» Studies Desperately Try To Relate Household Labor with Happy Relationships (...without much success)
12/03/17 15:32 from MenGetPregnantToo
If you REALLY read the report, the division of domestic labor may have NOTHING to do with divorce rates. This could be because of snoring, drinking, infidelity, or a hatred of cats. We...just...don't...really...know.

» Brain Development: What Happens in Utero Doesn't Stay in Utero
21/02/17 10:18 from MenGetPregnantToo
A new study suggests that, despite giving birth to an apparently healthy baby, the conditions in utero may have lasting effects which can be noticed once a child reaches adolescence.

» Dear Doctor, I think My Kids Aren't Working Properly.
08/11/16 10:11 from MenGetPregnantToo
I find some of my children's new behaviors worrisome. I have listed them below, in no particular order:

» BT Montreal: How Does Your Family Deal With Gender Stereotypes?
23/10/16 15:13 from MenGetPregnantToo
A recent article in The Atlantic, quotes a study which suggests a strong percentage of girls still feel more comfortable with men in roles of authority: politicians, heads of student councils, CEO's, etc. In this interview on City TV's B...

» Study Shows Organized Sport is Not for Every Child
15/09/16 14:46 from MenGetPregnantToo
I will reveal that neither my son nor my daughter is enamored with organized sports or other activities. Fellow parents are often taken aback when they ask whether my child is signed up for such-and-such or so-and-so, and I answer "No," ...

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