Thursday, August 27 » Time lapse video of a caterpillar turning into a monarch butterfly

Thursday, August 27 » Big brands swap logo colors

Thursday, August 27 » A neural network tries to identify objects in Star Trek:TNG intro

Thursday, August 27 » The Citizens Equality Act of 2017

Thursday, August 27 » Mystery Show podcast by Starlee Kine

Thursday, August 27 » Amanda Palmer is not crowdfunding her baby
         spirited defense of motherhood for independent artists  

Thursday, August 27 » Leaving Everywhere
         Darius Kazemi made a rant generator about moving away from cities using real census dat...

Thursday, August 27 » Annalee Newitz's analysis of the Ashley Madison leaked database
         Only 0.04% of women ever checked their messages, compared to 64.7% of men  

Wednesday, August 26 » Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age

Wednesday, August 26 » Flyby video from latest photos shows Pluto in all its glory

Wednesday, August 26 » Wilco, The Complete Studio Albums

Wednesday, August 26 » Dictionary Stories

Tuesday, August 25 » Inventing the Aerobie and AeroPress

Tuesday, August 25 » Europa or frying pan?

Tuesday, August 25 » Maybe Daniel is the real bully in Karate Kid?

Tuesday, August 25 » Maybe Daniel is the real bully in The Karate Kid?

Tuesday, August 25 » BLDGBLOG's end-of-summer reading list

Tuesday, August 25 » Beautiful hand-painted globes

Tuesday, August 25 » Kingdom of books

Monday, August 24 » A total clustercuss

Monday, August 24 » J.R.P.G. Torkelson's Lorne of the Rings trilogy

Monday, August 24 » How to age gracefully

Monday, August 24 » Pac-Man 256

Sunday, August 23 » Wired on the Hugo Awards and sci-fi's culture war
         "Some nerds just want to watch the world burn."  

Saturday, August 22 » Living with Jigsaw
         over a year old, but new to me; part of the short film lineup at Dismaland  

Saturday, August 22 » BigRingLover's guide to the J.R.P.G. Torkelson's Lorne of the Rings trilogy
         more genius from Neil Cicierega; related: guide to the races of Star Warms  

Friday, August 21 » Everything is made from something

Friday, August 21 » How Jason Scott and 60 volunteers saved 50,000+ rare tech manuals from destruction
         see the before and in-progress photos to get a better sense of the undertaking  

Friday, August 21 » Evan Ratliff's wife found his email in the Ashley Madison database
         also: The Awl's John Herrman on the hack  

Friday, August 21 » Real-Life FPS on Chatroulette
         surprised they were able to find that many non-nude players  

Friday, August 21 » The lost language of gay English men

Friday, August 21 » Food truck name ideas

Friday, August 21 » Real-life first person shooter on Chatroulette

Friday, August 21 » Dismaland Bemusement Park by Banksy

Friday, August 21 » The Everything Machine

Thursday, August 20 » New trailer for The Martian
         finally read the book last month, I'm very excited about this  

Thursday, August 20 » The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn't
         Steven Johnson on the steady increase of indie artists making a living  

Thursday, August 20 » Rex Sorgatz's TV Channel Guide from the Future
         "A whole lotta cash is flowing from old television networks to new internet properties"...

Thursday, August 20 » Ashley Madison DMCAs journalist for posting spreadsheet column names
         also: Sarah Jeong's followup on the copyright status of hacked user info  

Thursday, August 20 » vnc-roulette
         crawls Shodan for insecure VNC servers and connects you to one  

Thursday, August 20 » Burning Man's massive bug infestation
         multiple species , some that bite and cause rashes  

Thursday, August 20 » Banksy opens Dismaland, large-scale Disneyland satire
         the most mediocre place on Earth; love the Cinderella pumpkin crash  

Thursday, August 20 » Untold history of the Space Jam website
         with original notes and site map [ via ] 

Thursday, August 20 » The Sunshine Hotel

Thursday, August 20 » NASA's logo: the worm vs. the meatball

Thursday, August 20 » How to live the good life

Wednesday, August 19 » The Jefferson Grid

Wednesday, August 19 » Supermassive black holes are *really* massive

Wednesday, August 19 » Ryan North live-tweeted his way out of a hole
         like a real-life text adventure game puzzle  

Wednesday, August 19 » Emoji Mosaic
         entirely in JS  

Wednesday, August 19 » A tour of abandoned college campuses in Second Life
         all these polygons will be lost like tears in rain  

Wednesday, August 19 » Cameron's World
         incredible collage of text and images from archived GeoCities pages  

Tuesday, August 18 » Project Sunroof

Tuesday, August 18 » NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

Tuesday, August 18 » Han Solo frozen in carbonite beach towel

Tuesday, August 18 » Infinite model train vortex

Monday, August 17 » The Problem We All Live With

Monday, August 17 » "Pixar is bulletproof, assholes"

Monday, August 17 » The thousands of bombs exploded on Earth

Monday, August 17 » What it's like getting your sense of smell back after five years

Friday, August 14 » Roadtripping man annoys his sister with seven hours of lip syncing

Friday, August 14 » Slacklining 1000 feet in the air without safety ropes

Friday, August 14 » Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of The National Lampoon

Friday, August 14 » 100 Days of Pleasantries (NSFW)
         illustrated diary of a stripper's memorable encounters with customers and co-workers &n...

Friday, August 14 » The economic history of one NYC block

Friday, August 14 » Scenes from an abandoned shopping mall

Friday, August 14 » Cycloid Drawing Machine
         digital version of this real-world toy  

Thursday, August 13 » Ferrolic
         computer-controlled ferrofluid makes a pretty interesting analog display  

Thursday, August 13 » Obama's summer 2015 reading list

Thursday, August 13 » Jim Henson documentary

Thursday, August 13 » Homme Less

Thursday, August 13 » The long legacy of a short life

Thursday, August 13 » Google, Alphabet, and the Googlettes

Thursday, August 13 » The Hateful Eight teaser trailer

Wednesday, August 12 » These cutting boards are forever

Wednesday, August 12 » Explore Mars from the comfort of your office

Wednesday, August 12 » Dolphins surfing

Tuesday, August 11 » Madventure Time
         Doof Warrior Marceline is a nice touch  

Tuesday, August 11 » overshare: the story

Tuesday, August 11 » Overshare: The Story
         the documentary Justin Hall talked about in his XOXO talk is out  

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