» Google Blogspot Now HTTPS by Default to all Blogs
31/12/69 19:00
Previously, this was an option from last year, but now, all blogspot domain blog will be HTTPS by default.

» YouTube expands free editing app to 13 new markets
28/02/24 18:35
YouTube Create can be used to edit Shorts or longer videos, add soundtracks, captions, and more, directly from your phone.

» Google faces $2.27 billion lawsuit by publishers over advertising practices
28/02/24 16:54
A group of 32 publishers in Europe filed the lawsuit, alleging Google's advertising practices have caused them financial losses.

» Google Analytics 4 launches default Google Ads report
28/02/24 15:00
The new report, which was available in Universal Analytics, is now located within the performance reporting section of your GA4 account.

» 4 SEO tips to elevate the user experience
28/02/24 14:00
Integrating SEO into your CX strategy can improve organic visibility and rankings. But don't let it overshadow user-centric design.

» WalkerOS: A data collection alternative to gtag.js
28/02/24 13:00
Should you replace Google's gtag.js with an open source alternative like walkerOS? Explore the use cases, benefits and potential drawbacks.

» Google unveils major Search Partner Network update as it removes opt-out option
27/02/24 18:34
Google is offering advertisers increased insights and control over ad placement within the SPN, In light of a critical Adalytics report.

» Reminder – Google is enforcing stricter rules for consumer finance ad targeting
27/02/24 15:13
Take action now to ensure your personalized ads don't violate Google's updated policy.

» 3 reasons not to block GPTBot from crawling your site
27/02/24 15:00
There’s much more to gain than lose by embracing GPTBot. Explore three primary benefits of adopting OpenAI’s bot technology.

» 7 reasons why your AI content sucks (and how to fix it)
27/02/24 14:00
Lazy AI articles full of plagiarized text and generic writing can't compete with insightful, specific articles by real experts. Here’s why.

» 37 key questions to ask when evaluating digital marketing agencies
27/02/24 13:00
Essential questions to evaluate digital agencies on auditing, performance, team structure and capabilities during selection.

» Google removes option to see more local results in the search results
27/02/24 10:58
It is unclear if this was intentionally removed or if this is a bug that Google will fix soon.

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