Sep 23 Calif. county breaks ground on new corrections complex
The multiple phase $77M project includes housing renovations, a new intake and booking facility, and staff locker rooms and meeting facilities
Sep 23 Corrections history: Inmate escape from a Pa. county jail in 1892
A convicted rapist walked away, with three weeks left in his 9-month sentence, after he was sent outside to close the iron gates
Sep 22 Pay raises increase Ala. state prison staffing
State DoC commissioner tells lawmakers having enough COs is the key to stopping violence and managing rehabilitation programs
Sep 22 Okla. man executed for 1996 rape, murder
Anthony Sanchez, 44, pronounced dead after a three-drug lethal injection, is the third man put to death in Oklahoma this year
Sep 21 Pa. county prison to fully enclose exercise yards after Cavalcante'...
The prison board approved the up to $3.5 million project to add walls and a roof to Chester County prison's eight exercise yards
Sep 21 Nev. COs work thousands of hours of overtime
Consultant's report says on dozens of occasions Henderson Jail COs have worked two weeks or longer without a day off
Sep 21 New Orleans jail supervisors stage walkout after inmates fling fece...
Low staffing, high inmate population are leading to fights, fires and other disciplinary problems in the Orleans Justice Center
Sep 21 Sheriff supports 9 indicted Tenn. jail deputies
Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner defended the action of the deputies to restrain a psychotic inmate and says he will be “the first one to donate” to any legal fee fundraisers
Sep 20 Cellmate kills Texas prisoner accused of murdering 22 older women
Billy Chemirmir, 50, convicted of killing two women and accused of killing 20 others, was serving a life sentence
Sep 20 Pa. warden apologizes for Cavalcante escape, proposes new security ...
Howard Holland, acting warden of Chester County Prison, proposed new fencing, ankle monitors for high-risk inmates, more cameras in the facility and establishing a K-9 unit to enhance security
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