01/31U.S. News Responds to White et al. (Health Affairs, 2014)
U.S. News Responds to White et al. (Health Affairs, 2014)
01/31Food for Thought: Can the Paleo Diet Heal Mental Disorders?
Why one man says lifestyle changes could save your brain.
01/31How to Prevent Shin Splints
Running is tough on your muscles, bones and joints. Here’s how to avoid injury.
01/30How to Stay Focused In Long, Boring Meetings
Stretch, snack and widen your attention span to make the most of meetings.
01/309 Easy Dental Care Tips
Make your dentist proud by building these effective oral care habits.
01/29Will Feeding Your Kids Subway More Often Improve Their Health?
Analyzing the hype around a new partnership between Michelle Obama and Subway rest...
01/29Wanted: Hospital CEOs Without Health Care Experience
Hospital boards increasingly want an outside perspective, along with some differen...
01/285 Food and Fitness Trends: Healthy or All Hype?
Health experts analyze gluten-free diets, seven-minute workouts and more.
01/28How to Keep Your Voice on Super Bowl Sunday
You’re just trying to support your team. But that screaming could come at a cost.
01/28From Speedskater to Broadcaster: Apolo Ohno's New Olympics Vantage ...
Speedskating superstar Ohno talks diet, training and mental mindset ahead of Sochi.
01/28How Grazing Affects Your Digestive Function
Snacking could come with risks in the digestive department.
01/2713 Ways to Beat a Cold
Don’t let a cold just “run its course.” Give that virus a run for its money.
01/27How You Can and Should Protect Yourself From Health Care Reform
It’s about tobacco, but it’s also about choices in your health plan and its hospit...
01/275 Things to Do When Healthy Resolutions Fail
You had such high hopes for those resolutions – until now. Here’s how to revive them.
01/24More About This Year's Physician Survey
Hospitals will not benefit by pressing doctors to respond.
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