» Shoji Kawamori Designs Eureka Seven's Largest Nirvash for 2nd Film
20/09/18 08:45 from Anime News Network
Nirvash X debuts in Anemone: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution film on November 10

» Tokyo Game Show 2018 News & Trailer Roundup
20/09/18 08:00 from Anime News Network
Catch up on all the news and videos from this year's biggest event for Japanese games all in one place!

» Details about Pokémon GO connectivity in Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! announced: ...
20/09/18 07:09 from Bulbanews
Details about Pokémon GO connectivity in Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! were announced in Pokémon's latest trailer video. Details about sending Pokémon, catching Pokémon, especially Legendary Pokémon, and the introduction of GO Pa...

» 'I'm glad I could keep running' Original Anime Reveals Visual, More Staff
20/09/18 07:07 from Anime News Network
4-episode TV anime premieres on October 8

» New Romancing SaGa Re; Universe Smartphone Game Unveiled
20/09/18 06:55 from Anime News Network
Square Enix to also release HD remaster of Romancing SaGa 3 game in early 2019

» D3 Publisher Unveils Onechanbara Origin Game for PS4 in 2019
20/09/18 06:30 from Anime News Network
Game remakes 1st 2 games in Onechanbara action game series

» Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm Anime's 2nd Season Premieres on October 8
20/09/18 06:20 from Anime News Network
"Virtual idol project" anime will run for 17 episodes until February

» Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS Game's Opening Video Unveiled
20/09/18 06:14 from Anime News Network
Preview video for Nijigasaki High School idols' November 21 debut album also posted

» Gundam 00 Stage Play Reveals More Cast, Visual
20/09/18 06:09 from Anime News Network
Play to run in Tokyo, Osaka in February 2019

» tri-Ace to Release Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Remaster on PS4/PC in October
20/09/18 05:57 from Anime News Network
Gun-based RPG shipped for PS3, Xbox 360 in 2010

» Tales of Crestoria Smartphone Game's New Concept Video Shown
20/09/18 05:50 from Anime News Network
More information on game's world also revealed

» Sony Halts PS Vita Production in Japan in 2019
20/09/18 05:46 from Anime News Network
Company has no plans for successor for handheld gaming platform

» Deoxys to be available to challenge in EX Raids: Available with next cycle of EX Raid invitations
20/09/18 05:09 from Bulbanews
Deoxys will be able to be challenged in EX Raids starting with the next cycle of EX Raid invitations, replacing Mewtwo. Deoxys' Normal Forme will be the only forme available to be encountered.

» Live-Action School-Live! Film's Visual Reveals January Opening
20/09/18 04:02 from Anime News Network
Nanami Abe, Midori Nagatsuki, Wakana Majima, Rio Kiyohara star in zombie film

» Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu Goes on Hiatus for the Rest of 2018 Due to Illness
20/09/18 02:20 from Anime News Network
Composer enters hiatus to recuperate after cancelling October concert

» Voice of Fox Anime's 1st Promo Video Previews Opening Theme Song
20/09/18 01:04 from Anime News Network
Anime based on Guang Xian Jun's Chinese comic premieres on October 5

» YU-NO Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Cast, Staff, April Premiere
19/09/18 23:31 from Anime News Network
Nintendo Switch game also revealed

» Mirai, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, Okko's Inn, Modest Heroes Films to Premiere at L.A.'s Animation is Film Festival in October
19/09/18 23:00 from Anime News Network
Mamoru Hosoda to attend event

» Japanese Comic Ranking, September 10-16
19/09/18 22:00 from Anime News Network
One Piece, The Ancient Magus' Bride, My Hero Academia, Natsume's Book of Friends, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma in top 5

» Seven Seas Adds Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious Spinoff Manga
19/09/18 21:23 from Anime News Network
Seven Seas also publishes Mushoku Tensei manga, light novels

» 2nd Haikara-san Anime Film's Trailer Previews Saori Hayami's Theme Song
19/09/18 21:00 from Anime News Network
Film opens on October 19 in Japan, U.S./Canada this winter

» Seven Seas Licenses Mythical Beast Investigator Manga
19/09/18 20:24 from Anime News Network
Manga adapts fantasy light novel about girl investigator and supernatural bodyguard

» Japan's Video Game Rankings, September 10-16
19/09/18 20:00 from Anime News Network
Black Clover: Quartet Nights game debuts

» Seven Seas Licenses Naoko Kodama's 'I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up' Yuri Manga
19/09/18 19:30 from Anime News Network
1-volume manga by NTR creator debuted in Japan this year

» Megumi Han Covers Black Clover Ending Theme for Episode 50
19/09/18 19:00 from Anime News Network
Tuesday's episode ended the Seabed Temple Arc

» Megumi Han Covers Black Clover Ending Theme for Episode 50
19/09/18 19:00 from Anime News Network
Tuesday's episode ended the Seabed Temple Arc

» Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! Anime's Promo Video Previews Opening Song
19/09/18 18:07 from Anime News Network
Cast performs theme song for anime premiering on October 5

» Jump Force Game Adds Hunter X Hunter's Kurapika, Killua
19/09/18 17:25 from Anime News Network
New characters previewed in screenshots

» Goblin Slayer TV Anime's Commercial Streamed
19/09/18 17:10 from Anime News Network
Anime based on fantasy light novel series premieres on October 6

» Dragon Ball Super: Broly Film's English Dub Opens on January 16 After Hollywood Premiere
19/09/18 16:11 from Anime News Network
Premiere takes place on December 13

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