Jul 20 Condemned killer spared after extent of childhood abuse revealed
The governor commuted the sentence of death row inmate Raymond Tibbetts to life without the possibility of parole
Jul 20 Las Vegas CO dies after being found unconscious
Officer Kyle Eng, 51, had been employed with Las Vegas’ Department of Safety since January
Jul 20 'Zero tolerance' placing strain on South Texas county jails
The facilities are full of federal inmates since the U.S. Justice Department’s announcement of a "zero tolerance" policy for those who enter the country illegally
Jul 20 Inmate accused in Minn. CO's killing has violent past
Edward Muhammad Johnson has been disciplined multiple times for violent encounters while incarcerated
Jul 20 Where should a rookie CO be on their first day?
Here's how rookie officers can get the foundation they need for long-term success
Jul 20 Convicted killer sentenced to more time in slashing of Rikers CO
Officials said Darnell Green choked CO Ray Calderon from behind while another inmate sliced the officer's face
Jul 20 Crackpot Jailin’: Morale
Crackpot Jailin' is about corrections officers, inmates, administration, public figures and more
Jul 19 Ex-prison warden wins suit over violence by inmates, COs
A federal jury rejected claims the former warden of one of North Carolina's prisons bore responsibility for life-threatening threats posed by inmates and even COs
Jul 19 After 6 deaths in 13 months at Wash. jail, families await investiga...
Sgt. Tom Hill said he would review the circumstances of each death, possibly with the help of a consultant, to learn if and how they might have been prevented
Jul 19 Consultants express staffing, overcrowding concerns about Ohio jail
The layout of the jail makes it difficult for officers to properly supervise the inmates, the consultants said
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