Two bad ballot questions would increase density in Miami Beach
07/17/19 03:02 from Political Cortadito
Miami Beach commissioners could move Wednesday to put two bad ballot questions — that wold allow developers to have more height and density on their projects — on the November ballot. It’s really unbelievable that this ...

Miami Beach City Commission considers 4-year mayoral term
07/17/19 02:08 from Political Cortadito
The Miami Beach City Commission on Wednesday will consider putting a referendum question on the November ballot that would extend the mayoral term from two years to four. Ah, power. The resolution would also ask voters to change term lim...

ADLP hits $250K, still leads money race in bid for Miami commission
07/13/19 22:53 from Political Cortadito
Former State Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla , now a city of Miami commission candidate, had his second best fund raising month in June, with more than $50,000 in additional contributions. That brings his total to just over a quarter milli...

Eileen Higgins draws 1st challenge from failed Miami city candidate
07/12/19 23:10 from Political Cortadito
Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins has drawn her first challenger this week to her re-election next year: Miguel Soliman, a general contractor who ran for Miami City Commission in 2017. Soliman filed documents Monday indicating he op...

Miami incumbents sans opponents raise big bucks for re-election
07/12/19 20:41 from Political Cortadito
With little more than two months to go before the qualifying deadline, Miami City Commissioners Manolo Reyes and Ken Russell have no real challenge in their respective districts. But each has raised a ton of money. Por si las moscas. Rey...

Legislative Wrap Up by Representative Doti Joseph in Creole
07/10/19 14:06 from
The Democratic Women’s Club of Greater Lauderhill and The Haitian American Democratic Club invite you to a Legislative Wrap Up by Representative Dote Joseph Delta Education and Life Development Center 2250 NW 21st St, Ft Lauderdale...

Two newbies challenge incumbent Ricky Arriola in Miami Beach
07/07/19 00:30 from Political Cortadito
Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola finally has not one, but two challengers. After months of flying solo and successfully scaring off one would-be opponent, the only incumbent commissioner seeking re-election has himself a race. Raqu...

New, secret Carlos Gimenez ‘Baylink’ proposal benefits pals
07/06/19 19:46 from Political Cortadito
Elected officials are set to consider a secret deal, months in the making, that gives public land for development and operation of a Baylink monorail to a partnership between a manufacturer in communist China, a gambling giant pushing fo...

State Rep. Cindy Polo is challenged by Miami Lakes’ Nelson Rodriguez
07/04/19 01:21 from Political Cortadito
It’s been rumored for months but Miami Lakes Councilman Nelson Rodriguez will announce Thursday that he will challenge freshman State Rep. Cindy Polo in House District 103 next year. Polo won the seat vacated by Manny Diaz Jr., who...

Dade School Board candidates file, two will vie for vacated seat
07/03/19 20:17 from Political Cortadito
We have three new interesting candidates wanting to get on the Miami-Dade School Board. In the District 3 race, we have Dr. Raquel Bild-Libbin challenging 15-year School Board Member Martin Karp. She filed paperwork last month naming pol...

Teacher challenges Hialeah’s political regime vs only incumbent
06/26/19 00:38 from Political Cortadito
Monica Pérez has big, er, plans. The elementary school teacher is running for Hialeah Council against incumbent Lourdes Lozano, one of the Seguro Que Yes council members who give Mayor Carlos Hernández an iron rule on the city. Pérez cou...

How to Add an Image to an Event Post or Blog Post
06/23/19 15:25 from
Adding an image to your event posts helps them stand out more on the calendar. Just be aware that many BlueBroward members will see your event as part of a weekly calendar roundup, and some email programs will not display the images. Tha...

Debate Watch Parties
06/22/19 21:43 from
So far, look like there’s one big Democratic debates watch party scheduled for Wednesday night at ArtServe. But none for Thursday? That might actually be the more interesting night (Biden / Kamala Harris / Buttigieg / Sanders). I k...

June 18 Special Election in Coral Springs, Endorsing Khurrum Wahid
06/12/19 11:08 from
There is a special election in Coral Springs on June 18 (no early voting) to fill a City Commission seat. Former Commissioner Dan Daley recently moved up to State Representative (filling the seat vacated when Jared Moskowitz took a posit...

Kudos to Robert Mueller!
04/20/19 19:40 from
I met Robert Mueller once.  Years ago, while I was on the State Board of the Florida ACLU, Mueller was head of the FBI and  came to speak to the organization to assure us that the FBI would never intentionally violate the const...

Video: How to Promote Your Regular Club Meetings on
04/18/19 22:43 from
BlueBroward encourages clubs that meet on a regular basis to establish an event template that defines your schedule (something like “First Tuesday of the month at 7 pm) and basic details like your regular meeting location and conta...

Video: How to Post a Special Event on BlueBroward
04/18/19 20:32 from
BlueBroward is not just for club meeting listings. You can also post campaign kickoffs, fundraising dinners, or any other event you would like to promote. Here’s how: If you don’t have time to watch the video, the short versi...

Video: Eric Swalwell Town Hall on Gun Violence
04/13/19 18:04 from
A day after announcing his Presidential campaign, Congressman Eric Swalwell was in Sunrise for an event billed as a Town Hall on gun violence, with participation from survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and their f...

The New, Improved, Simpler to Work With
04/10/19 23:22 from
Formed following the heartbreaking of re-election of President George W. Bush, BlueBroward has existed in one form or another since early 2005. A lot has changed in 14 years. Some of the most grandiose plans I and a cofounder had at the ...

No Sunday Calendar Email March 31 (Website Reboot)
03/29/19 19:43 from
This website is recovering from a series of technical problems, including the registration of accounts apparently belonging to Russians (based on their .ru email addresses) and website overload. While cleaning up after these issues, we&#...

Florida Lawmakers Want Accessible Liquefied Natural gas
03/20/19 15:14 from Shark Tank
“This bill makes American liquefied natural gas accessible and cost-effective to regional allies." The post Florida Lawmakers Want Accessible Liquefied Natural gas appeared first on Shark Tank .

President Trump pens $100K check to Homeland Security
03/19/19 11:20 from Shark Tank
President Trump and the congress are still light years away from coming to agreeing on funding the border wall, but now it appears as if Homeland Security is a little bit closer to finding the money it needs to secure the southern border...

Tomato Suspension Agreement Withdrawal Praised by FL Lawmakers
03/17/19 11:54 from Shark Tank
“Our domestic tomato industry has been harmed by Mexican producers dumping tomatoes in the U.S. market.” The post Tomato Suspension Agreement Withdrawal Praised by FL Lawmakers appeared first on Shark Tank .

Patronis Questions DNA Testing Companies’ User Confidentiality
03/16/19 08:24 from Shark Tank
"Customers must be able to reevaluate their willingness to have their genome data shared outside the original intent.” The post Patronis Questions DNA Testing Companies’ User Confidentiality appeared first on Shark Tank .

Scott “Disappointed” with Everglades Restoration Budget
03/16/19 07:47 from Shark Tank
"We are certainly able to work with you on an ongoing basis.” The post Scott “Disappointed” with Everglades Restoration Budget appeared first on Shark Tank .

Steube’s Resolution Condemns rep. Omar’s Remarks
03/16/19 07:08 from Shark Tank
"Anti-Semitism belongs nowhere in the halls of Congress or its Members.” The post Steube’s Resolution Condemns rep. Omar’s Remarks appeared first on Shark Tank .

Rep. Waltz Honors Women’s History Month on House Floor
03/15/19 16:48 from Shark Tank
"I owe everything I am to this strong, independent American woman.” The post Rep. Waltz Honors Women’s History Month on House Floor appeared first on Shark Tank .

Fmr. KKK boss David Duke supports Democrat Rep. Omar
03/13/19 07:31 from Shark Tank
"Eyes are on Congresswoman Omar to denounce the support of David Duke." The post Fmr. KKK boss David Duke supports Democrat Rep. Omar appeared first on Shark Tank .

Rooney Vows to Protect Free Speech on Campuses
03/12/19 16:36 from Shark Tank
“Learning occurs when one’s beliefs are challenged and defended." The post Rooney Vows to Protect Free Speech on Campuses appeared first on Shark Tank .

Ocasio-Cortez defends Omar’s Israel remarks, questions Democratic detractors
03/11/19 09:12 from Shark Tank
Ocasio-Cortez questioned Vargas condemnation of Omar’s remarks, suggesting that she “apologize for her offense comments.” The post Ocasio-Cortez defends Omar’s Israel remarks, questions Democratic detractors appeared first on Shark Tank .

The Midas Touch
11/19/18 00:56 from Pushing Rope

For People That Think White Supremacy Isn't A Problem
10/25/18 02:44 from Pushing Rope

Quote of the Day: Jared Kushner Edition.
10/23/18 21:49 from Pushing Rope

The Third Way researchers are trying to figure out what happened in 2016.
10/24/17 13:56 from Daily Kos
The Third Way researchers have been conducting research on why people voted the way they did in 2016 and their beliefs are being severely tested.  They thought people would stay in the middle ground of politics and in their way of thinki...

FL-Sen: New UNF Poll Has Bill Nelson (D) & Rick Scott (R) Virtually Tied at 37-36
10/24/17 10:49 from Daily Kos
Latest news out of Florida today courtesy of UNF’s latest poll : A newly released   statewide poll   conducted by the University of Florida finds Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson essentially tied with Republican Gov. Rick Scott, 37 perce...

Investigative reporting bombshell: Florida private schools taking $1 billion with no oversight
10/23/17 13:44 from Daily Kos
While Betsy DeVos does away with protections for our country’s children , and continues to push forward on her billionaire-life’s mission to leave the world a better place for herself when she dies, the Orlando-Sentinel has done an explo...

For stop #2 of his white supremacy tour, Richard Spencer sues Ohio State University
10/22/17 19:53 from Daily Kos
According to the Gainesville Police Department , Tyler Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond, Texas, and bothers William Fears, 30, and Colton Fears, 28, both of Pasadena, Texas were arrested about 20 miles north of Gainesville in connection to a sh...

White Supremacy tour at University of Florida begins with a whimper
10/19/17 18:12 from Daily Kos
We haven’t yet run out of yarn, as Richard Spencer kicks off his white supremacy tour at the University of Florida in Gainesville. At least one person was arrested — (an armed person with a press pass outside the venue). It now seems to ...

This Week in Statehouse Action: You Give Laws A Bad Name edition
10/19/17 15:53 from Daily Kos
It’s not as hot as Virginia’s election action this fall, but New Jersey is also home to gubernatorial and state legislative elections next month. And while political rock star Barack Obama is rallying Virginia Democrats for Northam this ...

Donald J Trump; Words have Consequences.
10/19/17 12:54 from Daily Kos
My grandfather, Homer Wilson Sr. was the greatest man I ever knew. He grew up during the great depression. He lost both his parents by the age of thirteen. He dropped out of school with a third grade education. He had to take care of his...

Richard 'don't call me Dick' Spencer's "state of emergency" tour will feature Nazi opening acts
10/18/17 17:39 from Daily Kos
Nazis marching this evening in Gainesville… because tiki torches x A group of about 15 protesters are holding a sign where the Old Joe statue used to be in downtown Gainesville. #SpenceratUF — Jimena Tavel...

FL-Gov: Gwen Graham (D) Takes Aim At Scott (R), AG Pam Bondi (R) & Big Pharma On Opioid Crisis
10/18/17 15:36 from Daily Kos
Received this e-mail today from former Rep. Gwen Graham’s (D. FL) gubernatorial campaign: Gwen Graham (D. FL) We have a crisis on our hands in Florida -- and Rick Scott and his administration aren’t doing enough to stop it. The effects o...

Florida National Guard mobilized for Richard Spencer speech in Gainesville Florida
10/17/17 03:16 from Daily Kos
So Richard “don’t call me Dick” Spencer, fresh from declaring that women shouldn’t vote , has decided that getting military security for his speech represents flattery even if banana republics usually use their national guards to “overki...

Florida Republican candidate: “The aliens were dressed in party outfits”
10/16/17 15:35 from Daily Kos
Oh Florida, Is there anything you can’t outdo?  Is there is no event in these United States that Florida doesn’t take right to the edge and throw right over the side.  Gun nuts crazy in your state? They’re not shoot at the hurricane craz...

FL-Sen: Bill Nelson (D) Takes Aim At Trump & GOP's $500 Billion Medicare Cuts
10/14/17 16:25 from Daily Kos
Playing a little catch-up today. Received this e-mail yesterday from U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s (D. FL) re-election campaign: It's unbelievable:   The new Republican budget cuts nearly $500 BILLION from Medicare, all to pay for tax cuts ...

Republican Congresswoman Calls Out Trump's Sabotage of the ACA
10/13/17 12:14 from Daily Kos… At least one Republican member of Congress has called out Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") by eliminating the subsidies that keep the program alive and keep millions of Americans insured. In doing s...

A Lesson in Courage: Bob Graham's Vote Against the Iraq War 15 years Later
10/11/17 15:48 from Daily Kos
Devoting his life to public service, my father, Bob Graham, has countless accomplishments that have made me proud  — but I have never been more proud of him than 15 years ago, today, when he stood up to vote against authorizing the Iraq ...

The end for SaintPetersBlog
10/08/17 10:50 from Saint Petersblog
Ever since I acquired the rights to the perfect domain for my efforts — — I knew that one day, this website would have to be put out to pasture. Well, after more than 51,000 posts, this is the final one. Going forward...

Darden Rice on St. Pete’s campaign finance ordinance — it’s ‘by no means over’
10/08/17 07:00 from Saint Petersblog
Two days after the St. Petersburg City Council passed an ordinance limiting campaign contributions, which is expected to be legally challenged, Council Chair Darden Rice was still exulting. A former president of the League of Women Voter...

AP Top 25 Takeaways: Oklahoma upset; Miami over FSU, finally
10/08/17 06:39 from Saint Petersblog
Four of the top five teams in the country kicked off their games at noon Eastern on Saturday, which suggests that all were expected to roll. No. 2 Clemson, No. 4 Penn State and No. 5 Georgia all did just that. Then there was No. 3 Oklaho...

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