Jun 22 The tragic, untimely end of my great grandfather’s younger brother,...
Someone sent August’s obituary to me via email, as printed in the Grant County Review on October 28, 1909. August L Fromke, residing on the old Patt Rabbitt farm south of Twin Brooks, died suddenly at his home last night. He has been a ...
Jun 20 Another beautiful Seattle sunset
The camera on this smartphone ain’t very good, but, hey, I know a few tricks. Just don’t tell anyone. ajh
Jun 20 Great to see this, on the front page of the Sioux City Journal.
Honoring and remembering our Civil War ancestors. ajh
Jun 20 Reading the leftist press, you can learn a lot.
“Scientists… particularly climate scientists—should be activists. The facts ‘should make them radical.’ … ‘For a scientist to say, ‘I’m a scientist, not an activist,’ that means they are a coward.’” ajh
Jun 20 Shaftesbury, Dorset
I may just have to visit sometime. ajh
Jun 19 Mayflies over Lake Kampeska
I don’t know much about mayflies, except that they’re related to dragonflies. Are they​ more of a nuisance? Are they more aggressive? I’ve never had a problem with a dragonfly. ajh
Jun 19 I’m addicted to streaming video, be it YouTube or Amazon Prime.
So these tips from the newspaper the other day are handy. Thanks, Seattle Times. ajh
Jun 18 I love this photo of Mt. St. Helens erupting, even if it is fake.
One of the Hill cousins, son of Clark, oldest brother of my grandfather, noticed it on Facebook. ajh
Jun 14 “The media is complicit if they keep inciting, as opposed to inform...
This isn’t some Alt-Right nut. This is coming from a Congressman representing a district in Michigan, Jack Bergman. ajh
Jun 14 If Bill Maher was a Republican…
Yep. ajh
Jun 3 Register Now: DearMYRTLE Hangouts June 2017
DearREADERS, Next month Mr. Myrt and I will be traveling, so let's hangout this month for some mighty special events. How about a two-part   家族 Japanese Family History Research presented by English speaking Japanese genealogy research special...
May 19 A Fond Farewell
May 18 The Science Behind AncestryDNA -- #NGS2017GEN
May 17 UPDATE: Family Nexus App
DearREADERS, One of my cousins, David Taylor, sent me the following new info about his Family Nexus App. That's the one that gets Ol' Myrt's Apple Watch buzzing when I drive down I-15 past places where our ancestors are bur ied. I think you are go...
May 16 REGISTER NOW: DearMYRTLE's May 2017 hangouts
DearREADERS, Thank-you for your patience as we've transitioned back into "normal" life, whatever that is.  Coming up Wednesday will be our much anticipated D NAGen Study Group with Blaine Bettinger. We're playing catch up by featuring Ursula ...
May 16 FamilySearch: A Global Experience at #NGS2017GEN
May 12 Darned Page Order
May 10 NGS Announces Tom Jones Documentation Book at #NGS2017GEN
May 10 Free Exhibit Hall at #NGS2017GEN
May 9 Review: Unofficial Ancestry.com Workbook
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