Tuesday, August 4 » mojibar
         emoji searcher in your menubar  

Tuesday, August 4 » Makerbase opens to the public
         Gina Trapani and Anil Dash's IMDb for projects; here's me  

Tuesday, August 4 » Highlights from Michael Jordan's rookie year

Tuesday, August 4 » GravityLight

Tuesday, August 4 » Philip Glass: Words Without Music

Monday, August 3 » Showgoers
         sync Netfix movies with friends  

Monday, August 3 » EDGE
         The Onion's answer to VICE  

Monday, August 3 » F.A.T. Lab closes its doors
         they seem torn up about it , but they made so much great stuff and should be proud  

Monday, August 3 » The Data Drive
         cut-and-paste Facebook from a parallel world where Zuck ran off with all of Facebook's ...

Monday, August 3 » Soylent founder on "how I gave up alternating current"
         I can't decide if this is real, satire, or just cynical trolling to promote Soylent 2.0...

Monday, August 3 » Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video
         Hank Green on Facebook's deception and lack of accountability  

Monday, August 3 » Star Wars: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy

Monday, August 3 » Around the world three years

Monday, August 3 » Around the world in three years

Friday, July 31 » Mad Men Carousel: The Complete Critical Companion

Friday, July 31 » Louis CK: Of course... But maybe?

Friday, July 31 » The Making of Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'

Thursday, July 30 » Rhythmic gymnastics ribbon with a robotic arm
         first robots take over manufacturing, and now they're going after our gymnasts  

Thursday, July 30 » No one will ever read this but
         audio readings of found online writing that each author thought would never be read [ v...

Thursday, July 30 » Projection mapping on a moving surface at 1,000 fps
         some interesting applications for gaming  

Thursday, July 30 » Gamifying Sisyphus
         just have him play clicker games instead  

Thursday, July 30 » eyeballs.js
         JS version of the classic Mac extension  

Thursday, July 30 » Bobbie Johnson on people with liberal arts degrees in tech
         most of the people I know doing interesting work in tech don't have engineering degrees...

Thursday, July 30 » Blackbox
         new startup from the Cards Against Humanity team helping others sell and ship stuff, li...

Thursday, July 30 » Citizen Ex's TLD stories
         James Bridle explores the origins of .io , .ly , and more  

Thursday, July 30 » Hysterical Literature

Thursday, July 30 » An appreciation of the ShackBurger

Thursday, July 30 » Maps of the United States of Swearing

Wednesday, July 29 » The Bridge at Q'eswachaka

Wednesday, July 29 » Cool furniture alert: the Fibonacci Shelf

Wednesday, July 29 » Renaissance painting shows how watermelons looked before selective breeding

Wednesday, July 29 » Modernizing the NYC subway's ancient technologies

Wednesday, July 29 » The sounds of Voyager's Golden Record

Wednesday, July 29 » New evidence appears in Happy Birthday copyright case
         nail in the coffin for Warner/Chappell's case  

Tuesday, July 28 » What do machines sing of?
         machine that endlessly sings '90s pop ballads with intonation  

Tuesday, July 28 » Jon Stewart, political heavyweight

Tuesday, July 28 » Rappin' to the Beat

Tuesday, July 28 » Why medieval painting babies were ugly

Tuesday, July 28 » Biker lifts parked car out of bike lane

Tuesday, July 28 » How bow-tie pasta is made...in slow motion

Monday, July 27 » Pixar: The Design of Story

Monday, July 27 » Powers of Ten flipbook

Monday, July 27 » Trailer for a Steve Jobs documentary

Monday, July 27 » Thom Yorke sings a pre-Radiohead version of High and Dry

Saturday, July 25 » State of Georgia sues Carl Malamud for copyright infringement
         for freely publishing their laws!  

Friday, July 24 » Les Orchard on the Verge's web tracking
         7MB of Javascript  

Friday, July 24 » The origin of sci-fi movie sounds

Friday, July 24 » The Art of the Car Chase

Friday, July 24 » PICO-8
         "a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer progra...

Friday, July 24 » Muji's minimalist white toaster

Friday, July 24 » Tree of 40 Fruit

Friday, July 24 » Human body hair flow maps

Friday, July 24 » Designers' summer reading picks

Thursday, July 23 » Boing Boing on Manyland, the pixel MMO
         amazing to see how it's evolved, the timelapse is beautiful chaos  

Thursday, July 23 » Magic Mike XXL embraces strip club classics

Thursday, July 23 » The Waffle House Index

Thursday, July 23 » Ultimate commentary on Raiders of the Lost Ark

Thursday, July 23 » NYT on the legality of Sandra Bland's arrest
         straightforward explanation of everything they screwed up  

Thursday, July 23 » New cache of historical footage on YouTube

Thursday, July 23 » Star Wars-style opening crawls of the day's news

Thursday, July 23 » The top 10 most beautiful movies of all time

Thursday, July 23 » Is This a Selfie?
         related: the NYT follows up on the author's question about planetary selfies  

Thursday, July 23 » British Movietone posts video archive to YouTube
         a followup to my 2008 post about their formerly-inaccessible darkweb  

Thursday, July 23 » Deep Dreamer
         Mac app to easily make deepdream images; Yosemite or newer only  

Wednesday, July 22 » Copy and paste, but for DNA

Wednesday, July 22 » Giant thread screen is recreating Instagram photos

Wednesday, July 22 » "It's a Unix system, I know this"

Wednesday, July 22 » New York City in motion, 25 years ago

Tuesday, July 21 » @StayWokeBot
         a bot intended to help clue people into issues of social inequality  

Tuesday, July 21 » Study finds poorly-performing men more likely to harass women in online gaming
         I'd love to see this repeated in other competitive online communities  

Tuesday, July 21 » Out of the Blue
         Metafilter's new podcast going deeper on stories surfaced by the community  

Tuesday, July 21 » Why Are You So Angry?
         six-part series on Internet aggression, focused on Gamergate as a case study; good foll...

Tuesday, July 21 » Final episode of the Double Fine Adventure documentary
         one of the best explorations of the challenges of making something, at a particularly i...

Tuesday, July 21 » Erica Joy's salary transparency experiment at Google
         "People asked for and got equitable pay based on data in the sheet"  

Tuesday, July 21 » Trolling the KKK with a sousaphone
         music request: Yakety Sax at Westboro Baptist Church  

Tuesday, July 21 » The Mobile Web Sucks
         related: analysis of trackers on 20 homepages  

Tuesday, July 21 » Paul Ford on the Ashley Madison hack
         touches on other major hacks and the ethics of outing personal information  

Tuesday, July 21 » Gawker reports on Gawker resignations
         super inside baseball, an existential crisis over whether the site is "too mean"  

Tuesday, July 21 » Zero-day exploit remotely controls Jeep Cherokees
         an estimated 471,000 vehicles are vulnerable, including brakes, transmission, and GPS &...

Wednesday, July 15 » Echochamber.js
         from multiplayer to single-player  

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