offensive auto-tagging in photos
         completely predictable outcome for a frustratingly unnecessary feature  

Wednesday, May 20 »
         long horse is long  

Wednesday, May 20 » Sony's secret contract with Spotify
         streaming's a good deal if you're a major label, but indies are stuck with paltry royal...

Wednesday, May 20 » Paul Ford on the No Manifesto
         the whole Chicago Review PDF is worth reading  

Wednesday, May 20 » Christina Xu on killing projects with dignity
         ending something in a deliberate way is a time for celebration and closure  

Tuesday, May 19 » An oral history of Industrial Light and Magic

Tuesday, May 19 » Fluffy galaxies discovered

Tuesday, May 19 » America's bias against the common good

Tuesday, May 19 » The best 300 albums of the past 30 years

Monday, May 18 » Conrad and the Steam Plant

Monday, May 18 » Other People's Playlist
         Paul Ford on Spotify's social network of related artists  

Monday, May 18 » Timelapse Mining from Internet Photos
         clustering 86 million photos found online  

Monday, May 18 » How Richard Stallman does his computing

Monday, May 18 » Mining the internet for time lapses

Monday, May 18 » Wife bonuses and the primates of park avenue

Monday, May 18 » Steve Jobs movie trailer

Sunday, May 17 » Bizarre easter egg in Kanye Quest JRPG
         ASCEND [ via ] 

Friday, May 15 » Bird laughs like a supervillain

Friday, May 15 » Drunk Shopping
         get texted something stupid every Saturday at 2am  

Friday, May 15 » Slow motion candle magic

Friday, May 15 » What's the most beautiful paragraph or sentence you've ever read?

Friday, May 15 » Football commentary cheat sheets

Friday, May 15 » Trophy Scarves

Thursday, May 14 » Octobass!

Thursday, May 14 » Gay Talese's address book

Thursday, May 14 » A Millennial Revenge Fantasy
         "You refused to buy us Lunchables, and now you must pay."  

Thursday, May 14 » Roman Mars on the design of city flags
         the lovely PDX flag gets a shout-out at the end  

Thursday, May 14 » Facebook launches Instant Articles
         The Awl's John Herrman had the best thoughts on the implications I've seen  

Thursday, May 14 » Only Fish Fall From the Sky

Thursday, May 14 » RIP Mr. Burns, Smithers, and Ned Flanders

Wednesday, May 13 » Perfect cubes of food

Wednesday, May 13 » Minimal maps

Wednesday, May 13 » Beyond Clueless

Wednesday, May 13 » A Pixel Artist Renounces Pixel Art
         part of the reason why I ran my experiment  

Monday, May 11 » It's Not About You
         "Sometimes a conversation just doesn't need your input."  

Saturday, May 9 » Typedrummer
         use parentheses for triplets like this  

Friday, May 8 » Windows 95 emulated in the browser
         47MB download and slow as hell, but crazy impressive  

Friday, May 8 » The Verge feature on startups drawing inspiration from casinos
         which, in turn, exploits behavioral psychology to take player's money  

Friday, May 8 » Video game execution watched by 325,000 players
         the security lead took over the character in-game, stripped, killed, and deleted him &n...

Friday, May 8 » Things To Have Named After You, In Order Of Difficulty

Friday, May 8 » Seb Lester's hand-drawn versions of famous logos
         much more hand-lettering work on his Instagram  

Thursday, May 7 » Offworld on Lifeline, iOS game where you text an astronaut in real-time
         finished this unusual iOS game this morning, highly recommended  

Wednesday, May 6 » Super Dino Boys
         Paul Robertson's gorgeous series of pixel art shorts for Adult Swim  

Wednesday, May 6 » VHX announces subscription video sales
         a new option for indies to make money from serialized video beyond ads  

Wednesday, May 6 » Oculus announces Rift's shipping Q1 2016
         you bet I'm preordering one  

Wednesday, May 6 » Medium adds Creative Commons and public domain licensing
         Lessig's excited  

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