» Mysogyny and Harrasment Won't Disappear for at Least a Generation
19/11/17 15:37 from MenGetPregnantToo
Even in 2017, a twenty-four year old intern is not going to ask his fifty-year-old boss to scrub the office of offending materials. An intern won't tell his boss his jokes aren't funny. An intern won't tell his boss that, perhaps, the wa...

03/09/17 15:29 from MenGetPregnantToo
Teaching your children responsibility is one of the backbones of parenting. Why, then, is it so difficult to know how much is too much, and how soon is too soon? Sometimes the hardest thing for an adult to do is to let their child grow up.

» Tips for Transitioning Your Child to High School
23/08/17 12:47 from MenGetPregnantToo
On BT Montreal, we discuss some tips for helping your pre-teen transition from elementary school to high school. This can be a challenge for both parents and children who may be nervous and concerned for what lies ahead :

» Friends, Family & Technology: The Monster Under the Bed.
01/08/17 20:31 from MenGetPregnantToo
When I watch my kids text their friends—their necks strained toward the floor, giving them a profile of a lower-case "r", like a lamplight with a loose shoelace—it no longer makes me grit and spasm.  What was it then? Why, despite medita...

» I'm Not Old, but I'm Getting There. (Just Ask My Night Table).
26/07/17 18:16 from MenGetPregnantToo
My physical tenderness fosters a complimentary sympathy from my kids: "Can we wrestle, Dad, or is your back sore?" As with all life forms that have come before me, I am barrelling towards extinction. My most recent reminder of this came ...

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