» Price Comparison Website Helps Consumers to Make Informed Decisions
24/06/08 13:45 from Health Savings Accounts
Individuals and families can make better decisions about their health care spending if they compare prices for routine health care services. A new website, www.outofpocket.com allows this to happen for a number of the most performed serv...

» Wellness Plans May Face Hurdle For Penalizing Unhealthy Workers
24/06/08 13:22 from Health Savings Accounts
When it comes to health plans that penalize unhealthy workers, the Department of Labor has drawn a line in the sand.

» Consumer-Directed Health Plans Continue to Grow as Popular Vehicle to Bring Choice, Flexibility, Access to Consumers
24/06/08 14:00 from Health Savings Accounts
Enrollment in Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) continues to grow, spurring employers to offer more health care information tools to employees in order to leverage the true value of these products.

» New Categories Give Employers More Options for Drug Benefit Plans
24/06/08 13:59 from Health Savings Accounts
Traditionally, employer-provided prescription drug coverage focused on just that -- prescription drugs. But as many common prescription drugs, most recently Zyrtec®, become available over the counter without a prescription, employers are...

» EBRI Study Shows HSA Strength Despite Negative Headlines
24/06/08 13:58 from Health Savings Accounts
The Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) has released two announcements about a study it recently completed on retirement offerings that demonstrates this process once again.

» More Companies Turning To Employee Communications As Healthcare Benefits Change
24/06/08 13:57 from Health Savings Accounts
With the changing face of healthcare benefits increasing the need to communicate with employees more effectively, many companies are beefing up their efforts in this area. At the same time, they are reducing the help given to older emplo...

» HSA Growth A Patchwork With Some States Still Lagging
24/06/08 13:52 from Health Savings Accounts
Whether the glass is half full or half empty is the question facing stakeholders in the Health Savings Accounts (HSA) sector. Depending on where they sit, participants and pundits have differing views on the growth and strength of HSAs.

» Customer Demand Pushing Banks To Offer HSAs, Survey Says
24/06/08 13:51 from Health Savings Accounts
The latest survey published by a leading information group reports client demand are pushing bankers to offer custodial accounts as insurers adopt better HSA offerings. The findings reflect research by this publication's parent, customer...

» HSA Bank Hits $500 Million in Deposits, Average Balance Is $2,500
24/06/08 13:50 from Health Savings Accounts
In surpassing $500 million in HSA deposits, HSA Bank®, also indicated that average balances past the $2,500 mark. The bank, a pioneer in the HSA sector, reflected the growth pattern indicated in surveys by Information Strategies, Inc. (I...

» An Avalanche Of HSAs Expected To Descend In Early 2008
24/06/08 13:49 from Health Savings Accounts
Millions of Americans will start using their Health Savings Accounts begining this January. For many of these individuals and their families, this will usher in a brave new world where they face unexpected challenges and at the same time...

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