Thursday, April 20 » Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!

Monday, February 27 » KMSpico -Official Thread-

Saturday, November 12 »

Sunday, August 28 » 网易

Tuesday, August 23 » Одноклассники

Thursday, May 26 » A Phenomenon When You Came Along - Loz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Wednesday, May 13 » App Android su Google Play

Friday, January 30 » echo msk ru

Sunday, January 11 » Securelist - Information about Viruses, Hackers and Spam

Sunday, January 11 » Markitekt - Architects of Marketing

Thursday, September 18 » Wolfram's Tweet-A-Program
         look at the results here  

Thursday, September 18 » Every comment on recipe blogs

Thursday, September 18 » Star Wars Episode II: The Friend Zone

Thursday, September 18 » BlockPlot
         explore Minecraft worlds in the browser, uses Voxel.js [ via ] 

Thursday, September 18 » As You Wish

Thursday, September 18 » TwitPic blocking Archive Team's attempt to save it before shutdown
         six years of photos, and a critical part of Twitter history, will be lost  

Thursday, September 18 » 1984, pop culture's best year ever

Thursday, September 18 » Insane but fictional traffic patterns

Thursday, September 18 » Greenland's alarming black ice

Wednesday, September 17 » Meat: Everything You Need to Know

Wednesday, September 17 » Video tour of Brooklyn and Queens typography

Wednesday, September 17 » Heaven's Gate still open for business

Wednesday, September 17 » Erotic poetry about the iPhone 6

Wednesday, September 17 » Rise of the museum Twitter bots

Wednesday, September 17 » The Verge on XOXO 2014
         captures the mood nicely, "like a link blog come gloriously to life"  

Wednesday, September 17 » This is Phil Fish

Tuesday, September 16 » Jiro Dreams, the sequel

Tuesday, September 16 » Bennett Foddy's Speed Chess
         no-waiting 16-player chess game at XOXO Arcade , now downloadable  

Tuesday, September 16 » The Bézier Game
         learned more about the Pen tool in 15 minutes than 20 years of futzing with Illustrator...

Tuesday, September 16 » The future of the American bird

Tuesday, September 16 » 5 Things I Learned as the Internet's Most Hated Person
         Zoe Quinn summarizes the insanely stupid manufactured "controversy" that is GamerGate &...

Tuesday, September 16 » The Manual, Everywhere
         Andy McMillan's bringing his gorgeous design journal to the web  

Tuesday, September 16 » Give It Up, first single off Kutiman's upcoming Thru You sequel
         counting the minutes until October 1; Thru You stands as one of the best remix projects...

Tuesday, September 16 » Apple releases U2 removal app
         shocking that people don't like when bands they don't know or care about are forced int...

Tuesday, September 16 » Notch leaving Mojang, the public eye
         Mojang confirmed the $2.5B Microsoft deal, which still feels like a steal  

Tuesday, September 16 » Instant ramen hacks

Tuesday, September 16 » Chris Ware, The Last Saturday

Tuesday, September 16 » Microsoft buys Minecraft

Monday, September 15 » War photographer embeds himself inside a violent video game

Monday, September 15 » Jeter swings, baby!

Monday, September 15 » Incredible no-look backheel

Monday, September 15 » [Sponsor] 1984: Stealth Fashion for the Under-Surveillance Society

Monday, September 15 » Aging canned foods

Friday, September 12 » The Death of Adulthood in American Culture

Friday, September 12 » Dancebot 2014

Friday, September 12 » The Innovators

Friday, September 12 » Steve Jobs unveils the iWatch

Friday, September 12 » Why archaeologists hate Indiana Jones

Thursday, September 11 » Lego model of the Simpsons House

Thursday, September 11 » Unbiased cellular coverage maps

Thursday, September 11 » Why do women stay with abusive partners?

Thursday, September 11 » Apocalypse Pooh

Wednesday, September 10 » The potential landmines of genetic testing services

Wednesday, September 10 » Why everyone should read Harry Potter

Wednesday, September 10 » OpenStreetMap turns 10

Wednesday, September 10 » 2014 iPhone trade-in guide

Wednesday, September 10 » Bill Murray returns to SNL

Wednesday, September 10 » Minecraft Geologic Survey
         Leonard Richardson created a MInecraft world that combines thousands of player-created ...

Wednesday, September 10 » Power Dive into the Danger Zone
         scored points for the Twitter username  

Wednesday, September 10 » The Nicest Place on the Internet
         you could use a hug right about now, I suspect  

Tuesday, September 9 » Microsoft trying to buy Mojang for $2B
         I really hope not  

Tuesday, September 9 » BERG closes its doors
         Warren Ellis wrote a nice thing ; Little Printer will try to live on open-source  

Tuesday, September 9 » The Eyefi Mobi

Tuesday, September 9 » I'm quitting football.

Tuesday, September 9 » New York streets in beautiful slow motion

Tuesday, September 9 » BERG is shutting down :(

Tuesday, September 2 » Quing's Quest VII: The Death of Videogames
         defeat the misogynerds with pure sass [ via ] 

Thursday, August 28 » The history of #1 projects on Kickstarter
         the new #1 is from Portland  

Thursday, August 28 » Video Games, Misogyny, And Terrorism
         also: Leigh Alexander on gamer culture  

Thursday, August 28 » Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist
         the screenshot of her tweets is unbearably awful  

Thursday, August 28 » Fish Play Street Fighter
         you can bet on the results  

Thursday, August 28 » Somebody
         Miranda July made an app that delivers messages from friends verbally by strangers [ vi...

Wednesday, August 27 » PlotDevice
         Processing-like Mac app to use Python for 2D graphics and animation  

Tuesday, August 26 » Pixel-Drifter
         software for making glitch art from images, breaking things on purpose  

Tuesday, August 26 » Wired on Instagram's Hyperlapse
         much simpler than Microsoft's technique , but free and instant  

Tuesday, August 26 » Women as Background Decoration: Part 2
         brutal, important new entry in Feminist Frequency's series, predictably met with denial...

Monday, August 25 » Half Life 2 VR training demo
         aiming by looking through a crossbow sight with each eye  

Sunday, August 24 » Real-time face tracking meets projection mapping
         entirely creepy [ via ] 

Sunday, August 24 » Serendipity
         two people playing the same song at the same time somewhere in the world  

Friday, August 22 » The Last True Hermit
         stunning profile of a man who lived alone in the woods for 27 years [ via ] 

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