Saturday, October 3 » The Beginner's Guide
         Davey Wreden's very meta followup to the Stanley Parable, highly recommended  

Friday, October 2 » Strike a pose

Friday, October 2 » The decline of Big Soda

Friday, October 2 » Vertical panoramas of churches

Friday, October 2 » Histography, an interactive timeline of all history

Friday, October 2 » The Life-Changing Magic of Losing Shit

Thursday, October 1 » On the declining ebook reading experience

Thursday, October 1 » Whistleblower Edward Scissorhands

Wednesday, September 30 » Vargic's Miscellany of Curious Maps

Wednesday, September 30 » Hitchcock/Truffaut

Wednesday, September 30 » The Epic of Gilgamesh grows by 20 lines

Wednesday, September 30 » These 11 actors play 119 characters on The Simpsons

Wednesday, September 30 » Unmasking a pseudonymous Twitter user with machine learning
         interesting approach, and thoughtful decision not to reveal the name after confirmation...

Tuesday, September 29 » 70s cocaine paraphernalia advertising

Tuesday, September 29 » Making mama's meatballs

Tuesday, September 29 » A linear Lake Michigan

Tuesday, September 29 » 2015 status symbols

Monday, September 28 » Stop Googling. Let's Talk.

Monday, September 28 » Meow the Jewels

Monday, September 28 » Carl Sagan on the evolution of humans

Monday, September 28 » Weird Simpsons VHS

Monday, September 28 » NASA: there's liquid water on the surface of Mars

Monday, September 28 » Scenes from Fukushima, four years later

Saturday, September 26 » Weird Simpsons VHS
         [ via ] 

Saturday, September 26 » Happy "Happy Birthday" Day!
         Vi Hart on the oddities of Happy Birthday to You beyond its copyright status  

Friday, September 25 » The History of Cartography

Friday, September 25 » 101 Easy Asian Recipes

Friday, September 25 » The retail churches of the cult of Apple

Friday, September 25 » Netflix is making more Black Mirror

Thursday, September 24 » Reinventing yourself on the Internet

Thursday, September 24 » Tested's preview of the Glowforge laser printer
         uses a camera for positioning and tracing imagery, looks so much easier  

Thursday, September 24 » else Heart.Break()
         gorgeous new cyberpunk adventure game  

Thursday, September 24 » Superstorm Francis descends on the US

Thursday, September 24 » Human, the film

Thursday, September 24 » 2015 fall foliage map

Thursday, September 24 » Bloomberg Business on clickfraud
         related: Maciej Ceglowski's What Happens Next Will Amaze You  

Thursday, September 24 » What Shape Is The Internet?
         illustrations of the internet from patent applications  

Thursday, September 24 » Why Julia Nunes made her older YouTube videos private
         she felt her past life online was holding back her changing voice  

Thursday, September 24 » Judge rules Warner doesn't hold copyright over "Happy Birthday"
         but it's not technically in the public domain, it's an orphan work  

Thursday, September 24 » cloud ocr
         pick a street and try to OCR the sky  

Thursday, September 24 » CableRobot Simulator
         that should help motion sickness from VR, right?  

Wednesday, September 23 » Hand-drawn animation of 43 years of the Sun's weather

Wednesday, September 23 » Mother Nature invented the gear

Wednesday, September 23 » Mad Max: Fury Road as a silent B&W film

Tuesday, September 22 » Scouting NY writes its last post
         after seven years of blogging interesting NYC locations , the scout is making his own m...

Tuesday, September 22 » How to make a $1500 sandwich

Tuesday, September 22 » Hacker News Simulator
         Markov-generated community; see also: Subreddit Simulator  

Tuesday, September 22 » Moot sells 4chan to 2channel creator
         going full circle, now owned by the board that inspired it  

Tuesday, September 22 » Neurotic Neurons
         Nicky Case's explorable explanation of exposure therapy, and how we learn and unlearn &...

Tuesday, September 22 » Ethical Ad Blocker
         Darius Kazemi found a unique solution to the ad blocking debate  

Tuesday, September 22 » Spending Time
         an interview/portrait project at XOXO 2015, a sequel to last year's For Yourself  

Tuesday, September 22 » The Wire theme, Simpsonsized

Tuesday, September 22 » This Much Will Kill You

Tuesday, September 22 » The Food Lab cookbook

Monday, September 21 » Kickstarter reincorporates as a public benefit corporation
         they don't think or act like other startups  

Monday, September 21 » Leadership merit badges

Monday, September 21 » A Burglar's Guide to the City

Monday, September 21 » Vancouver Never Plays Itself

Monday, September 21 » Edward Snowden's Fermi Paradox solution

Friday, September 18 » Marco pulls his iOS ad blocker, two days after going on sale
         I'm torn, I think it just delays the inevitable shift to unblockable alternatives to tr...

Friday, September 18 » The Verge on Slack's impact on XOXO
         not sure how well it would work outside of XOXO, but it was huge for us  

Wednesday, September 9 » The Echonest is behind Spotify's new Discover Weekly playlists
         this is the first music recommendation algorithm that actually seems to work for me  

Wednesday, September 9 » frankenSim
         from Milo Targett , the creator of Lido Sim  

Tuesday, September 8 » Using tweets to predict the death of social apps
         I'm kind of surprised more journalists don't do this kind of analysis, the Twitter API'...

Friday, September 4 » Byte
         like Hypercard meets Mixel, odd and interesting; the API is shockingly robust for a bra...

Friday, September 4 » The Atlantic on Archive Corps' intense manual rescue project
         the new offshoot of Jason Scott's Archive Team, saving physical materials  

Friday, September 4 » Rachel Nabors on demanding conference codes of conduct
         remarkable cluelessness from an established event organizer; also: worthless manfeeling...

Friday, September 4 » Kill Screen on Adam Mathes' Sierra adventure Twitter bots
         @quest_glitches is just beautiful  

Friday, September 4 » 1 Hour of Binaural Nut Sack ASMR
         oh, internet  

Friday, September 4 » XOXO 2015 schedule goes live
         pretty proud of this  

Friday, September 4 » Star Wars Ep 4: Laser Moon Awakens
         The Auralnauts reimagine the Death Star as a laser tag arena complex  

Friday, September 4 » McSweeney's Interactive Guide to Ambiguous Grammar
         how to turn a clear statement into vague and distant nonsense  

Tuesday, September 1 » Dictionary Stories
         very short stories composed entirely of dictionary example sentences  

Sunday, August 30 » Donald Trump says "China"
         beautifully edited supercut, love the cadence  

Saturday, August 29 » Jim Jarmo's Puntastic
         lyrics replaced with social media profile pics; Anarchy in the FB , Tweeted Love  

Thursday, August 27 » Amanda Palmer is not crowdfunding her baby
         spirited defense of motherhood for independent artists  

Thursday, August 27 » Leaving Everywhere
         Darius Kazemi made a rant generator about moving away from cities using real census dat...

Thursday, August 27 » Annalee Newitz's analysis of the Ashley Madison leaked database
         Only 0.04% of women ever checked their messages, compared to 64.7% of men  

Sunday, August 23 » Wired on the Hugo Awards and sci-fi's culture war
         "Some nerds just want to watch the world burn."  

Saturday, August 22 » Living with Jigsaw
         over a year old, but new to me; part of the short film lineup at Dismaland  

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