» VW electric racer smashes Pikes Peak's overall record
24/06/18 22:31 from Engadget
VW may have been overly cautious when it hoped to beat Pikes Peak's electric vehicle record with its purpose-built racer. Official lap time data has confirmed that Romain Dumas' I.D. R Pikes Peak made it up the legendary hill i...

» Tesla will charge for 'premium' internet on new cars starting July 1st
24/06/18 21:01 from Engadget
Ever since Tesla started offering cellular data access in its cars, there's been the implication that it would eventually charge for service. In 2014, it indicated that would start charging in 2018. Four years later, that moment is ...

» What's the best blender for smoothies?
24/06/18 19:30 from Engadget
By Lesley Stockton This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the full article here....

» DNA synthesis breakthrough could lead to faster medical discoveries
24/06/18 17:50 from Engadget
For all of the advancements in genetic research, DNA synthesis hasn't changed much in over four decades. That could make it a serious obstacle to scientists who are otherwise racing to develop a new drug or understand the human body...

» Ben Heck's Alexa clock crane
24/06/18 15:30 from Engadget
While the element14 Community is running a design challenge to help those with mental and physical impairments (which you can join in on), Sean and Connor Miller work with Ben, Felix and Karen to help a family member with multiple sclero...

» Snag your super early-bird passes for Disrupt Berlin 2018
24/06/18 12:00 from TechCrunch
Der frühe vogel fängt den wurm! Yikes, if we’re trotting out our tortured German to say “the early bird catches the worm,” it can mean only one thing, folks. It’s time for all you European startup fans to go catch super early-bird ticket...

» Google adds anti-tampering DRM to Android apps in the Play Store
24/06/18 11:08 from Engadget
Google has made a small change to Play Store apps that could prove a significant help to the security of your Android phone. The company is now adding a "small amount" of security metadata to Android APKs to be sure that they w...

» Macrorit Data Wiper Pro Edition 2018 4.1.4 (Local & Portable)
24/06/18 11:00 from Giveaway of the Day in Greek
Εντελώς και μόνιμα σκουπίστε τα ευαίσθητα δεδομένα με τις ακόλουθες λειτουργίες: Σκουπίστε τον Κάδο Ανακύκλωσης (νέο) Σκουπίστε Ελεύθερο Χώρο Σκουπίστε Ολόκληρο Το Δίσκο Σκουπίστε Ολόκληρο Το Δίσκο Σκουπίστε τη Λειτουργία του Συστήματος ...

» Cell-sized 'microlasers' could regulate brain activity
24/06/18 06:11 from Engadget
Scientists have spent years creating ever-smaller lasers. Berkeley Lab's latest invention, however, is something special -- and could lead to a significant change in medicine. An international team at the school has developed "...

» 'Snapdragon 1000' chip may be designed for PCs from the ground up
24/06/18 04:24 from Engadget
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 processor may be intended for PCs, but it's still a half step -- it's really a higher-clocked version of the same processor you'd find in your phone. The company may be more adventurous the n...

» In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare
24/06/18 03:21 from TechCrunch
The Silicon Valley-military industrial complex is increasingly in the crosshairs of artificial intelligence engineers. A few weeks ago, Google was reported to be backing out of a Pentagon contract around Project Maven, which would use im...

» Scientists are building a DNA database to fight illegal logging
24/06/18 02:42 from Engadget
DNA evidence could put criminals behind bars, but only if there's something to compare it to. That's why a project that aims to combat illegal logging is now building a DNA database of trees, which could help authorities determ...

» World's tiniest 'computer' makes a grain of rice seem massive
24/06/18 00:59 from Engadget
You didn't think scientists would let IBM's "world's smallest computer" boast go unchallenged, did you? Sure enough, University of Michigan has produced a temperature sensing 'computer' measuring 0.04 c...

» How to Install Nginx with Let's encrypt and get A+ from SSLLabs Test
24/06/18 00:00 from Linuxtoday.com
HowToForge: Learn how to install and configure the Nginx web server with Let's encrypt certificate and how to obtain an A+ rating from SSL Labs for the SSL setup.

» Mercedes pulls its plug-in hybrids to prepare for new models
23/06/18 23:20 from Engadget
We hope you weren't dead set on buying one of Mercedes' existing plug-in hybrids, as they won't be long for this world. Autocar has learned that Mercedes has stopped producing PHEV versions of the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class...

» Open source sustainability
23/06/18 22:25 from TechCrunch
Open source sustainability has been nothing short of an oxymoron. Engineers around the world pour their sweat and frankly, their hearts into these passion projects that undergird all software in the modern internet economy. In exchange, ...

» Security researcher bypasses iPhone's limit on passcode attempts
23/06/18 21:48 from Engadget
It's not easy breaking into a locked iPhone. Try too many times and you can get locked out for years, even decades, or lose the device's data altogether. That's why law enforcement had to put pressure on Apple to unlock th...

» Security researcher bypasses iPhone's limit on passcode attempts (update: Apple says it has no vulnerability)
23/06/18 21:48 from Engadget
It's not easy breaking into a locked iPhone. Try too many times and you can get locked out for years, even decades, or lose the device's data altogether. That's why law enforcement had to put pressure on Apple to unlock th...

» Security researcher bypasses iPhone's limit on passcode attempts (updated)
23/06/18 21:48 from Engadget
It's not easy breaking into a locked iPhone. Try too many times and you can get locked out for years, even decades, or lose the device's data altogether. That's why law enforcement had to put pressure on Apple to unlock th...

» Tesla's Model 3 catches up on Autopilot and WiFi features
23/06/18 20:17 from Engadget
Tesla is still rushing to give the Model 3 some of the features you might take for granted in its EV stablemates. As part of a broader update across the lineup (including increased Autopilot nagging), Model 3 units now support a few key ...

» Are scooter startups really worth billions?
23/06/18 20:05 from TechCrunch
It’s been hard to miss the scooter startup wars opening fresh, techno-fueled rifts in Valley society in recent months. Another flavor of ride-sharing steed which sprouted seemingly overnight to clutter up sidewalks — drawing ...

» How to Enable GZIP Compression in WordPress
23/06/18 20:00 from Linuxtoday.com
One of the first solutions to achieve faster load times of your WordPress CMS is to decrease the size of your page.

» Apple quietly kills Modern Buckle Watch band in the US
23/06/18 18:46 from Engadget
Apple regularly kills off products in silence, simply yanking it from stores without so much as a notice. That's how its super expensive gold Edition watches and even something as big as the iPod Classic went the way of the dodo. Th...

» Recommended Reading: The rise of 'Desus & Mero'
23/06/18 17:15 from Engadget
How 'Desus & Mero' conquered late night Jazmine Hughes, The New York Times It's nothing new for a popular podcast to make the leap to a television show or movie, but that's not stopping Showtime. This week, th...

» How backups, backups, backups protect NYC’s cellular infrastructure
23/06/18 17:11 from TechCrunch
The infrastructure that underpins our lives is not something we ever want to think about. Nothing good has come from suddenly needing to wonder “where does my water come from?” or “how does electricity connect into my home?” That ponderi...

» Linux Mint 19 Tara Improves Updates with Timeshift
23/06/18 16:00 from Linuxtoday.com
eWEEK: Popular Linux desktop distribution set to provide users with integrated snapshotting capabilities.

» The Morning After: Weekend Edition
23/06/18 15:45 from Engadget
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. Before looking back at some highlights from the last week, you should take a minute to find out what's up with Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime and get all the details on a key ...

» Electric GT's first race-spec Tesla Model S hits the track
23/06/18 14:25 from Engadget
Two years ago, we learned that a Tesla Model S-based electric racing series was in development. This week Electric GT holdings showed off its first race-spec Model S P100DL in Barcelona ahead of the series' planned debut in November...

» 4WinKey Standard 9.6.5
23/06/18 11:00 from Giveaway of the Day in Greek
4WinKey Standard is the world's leading Windows password recovery tool, which can reset lost administrator and guest login passwords on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista system. You can use the program to remove Windows login password in minut...

» Snapdragon-based Chromebook could rival always-connected PCs
23/06/18 10:46 from Engadget
You don't have great choices for non-Intel processors on Chromebooks at the moment -- the Rockchip-made parts you often see in low-end systems keep costs down, but they struggle with intensive tasks. That might not be an issue in th...

» Valve's Knuckles EV2 controller will let you squeeze things in VR
23/06/18 06:55 from Engadget
Valve originally introduced its vertical-grip "Knuckles" controllers for VR in 2016, and shipped working models to developers last year. Now the company sending game makers another version, the EV2, that has revamped buttons, s...

» A World Cup match was the 'most-watched' Spanish livestream ever
23/06/18 05:27 from Engadget
The World Cup started last week, and with all the livestreaming options, it's no surprise that the matches have already attracted an enormous amount of views. But yesterday's match between Argentina and Croatia broke a new reco...

» How to be a great advocate for Linux as a gaming platform
23/06/18 05:00 from Linuxtoday.com
GamingOnLinux: Directly helping to bring games to Linux can be super complicated - I'm talking low-level, real-time, writing-a-GUI-in-Visual-Basic-to-hack-the-Gibson complicated.

» Facebook accidentally sent developer reports to app testers
23/06/18 03:47 from Engadget
While Facebook is still reeling from it's Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has been trying to clean up its image as a company that plays fast and loose with your privacy. Unfortunately, there's yet another issue. According to Te...

» Bag Week 2018: Timbuk2’s Launch featherweight daypack is tough and tiny
23/06/18 02:41 from TechCrunch
If you need something small, lightweight and indestructible, Timbuk2’s Lightweight Launch Backpack ($129) might be right up your alley. The pack, constructed from famously tough Tyvek, can fit a 13″ laptop comfortably and ple...

» A week of speedrunning for charity starts Sunday
23/06/18 02:16 from Engadget
Summer Games Done Quick is back once again. Live from Minnesota, you can watch folks play through your favorite games as fast as they can, for charity. It starts Sunday afternoon at 12:30 PM Eastern and is scheduled to run until the wee ...

» Bag Week 2018: P.MAI’s women’s leather laptop bag is luxury packed with utility
23/06/18 01:25 from TechCrunch
Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles...

» How to Monitor Nginx Performance Using Netdata on CentOS 7
23/06/18 01:00 from Linuxtoday.com
tecmint: Netdata is a free open source, scalable, adaptive, customizable, extensible, and powerful real-time performance and health monitoring tool for Linux system

» Getting Started with Awk Command
23/06/18 01:00 from Linuxtoday.com
MakeTechEasier: If you need to process text based on certain conditions, awk will almost always get the job done quickly.

» Apple will repair busted keyboards on recent MacBooks and MacBook Pros for free
23/06/18 00:53 from TechCrunch
Back in 2016, Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro’s keyboard. It… hasn’t gone as well as they probably hoped. Complaints quickly started popping up of failing keys. Some keys had a tendency to get stuck in place; others mo...

» Apple will repair 'sticky' MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards
23/06/18 00:45 from Engadget
Apple launched a new keyboard service program today, acknowledging that the keyboards on certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models are prone to issues. If users of particular models find that letters or characters repeat unexpectedly or don...

» California bill could be a major boost to personal data privacy
23/06/18 00:25 from Engadget
California legislators have introduced a bill that would give the state's residents more control over their online data and notably, would take the place of a proposed ballot measure that has been rigorously opposed by tech companie...

» Linux Networking Efforts Advances with New DPDK and OpenSwitch Releases
23/06/18 00:00 from Linuxtoday.com
EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: Linux Networking Efforts Advances with New DPDK and OpenSwitch Releases.

» Reddit is testing a news tab in its iOS app
22/06/18 23:56 from Engadget
Reddit is making it simpler to find news on the platform with a beta test of a news tab in its iOS app. You might not always want to sift through personal essays and cat photos to find news from your favorite subreddits. So, Reddit is pu...

» Tesla closes solar installation centers as part of layoffs
22/06/18 23:28 from Engadget
Tesla's recently announced layoffs may hurt its solar panel business particularly hard. Reuters sources and leaked documents have revealed that Tesla is closing roughly a dozen solar installation centers in nine states as part of th...

» Red Hat Process Automation 7 Goes Cloud-Native
22/06/18 23:00 from Linuxtoday.com
eWEEK: Red Hat adds dynamic case management features to its business process management suite.

» Amazon brings its kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited app to iOS
22/06/18 22:57 from Engadget
Amazon's kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited first launched onto Fire devices in 2012. The curated video and book service made the jump to Android last year and has just landed on iOS. It brings with it the same features as on other pla...

» Tesla built Model 3 assembly 'tents' to meet production goals
22/06/18 22:30 from Engadget
Remember how Elon Musk casually mentioned that Tesla had built a new assembly line in just three weeks to help it meet its lofty Model 3 production goals? It was more audacious than you might have thought. A combination of follow-up twee...

» Microsoft’s ICE involvement illustrates tech’s denial problem
22/06/18 22:00 from Engadget
Nearly a decade ago, I had the good fortune of being one of the last people to interview the founder of Commodore International, Jack Tramiel (famous for Commodore computers and the popular C64), before he passed away. At 83 he died from...

» SUSE releases enhancements to CaaS platform
22/06/18 22:00 from Linuxtoday.com
ITWIRE: Germany-based SUSE Linux has released SUSE CaaS Platform 3, the third iteration of its container as a service platform.

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