Lucid Living
23/03/17 16:50 from Veronika Sophia Robinson
  Understanding ourselves (and our loved ones) through the lens of our astrological birth chart, and transits, allows us to live intentionally, and to create a deeply meaningful and conscious way of living, moving and being in this ...

First came baby, then came the wedding
14/03/17 17:59 from Veronika Sophia Robinson
Long gone are the days when you ‘had’ to get married before you had a baby. Shot gun weddings were designed to cover up ‘mistakes’. Such silly rules humans make for themselves.   Yesterday a friend shared his wonderful engagement ne...

What makes a beautiful wedding ceremony?
14/03/17 16:55 from Veronika Sophia Robinson
  You’re planning your wedding day. Dress. Check. Venue. Check. Florist. Check. Caterer. Check. Invitations. Check. Entertainment. Check. Photographer/Videographer. Check. Wedding planner. Check. Rings. Check. So much to do, right? ...

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