» Unthinkable? Capital gains tax on homes | Editorial
18/04/14 19:24 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
When many home-owners go to work in the morning, their houses do the same so why not tax these second incomes? What are the three biggest problems in prospect for British society? Everyone will have their own list, but one plausible tric...

» Let's move to Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and Waltham Abbey, Essex
18/04/14 15:30 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
It's a holy double What's going for it? I felt we had to raise the tone a tad this week, what with it being Easter. Our mind is on higher things than property prices and the cost of commuting: holiness. You come across holy places in mag...

» Saudi Arabia to begin building world's tallest skyscraper
18/04/14 15:21 from Telegraph Property News
The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be 1km tall, dwarfing the current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

» Snooping around in pictures
18/04/14 11:23 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Considering a move or just wondering how the other half lives? Take a look at our gallery of homes on the market to see what your money will buy Continue reading...

» How are second-home owners affected by new anti-flipping rules?
18/04/14 11:20 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
New measures announced by the Treasury mean some people will be caught by capital gains tax Second-home owners, including people who have struggled to sell a property after moving in with a partner, face a potential tax hike after new ru...

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