Feb 13 Sir David Attenborough joins DNA study
IMAGE: Dr Turi King with Sir David NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was received this week from our friends at the University of Leicester . University of Leicester research uses Sir David Attenborough’s DNA to determine link between Y chromoso...
Feb 12 A Buck Twenty-Five
“Nimoy¹ was driving a taxi in Los Angeles when then Senator John F. Kennedy tried to stiff him for the $1.25 fare” Why am I not surprised by this? ajh 1. as in Leonard, aka Mr. Spock of Star Trek
Feb 12 Serendipity at #RootsTech
Feb 11 
The current solar cycle, number 24, is close to solar cycle number 5, which began more than 200 years ago in May of 1798 and ended in December of 1810, according to the scientists who obsess about that big yellow sphere in the heavens. Solar cycle...
Feb 11 Just starting out? Here are Ol' Myrt's suggestions
From: Kristi DearMYRTLE, I have a big question and I just don't know where to go. I am hoping you can take a few minutes and help me. I am a family history want-to-be. I have not had time with working full time and being a mother for about 15 year...
Feb 11 Tiny Worlds
I used to have model trains, years ago. I was recruited into it by my half crazy step-grandfather, Bill. One of my cousins was really into it, too. I don’t know if he still does anything. He had a setup in his basement. I preferred working i...
Feb 11 Playing Around With Trees
I’ve been playing around, in Photoshop, with one of the photographs I took this morning of trees against the sky. ajh
Feb 11 What constitutes reasonably exhaustive research?
DearREADERS, Fräulein Schmidt, my *very* distant cousin, joined panel participants Cousin Russ and Melissa Barker for W ACKY Wednesday this week to discuss qualities of  reasonably exhaustive research. This comes on the heels of DearMYRTLE's ...
Feb 11 A Picturesque Morning
One of my views this morning, in a city park in downtown Bellevue, Washington. Such interesting shapes trees and branches and trunks make, with a contrasting sky above. ajh
Feb 11 #RootsTech: David Isay – Only 40 Minutes Left to Live
Feb 10 FINALLY Get Organized! 7th-13th Feb 2016
DearREADERS, This week's checklist invites us to analyze the sources of information in documents we've collected about the first four generations of our surname progenitors, meaning you, your father, your father's father, your father's grandfather...
Feb 10 Spontaneous Snowballs?
NEAR THE TINY TOWN OF PICABO — “Thousands of snowballs rolled in a flat central Idaho field look like the work of hundreds of ambitious kids – except there are no human tracks. . . . A rare weather event caused the spontaneous snowballs . . ...
Feb 10 If I Had A Hammer
Well, you don’t see this every day. A government body, in this case the Alabama State Senate, voting on whether or not to abolish itself. If it actually happens — and I have my doubts despite knowing little about the situation — then Alabama...
Feb 10 #RootsTech Friday: Taza, Huzzah, Extravaganza, Advertize
Feb 9 #RootsTech: Bruce Feiler – Understand the Desert
Feb 8 It Can Be Done
I hope the Seahawks — coaches, players, everyone — have been paying attention and taking notes. There’s no good reason to be 0-2 against the Panthers next season. No. Good. Reason. ajh
Feb 8 I ♥ Fans
I love sports fans. Some things are universal. I immediately thought of Panthers fans making the same faces half a world away. ajh
Feb 8 Super Bowl 50
My favorite photo from Super Bowl Sunday. I didn’t watch the game, but am happy with the results. ajh
Feb 8 Queets Basin
Queets Basin. I’d never heard of it until today. It’s part of Olympic National Park. I should head up there sometime. ajh
Feb 8 From #RootsTech to @pamadison
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