» Sgt. Pepper Puts a Spin on Connecting with Teen
20/03/18 20:13 from MenGetPregnantToo
While my son’s gift was uncovering the revolutionary magic of analog needles and grooves, my gift was reliving my adolescence through the hums of base notes and the vibrations of rock-band-meets-orchestra working its way through my bedro...

» How Talking About Mental Health for a Day Can Hopefully Last a Lot Longer
31/01/18 19:31 from MenGetPregnantToo
You cannot control whether someone chooses to share their struggles, but you can quietly try to alleviate your own. The process is so slow, I know. Years, perhaps. If ever I come close, I’ll write about it. Until then, I’ll keep reading ...

» Alive Magazine - "Uprooted! Supplanting what I thought I knew about plant-based diets"
22/01/18 12:57 from MenGetPregnantToo
What happens when a meat-loving father has his diet (and his morality) questioned by his animal-loving daughter? He gets a quick lesson in veganism.

» Truthbook Rather than Facebook Could Alleviate Holiday Depression
12/12/17 15:56 from MenGetPregnantToo
Online does not tolerate "Can't handle it." Social media doesn't retweet "I wish I had more time." Facebook doesn't like "I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Your exhibition has become fake news.

» Alzheimer's and the Sandwich Generation
04/12/17 10:09 from MenGetPregnantToo
As with addiction, when reaching out to someone with dementia one can only prod, and suggest, and hope. Often, however, there must be a bottoming out—a physical or psychological cellar, a darkness through which the ill cannot see without...

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