» Black Clover Gaiden: Quartet Knights Manga Ends on April 12
05/04/20 10:30 from Anime News Network
Manga based on video game launched in October 2018

» Sazae-san Voice Actress: Dialogue Recording Put on Hold Until Further Notice
05/04/20 08:29 from Anime News Network
Recordings halted due to concerns over COVID-19 coronavirus illness

» Masayuki Suzuki Returns to Perform Opening Theme for Kaguya-sama: Love is War Anime's 2nd Season
05/04/20 07:49 from Anime News Network
New series premieres on April 11

» Kodansha USA Delays Spring, Summer Print Manga Releases
05/04/20 03:15 from Anime News Network
Seven Seas' upcoming releases may have delays; more events in Japan cancelled

» Manga With Biggest 1st Printings from Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha: 2019-2020
04/04/20 18:45 from Anime News Network
Attack on Titan, Silver Spoon, One Piece top respective publisher's lists

» My Hero Academia Anime Gets 5th Season
04/04/20 08:55 from Anime News Network
4th season ended on Saturday

» Touken Ranbu's 8th Stage Play Unveils Cast, Visuals
04/04/20 07:43 from Anime News Network
Mizuki Umetsu, Mashiro Sano, Yūho Matsui, more join cast for play debuting this summer

» An Nakahara's Hikari on Stage! Manga Ends in May
04/04/20 06:51 from Anime News Network
Manga about 14-year-old in show business launched in March 2018

» The Case Study of Vanitas Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Coronavirus Concerns
04/04/20 06:17 from Anime News Network
Social distancing precautions keep assistants from being able to commute to work on manga

» One-Punch Man Ranks #11 on New York Times' Graphic Books Bestseller's April List
04/04/20 04:43 from Anime News Network

» Singer Asaka Takes 1-Month Hiatus to Recover from Vocal Cord Polyp Surgery
04/04/20 04:26 from Anime News Network
Laid-Back Camp, YU-NO singer to start hiatus on April 21

» New Sakura Wars Anime to Have 12 Episodes
04/04/20 03:51 from Anime News Network

» Summer Pockets Reflection Blue Game's Opening Movie Streamed
03/04/20 20:45 from Anime News Network
Updated version of Summer Pockets launches for PC in Japan on June 26

» Given Boys-Love Manga Gets Stage Play in August
03/04/20 20:15 from Anime News Network
Anime's Yuniko Ayana returns to write script

» Funimation Streams Arte TV Anime
03/04/20 19:45 from Anime News Network
Renaissance-era anime begins streaming on Saturday

» Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Anime's 2nd Part's English-subtitled Trailer Streamed
03/04/20 19:15 from Anime News Network
Anime's "Final Season" premieres on April 25

» Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity - Grand Temple of Time: Solomon Anime's English-subttled Trailer Streamed
03/04/20 18:31 from Anime News Network
Anime adapts Fate/Grand Order smartphone game's story

» Crunchyroll Streams 'Digimon Adventure:' Reboot Anime
03/04/20 18:09 from Anime News Network
Anime begins streaming on Saturday

» Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Anime's Video Reveals Opening Song
03/04/20 15:15 from Anime News Network
Anime premiering in Japan on April 6 has 12 episodes

» Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Anime's Video Reveals Opening Song (Updated)
03/04/20 15:15 from Anime News Network
Anime premiering in Japan on April 6 has 12 episodes

» Yen Press Delays Manga, Novel Releases Through September
03/04/20 14:49 from Anime News Network
Capcom employee diagnosed with COVID-19; Love Live! event rescheduled

» Yuzuriha's Last Round Arthurs Manga Ends in May
03/04/20 13:32 from Anime News Network
Manga adaptation of Taro Hitsuji, Kiyotaka Haimura's light novels launched in January 2019

» Child of Kamiari Month Anime Film Project Launches 3rd Crowdfunding Campaign
03/04/20 13:02 from Anime News Network
Original project by Cretica Universal centers on runner girl, Izumo's Kamiari tradition

» Japanese Animation TV Ranking, March 23-29
03/04/20 12:32 from Anime News Network
Kiki's Delivery Service earns 12.9% rating; final GeGeGe no Kitarō episode earns 3.6%

» Japan's Video Game Rankings, March 23-29
03/04/20 12:02 from Anime News Network
Animal Crossing: New Horizons tops ranking for 2nd week

» Inazuma Eleven: Eiyū-tachi no Great Road Game Delayed Again to 2021
03/04/20 11:32 from Anime News Network
Soccer RPG reveals new protagonist Unmei Sasanami

» Asahinagu Manga Ends in 34th Volume
03/04/20 11:02 from Anime News Network
Naginata sports manga launched in 2011, inspired stage play, live-action film in 2017

» Aikatsu! Singer Remi Mitani Goes on Hiatus
03/04/20 10:32 from Anime News Network
Singing voice of Otome, Miyabi steps back from singing

» Live-Action Grand Blue Dreaming Film Delayed
03/04/20 10:01 from Anime News Network
Film was slated to open on May 29

» Argonavis from BanG Dream! Animation TV Anime Previews Opening Animation in Video
03/04/20 09:38 from Anime News Network
Series premieres on April 10

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