May 28 Are You Familiar With the Records You Are Using?
May 28 Searching for Sources at FamilySearch at #NGS2015GEN (Part 2)
May 27 Today, I’m Reading About Epictetus
Today, I’m reading a bit about Epictetus, a Greek-speaking Stoic philosopher who was born a slave. He lived in Rome for a time, until he was banished for some reason. His name in Greek is Ἐπίκτητος. ajh
May 27 Bothering With a Brother's Baptism
May 27 Searching for Sources at FamilySearch at #NGS2015GEN (Part 1)
May 26 Have Your Own Personal Copy
May 26 Owners of Hoping to Sell
May 26 
It’s strange to read an obituary of someone you knew in high school. It is particularly poignant in the wee hours of the day after Memorial Day. I learned about his death from a friend on Facebook, who was shocked. Sadly, I know of a few oth...
May 25 One Hundred Grandkids?!
The NBC affiliate in Chicago reports on a family noting an incredible milestone: the arrival of the 100th grandkid. “The good Lord has just kept sending them. We could start our own town.” ajh
May 25 The Decline of Class
DAME SHIRLEY BASSEY bemoans the decline of class among today’s pop stars. “It is like they are all in competition with each other. Who can wear the skimpiest outfit? I mean come on. These young girls are talented singers, they don’t need tha...
May 25 In Memoriam: Software Friends at and FamilySearch
May 25 Served From a Nearby State
May 25 20% off webinar sale ends today!
May 24 What's Your Favorite Genealogy Tip?
May 24 20% off webinar sale back on for Memorial Day
May 24 Review What You Think
May 24 GeneaWebinars Calendar: Online hangouts, webinars and chats this co...
DearREADERS, Thanks to the centralized calendar at, genealogists interested in learning more about our craft may register for these online seminars coming up this week. Be sure to verify the time in your neck of the woods.  ...
May 23 How Did That Impact Your Family?
May 23 Check Hours Before Your Trip
May 22 Contextual Clues Mean It's Not a Part of a Name
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