Friday, April 24 » The glass is already broken

Friday, April 24 » This baby's butt is a cash machine

Thursday, April 23 » An animated history of 20th century hairstyles

Thursday, April 23 » 1491, the TV series

Thursday, April 23 » How the sausage gets made

Thursday, April 23 » The Rites of Spring

Thursday, April 23 » Finding Zero

Wednesday, April 22 » The women of Don Draper

Wednesday, April 22 » 4K dreamtime

Wednesday, April 22 » Treasure trove of over 1700 mechanical animations

Wednesday, April 22 » Desire map of the world

Tuesday, April 21 » America's 1.5 million missing black men

Tuesday, April 21 » One-way streets are bad

Tuesday, April 21 » Tomorrowland trailer

Tuesday, April 21 » Amazon's goat grazing services

Tuesday, April 21 » 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners

Tuesday, April 21 » Run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2
         renting GPU instances with Steam's streaming features  

Monday, April 20 » Philip Glass discusses his piano etudes

Monday, April 20 » Freeline skate tricks

Monday, April 20 » Simple rules for healthy eating

Monday, April 20 » Freeline skate tricks

Monday, April 20 » Simple rules for healthy eating

Monday, April 20 » Make your own Star Wars BB-8 rolling ball droid

Friday, April 17 » A history of the Cabbage Patch Kid craze

Friday, April 17 » Rhizome resurrected Theresa Duncan's groundbreaking CD-ROM games
         playable in the browser in emulated System 7.5.5, try quitting to the desktop when you'...

Friday, April 17 » The Hateful Eight teaser trailer

Friday, April 17 » The First Apple Homepage
         Kevin Fox digs up pre-Wayback screenshots  

Friday, April 17 » Jiro Ono and Rene Redzepi Have a Cup of Tea

Friday, April 17 » The Making of Star Wars

Friday, April 17 » Leigh Alexander on simultaneous invention in games
         this happens constantly across art and tech  

Thursday, April 16 » Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows
         a "crash discourse" on cultural appropriation from 16-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg...

Thursday, April 16 » David Hasselhoff performs the Kung Fury theme
         oh yeah, I guess the new Star Wars trailer came out too  

Thursday, April 16 » Mad River Glen's famed single chair

Thursday, April 16 » Earliest homepage

Thursday, April 16 » FKA Biggie

Thursday, April 16 » Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer #2

Thursday, April 16 » MoMA's digital art vault

Wednesday, April 15 » Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

Wednesday, April 15 » Maxo's Chordslayer
         reminds me of George & Jonathan III  

Wednesday, April 15 » Reverse engineering WipEout PSX
         or just skip to the amazing Three.js model viewer  

Wednesday, April 15 » The salad days of coin hunting

Wednesday, April 15 » David Chase on The Sopranos ending

Wednesday, April 15 » The Loch Ness soup ladle

Tuesday, April 14 » The Emularity
         open-sourcing the browser-based emulation loader used by the Internet Archive  

Tuesday, April 14 » Ex Machina soundtrack

Tuesday, April 14 » Hillary Clinton logo typeface

Tuesday, April 14 » Darius Kazemi on automating rhyming quatrains for @SortingBot
         follow it to find out your house  

Tuesday, April 14 » The ingenious design of the aluminum beverage can

Tuesday, April 14 » Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson

Tuesday, April 14 » HBO's static intro

Tuesday, April 14 » This made me cackle like a goose hopped up on goofballs

Monday, April 13 » The Moral Bucket List

Monday, April 13 » Jesse England's Universal Record
         a vinyl disc that vibrates to play any audio on a turntable  

Saturday, April 11 » Motherboard on Flash archival efforts
         unsurprisingly, Jason Scott's been working on this for years  

Friday, April 10 » Wired profile on and
         the story behind my weird little aggregator  

Wednesday, April 8 » Jay Smooth on the murder of Walter Scott
         our phones are the closest we have to an airplane's black box  

Wednesday, April 8 » Fight 215
         Kirby Ferguson video to end mass surveillance under the Patriot Act  

Wednesday, April 8 » 8088 MPH
         Jim Leonard explains all the technical firsts in their mind-blowing CGA demo  

Tuesday, April 7 » OUTSLIDE
         gems from SlideShare, a new Tumblr by Neil Cicierega  

Friday, April 3 » Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4
         "But you're not you. You're your digital you. Virtually real, controlled by real you." ...

Friday, April 3 » Contact Rich Shoemaker for the highest quality you can find in Putting Green Const...

Friday, April 3 » loveviral:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Friday, April 3 » kissingpics:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Friday, April 3 » loveviral:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Friday, April 3 » seodenverservices:

Thursday, April 2 » Gluten-Free Museum
         art without bread  

Thursday, April 2 » the button
         Reddit experiment in crowdsourced play; any user can push the button, exactly once, to ...

Wednesday, April 1 » Matt Stopera's story of becoming a Chinese meme
         continuing part one of the Bro Orange story  

Wednesday, April 1 » Paperholm
         a growing papercraft city, one new building per day [ via ] 

Wednesday, April 1 »
         a $185,000 prank  

Tuesday, March 31 » Freshman Year
         a new vignette game from Nina Freeman  

Tuesday, March 31 » Feminist Frequency on the Scythian from Sword & Sworcery
         first episode from Anita's new series on positive female characters in games  

Tuesday, March 31 » Pac-Man in Google Maps
         I think I love functional April Fools' hacks as much as I hate April Fools' hoaxes  

Tuesday, March 31 » World of Tomorrow
         Don Hertzfeldt's first foray into digital animation is now available for streaming on d...

Tuesday, March 31 » Paul Ford's failed quantified self email experiment
         "counting things doesn't change them"  

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