Mar 21 Calif. CO donates bone marrow to young girl
Correctional Officer Nicholas Young donated bone marrow to a 9-year-old girl he’d never met
Mar 21 Dylann Roof's friend gets 27 months for failure to report crime
Authorities said Dylann Roof shared his plan with Joey Meek to shoot worshippers at the church about a week before the massacre
Mar 21 Parents of Texas murder victim want killer spared from execution
In an affidavit, Jonas Cherry's parents said Paul Storey's execution won't bring back their son or atone for his loss
Mar 21 Accelerated executions: Ark. plans 8 over 10-day period
Arkansas has not put a prisoner to death since 2005
Mar 21 How strong command presence can quickly resolve dynamic incidents
A sergeant for the Lee County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office arrived at a disturbance and almost immediately took control of a situation that was wildly out of control
Mar 21 Anti-death-penalty prosecutor challenges Fla. governor
Gov. Rick Scott removed Aramis Ayala from a case after Ayala made her announcement against the death penalty
Mar 21 Lawmakers seek changes to Calif. juvenile justice system
Instead of incarceration, the state should emphasize crime prevention, rehabilitation and family ties because of the differences in children's development
Mar 20 Court rejects appeal of Conn. woman in murder-for-hire
Beth Carpenter argued that her trial lawyer made mistakes, including not securing a plea deal and not having an expert witness examine her before the trial
Mar 20 Ethan Couch turns to Texas Supreme Court for release from jail
Lawyers allege that the judge who sentenced to Ethan Couch to nearly two years after his case was moved from juvenile to adult court didn't have the authority to do so
Mar 20 DHS releases names of local jails that won't hold immigrants
The Trump administration released a list of 206 cases of immigrants released from custody before federal agents could intervene
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