Friday, May 27 » "Frog and Toad and the Self"

Friday, May 27 » Tips and tricks for street photography

Friday, May 27 » Exploring flyover country on your phone

Thursday, May 26 » How the Seinfeld theme song was made

Thursday, May 26 » Pub fare gets the fancy food TV treatment

Thursday, May 26 » Slow guitar sped up sounds like a violin

Thursday, May 26 » The dance number in Ex Machina works well with pretty much any song

Thursday, May 26 » Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

Thursday, May 26 » Hollywood movies: too much fan service

Wednesday, May 25 » Neanderthal-built structures found in French cave are astonishingly old

Wednesday, May 25 » American white male anxiety

Wednesday, May 25 » Tesla Model X beats sports car while towing another car

Wednesday, May 25 » Satellite imagery search engine

Wednesday, May 25 » This sliding door sounds like a screaming R2-D2

Wednesday, May 25 » Live reading of the terms of service for apps

Wednesday, May 25 » Demonstration of a working Gutenberg printing press

Tuesday, May 24 » The 100 greatest American films

Tuesday, May 24 » 13 books recommended by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Tuesday, May 24 » A rare live performance of Creep by Radiohead

Tuesday, May 24 » How highways wreaked American cities

Tuesday, May 24 » How highways wrecked American cities

Monday, May 23 » Guns replaced with selfie sticks

Monday, May 23 » Bill Gates' summer reading list

Monday, May 23 » A robotic rocks sorter

Monday, May 23 » The Simpsons couch gag in the style of an Ikea instruction manual

Saturday, May 21 » Drive 2: The Uber Years

Friday, May 20 » Hyper-Reality

Friday, May 20 » Captain America: Hamilton's Federalists vs. the Jeffersonian Republicans

Friday, May 20 » In a game of big words, brevity triumphs

Friday, May 20 » Woman is enraptured with talking Chewbacca mask

Friday, May 20 » P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo

Friday, May 20 » The rarified air of the NBA 7-footer

Thursday, May 19 » Buddhabrot = Buddha + Mandelbrot fractals

Thursday, May 19 » 4DX tech turns movies into theme park rides

Thursday, May 19 » The evolution of how rappers construct their rhymes

Thursday, May 19 » Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

Thursday, May 19 » Werner Herzog is teaching an online filmmaking class

Thursday, May 19 » "Perfect" Donkey Kong score achieved

Wednesday, May 18 » The unbearable lightness of being yourself on social media

Wednesday, May 18 » Huge archive of hip-hop mixtapes

Wednesday, May 18 » Brief raptures in deserted places

Wednesday, November 25 » Kamra's Deja Vu
         real-time face manipulation in the form of a music video [ via ] 

Wednesday, November 25 » Nicky Case's Emoji Simulator
         Vi Hart made a pretty complicated one  

Wednesday, November 25 » xkcd's Hoverboard
         it's bigger than it looks  

Wednesday, November 25 » Bret Victor goes deep on what technologists can do about climate change
         "despair is not useful. Despair is paralysis, and there's work to be done"  

Wednesday, November 25 » Donald Trump's skid towards outright fascism
         I hope Nate Silver's right , but Trump's gone from mildly amusing to scary pretty quick...

Monday, November 23 » Jason Scott on the Infocom Cabinet
         staggering collection of Infocom history , now on  

Monday, November 23 » NeuralTalk and Walk
         Kyle McDonald walks around Amsterdam with a neural net trying to describe what it sees ...

Sunday, November 22 » How Reddit Talks
         n-gram analysis of Reddit comments from 2007-2015  

Friday, November 20 » Operation Wonderland
         re-enacting reference footage for Alice in Wonderland; actual reference shots here  

Friday, November 20 » Line of Sight
         live visualization of satellites in the line of sight above us; more info here [ via ]&...

Friday, November 20 » Gay Island
         homophobic Tumblr post turns into dystopian young adult sci-fi  

Thursday, November 19 » Behind-the-scenes story of Google Pac-Man background audio bug in 2010
         bizarre confluence of browser plugin and bad design choices  

Thursday, November 19 » Paint Drying
         force the British film board to watch paint drying; currently at six hours, six minutes...

Tuesday, November 17 » Valleywag "permanently shuttered" in Gawker refocusing
         I fully expect someone else to fill this niche soon  

Tuesday, November 17 » Unfollow
         Adrian Chen on Megan Phelps-Roper, a former Westboro Baptist member that found empathy ...

Monday, November 16 » Rdio to shut down in wake of Pandora acquisition
         I always preferred Spotify's listening model, but the loss of a good competitor is a bu...

Monday, November 16 » Maciej Ceglowski live-tweets the Next:Economy conference
         if the whole bookmarking thing doesn't work out, he has a great future in conference co...

Monday, November 16 » VR Guitar
         the race is on for the first full VR band  

Sunday, November 15 » mirror lake
         stunning generative art by Katie Rose Pipkin  

Friday, November 13 » Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah
         always fun to receive little surprises in the mail from a bunch of weirdos  

Friday, November 13 » Emoji Party
         make your own , click to party  

Wednesday, November 11 » Photojojo's Amit Gupta at XOXO
         one of the most moving talks we've ever had  

Wednesday, November 11 » Vox Product's employee Code of Conduct
         on Github , too [ via ] 

Wednesday, November 11 » #ALLMYMOVIES
         watch Shia LaBeouf watch every Shia Labeouf movie in reverse-chronological order, 24 ho...

Monday, November 9 » Max Temkin on why Hello from the Magic Tavern is amazing
         they performed live at XOXO this year, and it was glorious  

Monday, November 9 » 12 Weird, Excellent Twitter Bots Chosen by Twitter's Best Bot-Makers
         several of my favorites are in here  

Saturday, November 7 » Dumb Cuneiform
         convert tweets to actual clay tablets; yes, this is real  

Friday, November 6 » Robin Sloan on the dystopian vibes of Uber-for-food startups
         there are alternatives , empowering indie cooks and bringing neighborhoods together  

Friday, November 6 » Keynote Motion Graphic Experiment
         Linda Dong shows off animation tools in Keynote, and the file for download  

Thursday, November 5 » Reconsider
         DHH's epic rant against disruption culture; related: Jennifer Daniel's Design Is Capita...

Thursday, November 5 » Suck, Again
         fan-made newsletter reissuing columns, 20 years later to the day  

Wednesday, November 4 » iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel
         the complete legal agreement, drawn in the style of famous cartoonists  

Monday, November 2 » Daily Dot on @1995regi, a webcomic told on Instagram
         related: the newly-launched Glitched , a comic told entirely through Twitter  

Friday, October 30 » C. Spike Trotman at XOXO
         one of the best talks we've ever had; also, Dooce and The Toast's Mallory Ortberg  

Friday, October 30 » Bob Ross marathon on Twitch
         currently at 60,000 viewers, promoting the launch of Twitch Creative  

Friday, October 30 » Twitch Installs Arch Linux
         a cooperative text-based horror game  

Tuesday, October 27 » Inside story of SXSW's Gamergate debacle
         worse than I could have imagined  

Tuesday, October 27 » Celery Man Simulator
         add sequence: OYSTER  

Tuesday, October 27 » Medium's stack
         in a footnote, nice to hear they're working on tools for writers to make money next  

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