» Home truths: the secret lives of other people’s houses
24/01/15 09:00 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
A nanny, a plumber, a cleaner and others reveal what goes on behind closed doors Continue reading...

» The Big Allotment Challenge review – as exciting as watching tomatoes dry
24/01/15 07:29 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Bake-Off made cakes sexy, and fun – can the BBC sprinkle the same magic on vegetable gardening? Don’t talk rot Continue reading...

» Google searches and public-service scams
24/01/15 07:01 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
‘Copycat’ websites, premium rate numbers for HMRC or the NHS … Google should take responsibility and block the bottom feeders who con the public Continue reading...

» We don't chat to our neighbours - but we'll borrow their pet
24/01/15 07:00 from Telegraph Property News
Fifteen per cent of Britons have unofficially "adopted" a neighbour's cat

» Sellers pay the price as eBay fails to deliver on its promises
24/01/15 07:00 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Trainer trader Jonathan Meenagh believed that the site’s parcel tracking service would protect him from unscrupulous buyers. Not so, as he soon discovered Continue reading...

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