» New News on SOV Website
26/11/10 14:04 from STAKEHOLDERS OF VENICE, CA
Happy Holidaze: Just a quick word to let you know there’s new news & views on the SOV website: An RV Dweller’s Perspective – He may live in his vehicle, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good Venice ne...

» Carmen Trutanich seeks limits on definition of ‘neighbor’ RULES:
26/11/10 13:27 from STAKEHOLDERS OF VENICE, CA
Community council votes now allow outsiders in. By Rick Orlov 213-978-0390 Staff Writer Citing concerns that the leadership of neighborhood councils could be hijacked by special interests, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich called Friday for...

» AKB: Oct 5th, 1205 extended hours, car lift
14/10/10 12:32 from STAKEHOLDERS OF VENICE, CA
October 14, 2010 Greetings Neighbors, 1) VNC meeting: As an update Weiss was denied being reheard before the VNC this month. His appeal hearing is November 3rd. We will again need letters. It is very important for us to show up to the he...

29/09/09 12:11 from STAKEHOLDERS OF VENICE, CA
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