» Truthbook Rather than Facebook Could Alleviate Holiday Depression
12/12/17 15:56 from MenGetPregnantToo
Online does not tolerate "Can't handle it." Social media doesn't retweet "I wish I had more time." Facebook doesn't like "I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Your exhibition has become fake news.

» Alzheimer's and the Sandwich Generation
04/12/17 10:09 from MenGetPregnantToo
As with addiction, when reaching out to someone with dementia one can only prod, and suggest, and hope. Often, however, there must be a bottoming out—a physical or psychological cellar, a darkness through which the ill cannot see without...

» Mysogyny and Harrasment Won't Disappear for at Least a Generation
19/11/17 15:37 from MenGetPregnantToo
Even in 2017, a twenty-four year old intern is not going to ask his fifty-year-old boss to scrub the office of offending materials. An intern won't tell his boss his jokes aren't funny. An intern won't tell his boss that, perhaps, the wa...

» Who’s the Boss? (Could it be I’m learning responsibility from them??)
03/09/17 15:29 from MenGetPregnantToo
Teaching your children responsibility is one of the backbones of parenting. Why, then, is it so difficult to know how much is too much, and how soon is too soon? Sometimes the hardest thing for an adult to do is to let their child grow up.

» Tips for Transitioning Your Child to High School
23/08/17 12:47 from MenGetPregnantToo
On BT Montreal, we discuss some tips for helping your pre-teen transition from elementary school to high school. This can be a challenge for both parents and children who may be nervous and concerned for what lies ahead :

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