Apr 17 
   A beautiful sunset tonight. ajh
Apr 17 Quit Claim Deeds
Apr 17 Hidden Treasures at Ancestry.com (#RootsTech #FGS2015 #RTATEAM)
Apr 16 Liar, Liar
I don’t know why anyone would blatantly lie about their family, especially a public figure who is under intense scrutiny. But Hillary Clinton did just that. What helps explain this faux pas is that it’s Hillary. She has a hard time jus...
Apr 16 Eight Point Five Million To Little Ol’ Me
Some strange spam these days. Apparently referencing the United Nations gives instant credibility — in the eyes of some. Attention:Sir,This is to inform you that the UN has given a credit instruction to deliver the consignment fund (US$8...
Apr 16 How Easy Is It to Twist Them Up?
Apr 15 Are You Only Using Indexed Records?
Apr 15 Contrast AncestryDNA and Oxford Study Maps
Apr 14 June 23rd, 1757 — The Death of John Tidd
Sometimes my ancestors weren’t so lucky. On June 23rd, 1757, during the French & Indian War — what some have described as the first world war and known outside of North America as the Seven Years’ War — John Tidd, my great-great-great-gr...
Apr 14 Who Is Grandma?
Apr 14 Quickest digitizing set-up ever
DearREADERS, Every once in a while a DearReader will moan "I need a new scanner, my old one's so slow!" Scanners are by nature very slow, IMHO. Any digital camera can snap copies of a stack of old photos much faster. So why not skip buying a repla...
Apr 13 Moin!
Apr 13 From Our Sponsor: GenealogyBank Offer
Apr 13 Big AncestryDNA Announcement
Apr 12 NERGC AmbushCAM this week!
DearREADERS, Except for Mondays with Myrt , we won't hold regularly-scheduled DearMYRTLE Hangouts on Air this week, but we won't leave you in a lurch. Expect some AmbushCAM reports direct from NERGC, the New England Regional Genealogical Consortiu...
Apr 12 NERGC 2015 give-aways
DearREADERS, Mr. Myrt and I are thrilled to be attending the 2015 New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC ) during this coming week. The conference is held at different locations every other year. This year we gather in Providence, Rho...
Apr 12 2015 IAJGS 35th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received from our friends at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Please address all inquiries concerning the conference through the website listed below. Normal 0 false false fals...
Apr 12 Genealogy hangouts, webinars and chats this coming week
DearREADERS, Thanks to the centralized calendar at GeneaWebinars.com, genealogists interested in learning more about our craft may register for these online seminars coming up this week. Be sure to verify the time in your neck of the woods.  ...
Apr 12 Keep Your Time Lines Relative
Apr 12 Before You Visit That Courthouse
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