» Twitter says it hasn’t deleted Trump’s provocative North Korea tweet because of “newsworthiness”
26/09/17 06:40 from TechCrunch
 After North Korea’s top diplomat described President Donald Trump’s recent tweets about the country as a “declaration of war,” Twitter explained why it hasn’t deleted the offending tweets. Read More

» JD X taps Nvidia for drone deliveries, rescue and agricultural use
26/09/17 06:00 from TechCrunch
 GPU maker Nvidia has announced that it will work with retail giant JD.com to help with an outdoor robotics initiative that sprung out of JD X, the commerce company’s innovation lab. JDrone and JDrover are two new robots, the ...

» Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google
26/09/17 06:00 from TechCrunch
Looking at Instagram’s growth numbers, SAP is buying Gigya for $350 million, Apple’s Siri switches from Bing to Google for web searches and Google and Levi’s connected jackets now on sale. All this on Crunch Report. Rea...

» Nvidia picks up Alibaba and Huawei as partners for smart city platform
26/09/17 06:00 from TechCrunch
 Nvidia’s Metropolis AI smart cities platform sounds like a story arc for DC’s superman comics, but it’s actually a GPU-based intelligent monitoring tool that can enable things like easing traffic congestion, alloc...

» Researchers can use the size of your heart to unlock a PC
26/09/17 05:17 from Engadget
Most biometric security has one inconvenience: you have to take an active step to sign in, whether it's putting your finger on a pad or staring at sensors. Wouldn't it be nice if simply being near your device was enough? It mig...

» What's on TV: 'Forza 7,' 'FIFA 18,' 'Inhumans,' 'Def Jam'
26/09/17 04:49 from Engadget
This week we have too many premieres and finales to mention them all as the fall TV season gets into full swing, but we will highlight the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and the series premiere of Marvel's Inhumans (despite ...

» Package delivery startup Doorman is shutting down
26/09/17 04:22 from TechCrunch
 Doorman, a startup delivering packages when you schedule them will be no more after October 6th, 2017. The startup sent a letter over the weekend letting customers know it would no longer be in business in two weeks, saying it was ...

» British Airways pushes planes with remote-controlled vehicles
26/09/17 04:02 from Engadget
From renewable fuels to eco-friendly airplane tugs -- British Airways is interested in decreasing its ecological footprint. The airline has just announced the roll out of five new Molotok remote-controlled electric vehicles that can push...

» Zuck and Bezos back seed stage scout fund Village Global
26/09/17 03:12 from TechCrunch
 Product Hunt’s first employee Erik Torenberg is ready to fund fresh new startups, not just reveal them to the world. Today is the soft launch of Village Global, a seed and pre-seed early stage venture capital fund looking to ...

» Australia will establish its own space agency
26/09/17 02:53 from Engadget
Australia is very much a participant in the space industry with about 11,500 people working in the field. However, it has never had its own space agency -- and that may put it at a disadvantage next to the US, Canada and other countries ...

» Groupon’s billionaire cofounder Eric Lefkofsky just raised $70 million for his new company
26/09/17 02:44 from TechCrunch
 Chicago billionaire Eric Lefkofsky has started five companies, none of which would seem to lead him to found a company that’s trying to cure cancer. Yet investors just gave his newest, two-year-old concern, Tempus, $70 millio...

» Groupon’s billionaire co-founder Eric Lefkofsky just raised $70 million for his new company
26/09/17 02:44 from TechCrunch
 Chicago billionaire Eric Lefkofsky has started five companies, none of which would seem to lead him to found a company that’s trying to cure cancer. Yet investors just gave his newest, two-year-old concern, Tempus, $70 millio...

» Russia-linked Facebook ads sought to exploit US social divisions
26/09/17 02:29 from Engadget
There's been a lot of fuss over a Russian group buying Facebook ads in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, to the point where it's handing the ads to Congress as it investigates the scope of Russia's influence ca...

» Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen control panel detailed in new video
26/09/17 02:01 from Engadget
Shortly after Tesla rolled its first eagerly-anticipated Model 3 off the assembly line back in July, we got a ride in the car and were impressed. But we were skeptical of the decision to forgo a traditional dashboard cluster and cram all...

» Verizon gives up on its Android Wear watch after 4 months
26/09/17 01:37 from Engadget
Did you rush out to buy Verizon's Wear24 smartwatch? No? You're far from alone, apparently. Verizon has quietly discontinued the Android Wear 2.0 device a little over 4 months after its mid-May debut. The carrier isn't exp...

» Exposure of your sensitive data isn’t a bug, it’s a feature
26/09/17 01:30 from TechCrunch
 Another day, another breach. Equifax, SEC, Deloitte and the next one is coming soon. Nothing surprising there any more, not for customers, not for the breached companies. So why does this keep happening and why isn’t there a ...

» Microsoft places its bets on quantum computing
26/09/17 01:27 from TechCrunch
 At its Ignite conference, Microsoft today put its stake in the ground and discussed its progress in building a quantum computer and giving developers tools to experiment with this new computing paradigm on their existing machines. ...

» Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business
26/09/17 01:20 from Engadget
It seems Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner isn't the only one in the family to use private email accounts for government business. A freedom of information act (FOIA) request by nonprofit watchdog group American Oversight...

» Clear Linux Project Announces the Next Generation of Intel's Clear Containers
26/09/17 01:00 from Linuxtoday.com
Rewritten in the Go language, Intel Clear Containers 3.0 introduces support for leveraging code used for namespace-based containers

» Stream ‘Powerpuff Girls’ on Cartoon Network's Roku app
26/09/17 00:32 from Engadget
If you're looking to dig deep into newer animated shows on your Roku, you're in luck. The Emmy-winning Cartoon Network app — already available on Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and via Chromecast — i...

» ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ presents a murkier vision of the classic franchise
26/09/17 00:23 from TechCrunch
 Star Trek: Discovery has a lot riding on it, both for CBS executives (who are counting on the show to help them launch their paid streaming service CBS All Access) and Star Trek fans (who’ve been waiting more than a decade fo...

» 'Platoons' of autonomous Freightliner trucks will drive across Oregon
26/09/17 00:11 from Engadget
Most of the self-driving truck attention has revolved around Tesla's much-teased reveal of its EV big rig next month and all the auto companies rushing to introduce their own electric models. But there's another autonomous truc...

» Lyft adds 24/7 live driver phone support
26/09/17 00:00 from TechCrunch
 Lyft has added a few new driver-centric features to its app today, some of which are direct answers to things implemented by rival Uber as part of its ‘180 days of change’ campaign. Lyft’s new features include 24/...

» Lyft offers drivers 24/7 access to support services
26/09/17 00:00 from Engadget
Today, Lyft announced a few new features for its driver support app that are meant to make the process of getting help simpler and easier to navigate. First, the Lyft Driver app will now include a button that will allow drivers to quickl...

» Learn Linux System Auditing with Auditd Tool on CentOS/RHEL
26/09/17 00:00 from Linuxtoday.com
System auditing simply refers to in-depth analysis of a specific targeted system

» Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new book is more business text than memoir
25/09/17 23:51 from TechCrunch
 Any sitting CEO’s book about his own company is likely to be a bit of a disappointment. It’s no surprise then that Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh, which officially launched at Microsoft’s Ignite conference toda...

» Pinterest's Lens tech powers Target's visual search tool
25/09/17 23:48 from Engadget
Pinterest gave us all access to its Lens tool last March. In May, the company added some new foodie options, including a way to find recipes based on photos of your meal. It's basically a reverse image search that helps you shop for...

» Google Home adds reminders to its voice-control repertoire
25/09/17 23:33 from Engadget
You can already use Google Home to order from Walmart, watch CBS All Access on your TV and hear daily news updates from former-VP Joe Biden. Now, Google has just updated Home with the ability to set reminders with your voice. The company...

» A history of HTC in 12 devices
25/09/17 23:18 from TechCrunch
 HTC on Friday basically sold a huge portion of itself to Google, which is clearly hoping to use the company’s talent for hardware in its own push for self-branded devices. It’s the end of an era for a major company that...

» In-flight Netflix will be available on more airlines in 2018
25/09/17 23:16 from Engadget
Netflix's in-flight streaming is available through a few carriers around the world, but it's far from a staple of air travel. More often than not, technological limitations will force you to download that new show before you le...

» WhatsApp blocked in China, though past bans proved temporary
25/09/17 23:06 from TechCrunch
 WhatsApp has been widely blocked in mainland China by the country’s government, with text messaging as well as photo and video sharing not currently functional. However, WhatsApp had previously been blocked in the country and...

» Apple drops Bing for Google on Siri and macOS searches
25/09/17 23:01 from Engadget
Apple has ditched Bing in favor of Google for results when searching the internet with Siri on iOS or Spotlight on macOS. It will finish rolling out this afternoon, according to TechCrunch, a switchover that was likely timed to sync with...

» Full coverage from Microsoft Ignite 2017
25/09/17 23:00 from TechCrunch
Read More

» How to Install and Configure Jenkins Server on CentOS 7 to Automate Your WordPress Tasks
25/09/17 23:00 from Linuxtoday.com
In IT we often talk about the importance of computing time.

» Disrupt Berlin extends the Startup Battlefield application deadline
25/09/17 22:56 from TechCrunch
 Zögern sich. Roughly translated (and boy, do we mean roughly), that’s procrastinators rejoice. Why all the excitement? Early stage startup entrepreneurs now have an extra week to complete their applications and compete in Dis...

» North Korea claims Trump declared war with a tweet
25/09/17 22:52 from Engadget
Can you start a war with a tweet? Probably not, but that isn't stopping North Korea from claiming otherwise. Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho tells the media that President Trump "declared war" on his country with a Twitter pos...

» Snapchat's new filters make your photo backgrounds look surreal
25/09/17 22:38 from Engadget
Snapchat is rolling out some new filters today that go beyond your face. Now, any time the app detects a sky in your picture, "Sky Filters" will show up in the filter carousel. They'll allow you to switch the real sky out ...

» Trump wants the Department of Education to commit $200 million per year to computer science education
25/09/17 22:21 from TechCrunch
 President Donald Trump will soon direct the Department of Education to commit $200 million every year to K-12 computer science education, which Code.org is marking as a victory for its non-profit organization. As Recode reported ea...

» macOS High Sierra is well worth the upgrade
25/09/17 22:20 from Engadget
MacOS High Sierra was never meant to be truly transformative. As we covered in our preview of Apple's new desktop OS, it's mostly focused on refining its predecessor, last year's Sierra. At the same time, it also lays the ...

» MacOS High Sierra is well worth the upgrade
25/09/17 22:20 from Engadget
MacOS High Sierra was never meant to be truly transformative. As we covered in our preview of Apple's new desktop OS, it's mostly focused on refining its predecessor, last year's Sierra. At the same time, it also lays the ...

» Endless OS 3.2 Review - The Offline Distro
25/09/17 22:00 from Linuxtoday.com
Endless OS is a free, easy-to-use operating system preloaded with over 100 apps, making it useful from the moment you turn it on.

» Casey Affleck's production company signs Amazon movie and TV deal
25/09/17 21:51 from Engadget
Amazon's foray into big-actor dramas paid off after the film it distributed, Manchester By The Sea, won awards, including a Golden Globe and Academy Award for its lead actor, Casey Affleck. Today, he seemingly repaid the favor by an...

» ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ deserves better than CBS’s streaming service
25/09/17 21:37 from Engadget
I've been a Star Trek fan my entire life. It goes without saying, then, that I was eagerly anticipating the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Even through the myriad production delays and departure of key behind-the-scenes staff, I ...

» Waymo clarifies it actually wants $1.8 billion from Uber
25/09/17 21:27 from TechCrunch
 Last week Uber’s legal team told Judge William Alsup that Waymo was seeking $2.6 billion for an allegedly stolen trade secret related to the company’s autonomous vehicle efforts. Over the weekend, Waymo filed a document...

» Univision map offers up-to-date info about damage in Puerto Rico
25/09/17 21:18 from Engadget
The news out of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria is, quite frankly, horrifying. The entire island could be without power for months. A crucial dam, the Guajataca, may be about to burst. Communication with the island is limited at best. T...

» Target is adding Pinterest’s visual search tool to its app and website
25/09/17 21:07 from TechCrunch
 Pinterest today announced a partnership with Target to integrate its visual search technology known as Lens into Target’s apps, and later its desktop website. The deal, which represents the first time the company has integrat...

» Cassini's life passes before its eyes in NY art exhibition
25/09/17 21:00 from Engadget
Cassini became a cultural touchstone not just because it was a useful and productive space probe, but because it completed a classic hero's journey. So it's fitting that an art exhibition presented by the WOW visual design stud...

» Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
25/09/17 21:00 from Linuxtoday.com
OSSblog: Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving.

» Traveler who refused to give device passwords to police found guilty of obstruction in UK court
25/09/17 20:57 from TechCrunch
 A UK court has reaffirmed the power for state agents to use sweeping counterterrorism legislation to require travelers hand over the passwords for their digital devices for their contents to be searched at borders.  Read More

» Order from Walmart by chatting with Google Home
25/09/17 20:42 from Engadget
Last month, Google announced that Walmart would be the next retail partner to use Express, Google's shopping and delivery service. At the time, it wasn't totally clear when the integration would go live, but as of today you can...

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