» Customer debts to energy suppliers rise to more than £900m
18/12/14 19:29 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Each indebted customer owes an average of more than £300, and 550 households had electricity cut off and 84 lost gas Continue reading...

» US investors set to sell New Era estate in London after protests
18/12/14 18:22 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Westbrook Partners close to transferring ownership to affordable housing provider after tenants’ campaign against rent rises Continue reading...

» Shelter helpline on the frontline of UK’s deepening housing crisis
18/12/14 17:34 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Fifty staff are kept busy morning to night helping and advising struggling homeowners or vulnerable tenants on the brink of homelessness Continue reading...

» Nicola Sturgeon: I will study Tory property tax changes
18/12/14 16:58 from Telegraph Property News
The First Minister makes the pledge as a leading estate agent warns the Land and Buildings Property Tax will hit property values when it is introduced in Scotland in April.

» Money talks: the property market feels the pinch
18/12/14 16:39 from Money: Property | guardian.co.uk
Plus, it’s as you were for shoppers getting misleading advice, but the FCA helps us take a small step forward Continue reading...

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