» 'Problem' bear terrorizes couple at remote N.W.T. lake
17/07/19 23:36 from CBC | Top Stories News
A grizzly bear that terrorized a couple for roughly 12 hours on a remote lake in the Northwest Territories was known to be a problem, according to a territorial wildlife officer.

» U.S. House blocks impeachment measure against Trump, but holds officials in contempt
17/07/19 22:27 from CBC | Top Stories News
The U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to set aside an impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump, but held Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt for defying congressi...

» Scheer says he'd 'absolutely' review Canada's new Food Guide
17/07/19 22:14 from CBC | Top Stories News
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer told a business crowd in Saskatoon Monday that the new Food Guide was the result of a "flawed" process lacking consultation.

» Prosecutors drop groping case against actor Kevin Spacey
17/07/19 21:44 from CBC | Top Stories News
Prosecutors dropped a case Wednesday accusing Kevin Spacey of groping a young man at a resort island bar in 2016, more than a week after the accuser refused to testify about a missing cellphone the defence said contains information that ...

» Viral photo editor behind all those aging celeb photos is raising privacy concerns
17/07/19 20:46 from CBC | Top Stories News
A flood of pictures on social media of computer-aged celebrities, including Drake and Stephen Colbert, has boosted the popularity of the "FaceApp Challenge," but also has privacy experts raising concerns about the image-altering service'...

» University suggests faculty avoid trips to China amid RCMP probe into lab researchers
17/07/19 19:31 from CBC | Top Stories News
The University of Manitoba is recommending faculty avoid unnecessary travel to China in light of an RCMP investigation involving two microbiology researchers and a possible “policy breach” at the National Microbiology Lab.

» Winnipeg police confirm officer took photo of intoxicated man, apologize after online backlash
17/07/19 19:21 from CBC | Top Stories News
Winnipeg police are apologizing after one of their officers took a photo last Friday of a vulnerable man who was intoxicated while a first responder crew was helping him.

» Cambodia says plastic waste shipments came from U.S., Canada
17/07/19 18:39 from CBC | Top Stories News
Almost seven dozen shipping containers sitting in a Cambodian seaport that were found to be filled with plastic waste came from the United States and Canada, the Southeast Asian country's Environment Ministry said Wednesday.

» 'Time for the world to take notice': WHO declares Congo's Ebola outbreak deemed an international emergency
17/07/19 17:56 from CBC | Top Stories News
The World Health Organization has deemed the Ebola outbreak in Congo a public health emergency of international concern.

» Oil sheen spotted offshore came from Hibernia oil platform, company confirms
17/07/19 17:31 from CBC | Top Stories News
Hibernia's operator says it is monitoring the discharge of oil and water into the ocean that happened Wednesday morning on its platform southeast of St. John's.

» Tories editing fundraising video after family of Canadian detained in China complained
17/07/19 15:57 from CBC | Top Stories News
The Conservative Party is re-editing its fundraising pitch video attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's handling of the case of the two Canadian men detained in China after one of their families complained about the clip.

» Drug kingpin Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman gets life sentence, says jail has been 'mental torture'
17/07/19 14:34 from CBC | Top Stories News
Joaquin Guzman, the Mexican drug lord found guilty of running a murderous criminal enterprise that smuggled tons of drugs into the United States, says his confinement amounted to "mental torture" as a U.S. judge sentenced him to life in ...

» Fence and sensibility: Parks Canada tearing down Signal Hill fence
17/07/19 13:58 from CBC | Top Stories News
Mere days after being erected by Parks Canada, a wooden fence blocking the view of St. John's from a spot on historic Signal Hill will be torn down after public outrage. 

» 'There was nothing I could do to save them,' Canadian man who lost family in 737 Max crash tells Boeing probe
17/07/19 13:56 from CBC | Top Stories News
Before flying to Washington to climb the steps of Congress and testify to a crowd of aviation experts and lawmakers this week, Paul Njoroge spent a desolate weekend packing away toys his children would never play with again.

» Cheaper energy pulls Canada's inflation rate down to 2% in June
17/07/19 13:03 from CBC | Top Stories News
Canada's consumer price index rose at a two per cent annual pace in June, as the price of just about everything except energy went up.

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