Oct 30 From Our Sponsor--GenealogyBank Offer ends 31 Oct
Oct 30 Children With the Same Name
Oct 30 Two Days Later Would Have Been Too Late
Oct 29 WACKY Wednesday: Ancestry Record Hints
DearREADERS, Thank-you to +Randy Seaver who demonstrates precisely how he locates multiple record hints (pages) from a specific record group over on Ancestry.com as reported in his post titled More on Finding Record Hints at his GeneaMusings blog....
Oct 29 Bruce was right, just don't tell his wife
DearREADERS, Speculation about the identity of the next 2015 RootsTech keynote speaker has been burning up Facebook, Twitter and Google+. +Bruce Buzbee guessed correctly. Here's the official announcement: World’s Largest Family Reunion Founder to ...
Oct 29 FGS2017 will be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
NOTE from DearMYRTLE: This was just received from our friends at the Federation of Genealogical Societies. FGS 2017 To Be Held Aug 30—Sept 2 in Pittsburgh, PA with Local Co-host Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society October 28, 2014 – Austin, ...
Oct 29 A video camcorder from Ol' Myrt?
DearREADERS, Why is Ol' Myrt willing to give away a digital video camera? Find out later this week right here in this blog. And I'll just bet you can twist my arm to explain more during Mondays with Myrt - 3 Nov 2014 . While our smart phones are p...
Oct 29 #RootsTech 2015: Who will be the next keynote speaker?
DearREADERS, RootsTech is better at building interest this time around by releasing clues a few days before actual announcements. Who do you think this second keynote speaker will be? Barbara? Laura? Hillary? One of the girls? +Bruce Buzbee thinks...
Oct 29 Timestamp: Mondays with Myrt - 27 Oct 2014
DearREADERS, This is the #timestamp version of Mondays with Myrt - 27 October 2014 . Remember, you may click a timestamp and go directly to that portion of the Hangout on Air. We have included hyperlinks discussed during the show. Kudos to +Cousin...
Oct 29 A Great Deal Is Not Digital
Oct 28 Mortgages In Separate Books From Deeds
Oct 27 NARA Online Genealogy Fair
Oct 27 Extractions Should Include Context
Oct 27 Webinar Sale Through Halloween
Oct 26 Online genealogy hangouts, webinars and chats this coming week
DearREADERS, Thanks to the centralized calendar at GeneaWebinars.com, genealogists interested in learning more about our craft may reagister for these online seminars coming up this week. Be sure to verify the time in your neck of the woods. ...
Oct 26 Case Files For Signatures
Oct 25 It's Not Just About Citing Your Sources
Oct 25 Our Genealogy Freebies
Oct 24 Bucking the Variant and Rocking the Location
Oct 24 Gramps 4.1.1 released
The Gramps team releases version 4.1.1, the “MachineThatGoes…Ping!“. Changes since 4.1.0: Fix custom place types in the place editor Allow place type combobox to receive focus. Store custom place types in the metadata table Fix p...
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