Thursday, April 20 » Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!

Monday, February 27 » KMSpico -Official Thread-

Saturday, November 12 »

Sunday, August 28 » 网易

Tuesday, August 23 » Одноклассники

Thursday, May 26 » A Phenomenon When You Came Along - Loz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Wednesday, May 13 » App Android su Google Play

Friday, January 30 » echo msk ru

Sunday, January 11 » Securelist - Information about Viruses, Hackers and Spam

Sunday, January 11 » Markitekt - Architects of Marketing

Tuesday, July 29 » Naming the machines

Tuesday, July 29 » Marco Arment on the challenge of being an iOS indie
         related: Jared Sinclair's sales numbers from Unread  

Tuesday, July 29 » Neil Cicierega's Mouth Silence
         absolutely brilliant mashup prequel to Mouth Sounds  

Tuesday, July 29 » Paul's Boutique Minus Paul's Boutique

Tuesday, July 29 » The mystery of the Wu-Tang name generator

Tuesday, July 29 » The history of information

Monday, July 28 » LifeLock CEO's identity stolen 13 times
         you can't promise to secure a national ID system based on an insecure nine-digit number...

Monday, July 28 » @valleyedits
         anonymous edits from big tech, inspired by my request  

Monday, July 28 » Andrew Sorenson live-codes music at OSCON
         using Extempore , an IDE for live-coding multimedia  

Monday, July 28 » You Are Not Late
         Kevin Kelly with a bit of techno-optimism that I happen to agree with  

Monday, July 28 » OKTrends on OKCupid's experiments on people
         Tim Carmody on why this doesn't bother people as much as Facebook's experiments  

Monday, July 28 » GoPro duct-taped to a wheel going 45 mph

Monday, July 28 » This American Lear

Monday, July 28 » Why don't OKCupid's experiments bother us like Facebook's did?

Monday, July 28 » The secret rites of Minecraft

Monday, July 28 » The future of birthdays

Monday, July 28 » The new Haruki Murakami novel

Saturday, July 26 » Grandpa's Photos
         the comments identify nearly every photo  

Saturday, July 26 » Gentle Brain
         "an interactive piece about the fleeting nature of digital pleasures"; try it on mobile...

Friday, July 25 » Old Town Music Hall

Friday, July 25 » Clickbaiting the 10 Commandments

Friday, July 25 » Werner the Herzog

Friday, July 25 » Explaining Hitler

Friday, July 25 » Dancing in the Street, without music
         more musicless music videos  

Thursday, July 24 » A short history of the high five

Thursday, July 24 » Do you have a reservation?

Thursday, July 24 » For sale. Knockoff Jeff Koons. $500.

Thursday, July 24 » The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future

Thursday, July 24 » Anil Dash on the shifting meaning of "public"
         some behavior may be legally public, but publishing it for profit subverts reasonable e...

Thursday, July 24 » A menagerie of birds from the future

Thursday, July 24 » Botanical space flight

Thursday, July 24 » Don't Fly Drones Here

Wednesday, July 23 » Congress admits they're Reptilians
         the edit was inspired by John Resig's tweet seven minutes earlier  

Wednesday, July 23 » Congress anonymously edits Reptilians article on Wikipedia
         the edit was inspired by John Resig's tweet seven minutes earlier  

Wednesday, July 23 » LeBron James has a photographic memory

Wednesday, July 23 » Musician slams his ex-label for suing YouTube star that used his music
         Kaskade's post talks about his issues with Soundcloud  

Wednesday, July 23 » The National Wildlife Property Repository

Wednesday, July 23 » Render Sketch Game
         start with a 3D tool, set a ten minute timer, and render when time's up  

Wednesday, July 23 » Foursquare rebrands, moving all checkins to Swarm tomorrow
         a big gambit, I hope it pays off; I'm not a fan of the two-app approach  

Wednesday, July 23 » Guy Walks Into A Bar
         from last November, but rediscovered with the new New Yorker changes  

Wednesday, July 23 » Weird Al scores first Billboard #1 album
         first comedy album to hit #1 since Allan Sherman in 1963  

Wednesday, July 23 » Goodnight Moon

Wednesday, July 23 » The molecular structure of cities

Wednesday, July 23 » How to survive air travel

Wednesday, July 23 » Books on book covers

Wednesday, July 23 » Stranded on a whale

Tuesday, July 22 » Walking City

Tuesday, July 22 » Book posters

Tuesday, July 22 » Copying is my way of learning

Tuesday, July 22 » Songs that time forgot

Tuesday, July 22 » Decoding Notch's vinyl tweet
         next step, someone has to make a vinyl image generator  

Tuesday, July 22 » The genius of Weird Al's video blitz
         RCA refused to pay for music videos, so he partnered with a different portal for every ...

Tuesday, July 22 » The true cost of a cheeseburger

Monday, July 21 » Robin Sloan on Minecraft
         "A generative, networked system laced throughout with secrets."  

Monday, July 21 » The Imitation Game

Monday, July 21 » The Songs that Time Forgot
         Clay Aiken has the most obscure top ten hit of the last 50 years  

Monday, July 21 » A pickpocket's story

Monday, July 21 » The anti-Wonka candy factory

Monday, July 21 » The New Yorker's new site

Monday, July 21 » [Sponsor] The Open Company emergency Go Bag

Monday, July 21 » A theory on Jon Snow's parentage

Monday, July 21 » Little Starbucks on the Prairie

Sunday, July 20 » Live TV coverage of Apollo 11 landing and moon walk

Saturday, July 19 » Rejected Emojis
         from Avery Monsen  

Friday, July 18 » Verizon's Netflix throttling exposed
         hiding Netflix activity through a VPN is 10x faster than connecting directly through Ve...

Friday, July 18 » Scully Likes Science
         also: Jean-Claude Van Dance  

Friday, July 18 » Alice Lee's Lettering with Lego
         7,600 bricks  

Friday, July 18 » Human Clock TV
         from the creator of the 13-year-old Human Clock  

Friday, July 18 » Loop Findr
         detect and export seamless animated GIFs from videos  

Tuesday, July 15 » Databending with Audacity
         applying audio effects to images creates badass glitch art [ via ] 

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