» Cameron Ortis back in court Sept. 27 on spy charges
20/09/19 14:43 from CBC | Top Stories News
The lawyer for Cameron Ortis, the RCMP intelligence director accused of preparing to share state secrets, says he's still waiting for key information.

» TSX hits record high, now within striking distance of 17,000 points as oil rally continues
20/09/19 14:42 from CBC | Top Stories News
The Toronto Stock Exchange's benchmark stock index closed at an all-time high and was flirting with crossing 17,000 points for the first time ever on Friday.

» New Leonard Cohen album of previously unreleased songs coming November
20/09/19 14:07 from CBC | Top Stories News
A new posthumous album of previously unreleased Leonard Cohen music was announced by Sony Music Friday. Entitled Thanks for the Dance, the album will be released on Nov. 22.

» U.S. excludes another 437 Chinese-made product types from Trump's tariffs next month
20/09/19 13:56 from CBC | Top Stories News
The U.S. has exempted another 437 types of products from China from the tariffs Washington had previously threatened to impose on them, in the latest sign that the combatants in the Sino-American trade war are perhaps becoming gun-shy.

» All GM's vehicle assembly workers in Oshawa laid off because of U.S. strike
20/09/19 13:37 from CBC | Top Stories News
The strike by 49,000 United Auto Workers against General Motors in the U.S. has led to more temporary job losses at GM's assembly plant in Oshawa, Ont.

» Liberals promise to prohibit semi-automatic assault rifles, allow cities to ban handguns
20/09/19 13:25 from CBC | Top Stories News
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says a re-elected government would ban semi-automatic assault weapons and allow municipalities to restrict, or prohibit, handguns.

» Conservatives promise to spend $1.5B to buy new medical imaging equipment
20/09/19 12:57 from CBC | Top Stories News
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising to spend $1.5 billion to buy new medical imaging equipment for facilities across Canada should his party win next month's federal election.

» NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ends 2020 presidential bid
20/09/19 11:55 from CBC | Top Stories News
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ​​​​​said during an MSNBC television appearance on Friday that he is dropping out of the 2020 presidential campaign.

» Peeling paint on your white Toyota? Help may be on the way
20/09/19 09:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
Toyota Canada says it will follow Toyota USA's lead and implement a program to repair peeling paint on some white vehicles.

» Hybrid-powered electric cruise ship navigates Northwest Passage
20/09/19 09:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
A Norwegian company says it has navigated the first hybrid-powered cruise ship through the Northwest Passage using a combination of massive batteries and diesel engines.

» Students around the world protest for climate action
20/09/19 08:15 from CBC | Top Stories News
Tens of thousands of students were taking to the streets across Asia and Europe on Friday for a global strike demanding world leaders gathering at a UN climate summit adopt urgent measures to avert an environmental catastrophe.

» New Liberal gun-control policies coming soon, as firearms lobby gears up for a fight
20/09/19 08:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
A re-elected Liberal government will ban some types of "assault-style" rifles, as well as introduce additional restrictions on where firearms can be possessed or stored, according to Bill Blair. But members of Canada's gun lobby are mobi...

» Older Canadians reinvent themselves as 'seniorpreneurs' — in hopes it'll pay off
20/09/19 08:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
So-called ‘seniorpreneurs’ are part of a quickly growing group of older Canadians who are working beyond the traditional retirement age of 65, as savings rates for all Canadians stall below 2 per cent.

» The science behind why vaping is becoming so popular in Canada
20/09/19 08:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
Vaping has become a lot more popular in Canada in a short period of time, despite what little is known of its long-term health effects.

» Trudeau says he never told candidate-vetting committee about blackface because he was embarrassed
20/09/19 08:00 from CBC | Top Stories News
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says when the Liberal Party was vetting him as a candidate, he never owned up to the documented cases of blackface in his personal history. 

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