Friday, July 3 » Reddit mutiny after AMA employee fired
         many of the most popular subreddits went private, all the top posts are about it  

Friday, July 3 » What was the Venus de Milo doing with her arms?

Friday, July 3 » A guide to Don DeLillo's books

Friday, July 3 » Saul Bass' best film title design work

Friday, July 3 » Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color
         minority representation in mainstream films, like Her , Fault in Our Stars , and Noah &...

Thursday, July 2 » Google's DeepDream open-sourced
         incredible nightmare fodder on Reddit , Facebook , and Twitter , and more  

Thursday, July 2 » How people respond to life-changing inventions

Thursday, July 2 » Sarah Jeong on the ICANN's disastrous proposal to kill domain privacy
         a number of women's rights and digital rights groups wrote a letter to ICANN  

Thursday, July 2 » Augmented reality desktop with Oculus DK2 and prototype color Leap Motion
         totally into this, though I'd guess the mouse/keyboard would be more convenient [ via ]...

Thursday, July 2 » How Peter Luger chooses their beef

Thursday, July 2 » Colbert hosting cable access shows in his spare time

Thursday, July 2 » On the road with DigiTour, one of several Vine celeb tours
         boy bands without the bands, an audience almost entirely composed of young girls  

Thursday, July 2 » Compasses don't work on Mars, so how do you navigate?

Thursday, July 2 » How do bikes ride themselves?

Wednesday, July 1 » Tennis serve in slow motion

Wednesday, July 1 » Letters to your younger self

Wednesday, July 1 » Self-driving cars drive like your grandma

Tuesday, June 30 » Some science book reading lists

Tuesday, June 30 » Artificial Killing Machine

Tuesday, June 30 » Hello, From the Magic Tavern
         podcast from the magical land of Foom  

Tuesday, June 30 » Google Ocean View

Monday, June 29 » What's going on in Greece?

Monday, June 29 » I Am Chris Farley

Monday, June 29 » John Oliver on transgender rights
         upsetting examples of how badly the media and government gets it wrong, and how easy it...

Monday, June 29 » GTA: Full House
         the side by side cracked me up  

Monday, June 29 » The Freedmen's Bureau Project

Monday, June 29 » 800-track playlist of 90s alt/indie hits in chronological order

Monday, June 29 » Birdyonce

Friday, June 26 » Gay marriage upheld by the Supreme Court
         the entire ruling is worth reading, especially the hilariously awful Scalia dissent  

Friday, June 26 » Walt Disney's corporate strategy chart

Friday, June 26 » Translating Seinfeld

Friday, June 26 » Emotica Online
         an editable world made of emoji  

Thursday, June 25 » Beyond Tufte

Thursday, June 25 » Her Story
         the first full-motion video game I've ever enjoyed, highly recommended  

Thursday, June 25 » Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking

Thursday, June 25 » Inside the Making of Dr. Strangelove

Thursday, June 25 » How New Orleans drastically reduced their inmate population

Thursday, June 25 » Hallucinating neural network on Twitch
         give it something to dream about in the chat; here's how it works  

Wednesday, June 24 » Photographic firsts and the earliest born person ever to be photographed

Wednesday, June 24 » The Broccoli Tree

Wednesday, June 24 » 10 most controversial movies of all time

Wednesday, June 24 » Transphobic joke detection
         bots should punch up  

Wednesday, June 24 » Building a primitive hut from scratch
         Minecraft on extra-hard mode  

Tuesday, June 23 » The Population Bomb defused

Tuesday, June 23 » The voice of Siri explains the art of voiceover

Tuesday, June 23 » Shopping with movie trailers

Tuesday, June 23 » The Pocket Book of Boners by Dr. Seuss

Monday, June 22 » Rhyming Keyboard
         built with pronouncing-js  

Monday, June 22 » Tinsel
         a tool for making phone tree-based games like, say, an audio Flappy Bird  

Monday, June 22 » Cat goes on unexpected flight

Saturday, June 20 » Who designed the Solo Jazz cup?
         fun detective story spawned by a Reddit thread and cult following  

Friday, June 19 » Take down the Confederate flag. Now.

Friday, June 19 » Custom Citibike key

Friday, June 19 » Google Sheep View

Friday, June 19 » Crafted by Morgan Spurlock

Friday, June 19 » Eating your blood type

Thursday, June 18 » All 15 Pixar movies ranked

Thursday, June 18 » Cooling the mark out

Thursday, June 18 » Super Mario Bros was designed on graph paper

Tuesday, June 16 » Fund on Etsy pilot
         Etsy gets into crowdfunding  

Tuesday, June 16 »

Tuesday, June 16 » Aaron Meyer's new homepage
         try clicking his laptop on the right  

Tuesday, June 16 » Reddit's former CEO explains the recent subreddit bans
         "You are free to be an asshole on Reddit... but keep it on Reddit."  

Tuesday, June 16 » Minecraft Hololens demo at E3
         won't be nearly as clear as that implies, but makes for an amazing demo  

Tuesday, June 16 » All six Star Wars films at once
         I like the technique they're using for blending, better than averaged  

Tuesday, June 16 » The Last Guardian re-revealed
         incredibly excited for this long-awaited sequel to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus  

Monday, June 15 » MarI/O
         machine learning Super Mario World  

Thursday, June 11 » XOXO 2015 is live, registrations now open
         Zoe Quinn, Kathy Sierra, Talib Kweli, a Suck reunion, and much, much more  

Thursday, June 11 » Paul Ford's What Is Code?
         a special 38,000 word essay, the bulk of the new double-issue of Businessweek ; oh, and...

Thursday, June 11 » Blade Runner: The B-Roll Cut
         45-minute version of the film made almost entirely from unused footage  

Wednesday, June 10 » Twitter adds support for importing/exporting blocklists
         a nice step  

Tuesday, June 9 » the button has ended
         more than two months and a million presses later  

Monday, June 8 » favicon poetry
         write using favicons from around the web  

Friday, June 5 » Let's Consider
         navigating phone trees as collective art  

Friday, June 5 » Yahoo closes Pipes
         sunsetting the long-neglected service that Tim O'Reilly once called "a milestone in the...

Friday, June 5 » Laughing and crying my way through the new Google Photos
         "My grandfather is dying. The cloud is alive. Our future is bizarre"  

Thursday, June 4 » XOXO expanding into permanent, year-round workspace
         coming this fall, 13,000 square feet of raw potential in Portland  

Wednesday, June 3 » After Water
         Susie Cagle's story of the California drought is terrifying  

Wednesday, June 3 » Scroll-O-Meter
         Sarah Rothenberg makes neat stuff  

Wednesday, June 3 » DENNIS
         interactive, audio-responsive music video; see also:  

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