Our President is Definitely Not a Scientist!
09/20/18 00:39 from BlueBroward.org
    Hi, friends!     Earlier today (Wednesday), Donald Trump made an insane and embarrassing statement about Hurricane Florence.  If I had not seen the video of his observation, I would not have believed these words could have come out i...

GOP Targets Anna Eskamani in new Mailer
09/19/18 14:56 from Shark Tank
"It won't work, but this mailer has some truth to it, because I refuse to back down." The post GOP Targets Anna Eskamani in new Mailer appeared first on Shark Tank .

Rubio Introduces Bill Aimed at Protection From ZTE
09/19/18 10:54 from Shark Tank
"This bill will ensure ZTE is finally put out of business if it does not hold up its end of the bargain.” The post Rubio Introduces Bill Aimed at Protection From ZTE appeared first on Shark Tank .

Governor Scott Says Kavanaugh Accuser Should Testify
09/18/18 16:31 from Shark Tank
"The Judiciary committee needs to seek the truth here. The post Governor Scott Says Kavanaugh Accuser Should Testify appeared first on Shark Tank .

Mast and Murphy Secure Funding to Hire Disabled Veterans
09/18/18 16:10 from Shark Tank
"The unique skills and experience acquired by veterans over the course of their military service can be invaluable to the work of a congressional office." The post Mast and Murphy Secure Funding to Hire Disabled Veterans appeared first o...

Vance Aloupis fails to mention GOP as required, courting NPAs in general
09/18/18 00:35 from Political Cortadito
Before the primary election, many households in State House District 115 were besieged by mailers, mostly from Republican hopeful Vance Aloupis, who won Aug. 28 by touting himself as the most conservative and Republican of the four candi...

Joe Carollo files late campaign report, with $60K to mayor’s daughter in law
09/17/18 21:17 from Political Cortadito
Authorities need to investigate the latest campaign finance report filed Monday by Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo, and not because it’s several months late, for which the commissioner should be fined. One expenditure on the campaig...

Former Obama officials admitting collusion with Iranian regime
09/17/18 11:52 from Shark Tank
Trump teed-off on Kerry, accusing him up holding “illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime,” adding that Kerry “told them to wait out the Trump Administration!” The post Former Obama officials admitting collusion with Irania...

Cruz and Rooney Team up to Tackle China Stealing Technology
09/17/18 08:37 from Shark Tank
"Creating accountability for Confucius Institutes is a necessary step to protect our institutions of higher learning." The post Cruz and Rooney Team up to Tackle China Stealing Technology appeared first on Shark Tank .

We Need Your Help During Last 2 Weeks of Voter Registration!
09/17/18 00:38 from BlueBroward.org
    Hi, Democrats!     There are only 3 weeks left for voter registration for the November 6th Mid-Terms. October 9th is the last day to turn in voter registration forms!     I will be at the West Regional Courthouse (Broward & Pine ...

Governor Scott Says Senator Nelson has Done Nothing for Lake O in new ad
09/16/18 09:37 from Shark Tank
Rick Scott continues to slam Senator Bill Nelson as a career politician, which is a point he’s consistently stuck to since announcing his run for the Senate. In a new 30-second advertisement titled Nothing, Governor Scott argues that Sen...

Governor Scott Says Nelson and Gillum Should Forego Their Pay
09/15/18 13:32 from Shark Tank
"They spend their time campaigning, and so why should they continue to be paid with taxpayer funds?” The post Governor Scott Says Nelson and Gillum Should Forego Their Pay appeared first on Shark Tank .

Congressman DeSantis Releases First General Election Advertisement
09/14/18 11:59 from Shark Tank
"From Dunedin to Tallhassee, I'll always to go to bat for Florida." The post Congressman DeSantis Releases First General Election Advertisement appeared first on Shark Tank .

Bilirakis Calls for DHHS to Help With Opioid Crisis
09/14/18 10:09 from Shark Tank
“This issue is very important to me personally, and to my constituents." The post Bilirakis Calls for DHHS to Help With Opioid Crisis appeared first on Shark Tank .

Lack of early voting on campuses is Miami-Dade mayor’s voter suppression
09/14/18 02:22 from Political Cortadito
Make no mistake. The lack of early voting on college campuses in Miami-Dade is voter suppression. In defiance of a federal judge who said the Florida ban on early voting on college campuses had a “pattern of discrimination,” ...

Governor Scott Slams Senator Nelson as “a Vote For Government Waste and Debt.”
09/13/18 14:48 from Shark Tank
"He IS Washington." The post Governor Scott Slams Senator Nelson as “a Vote For Government Waste and Debt.” appeared first on Shark Tank .

Dates and Times That Your Help is Sorely Needed
09/13/18 03:12 from BlueBroward.org
    Good evening everyone!     I am going to give you the links to two videos you must watch if you have not yet seen them:  the first is Barack Obama’s speech last Friday and the second is John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight sho...

Carlos Gimenez has a new role as rainmaker — soliciting for 10 PACs
09/12/18 23:58 from Political Cortadito
There may have been no contributions and no activity in the reports for his political action committee until the $5,000 check from Fisher Island developers in late August, but Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez first began soliciting contri...

Carlos Gimenez is raising funds for his PAC again — but for who or what?
09/12/18 17:20 from Political Cortadito
After almost two years of nada, a political action committee for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez reported this month that it raised $5,000 in the last days of August, raising eyebrows across the county about what Gimenez, who is termed o...

Coral Gables manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark quits job in battle with chief
09/10/18 15:33 from Political Cortadito
DEVELOPING STORY: After a series of major missteps and several threats, both public and private, to quit her job, Coral Gables City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark — who has waged a personal vendetta battle with the popular police ...

Courthouse Closed Monday for Rosh Hashanah, But You Can Still Come to Tuesday’s Meeting
09/09/18 21:59 from BlueBroward.org
    The Courthouse is closed tomorrow for Rosh Hashanah, so we won’t be back there until Wednesday. Here is my corrected list of activities:     On Tuesday, September 11th, the Plantation Democratic Club will have its monthly meeti...

Mayor Carlos Gimenez clan involved in Joe Carollo lawsuit vs strong mayor
09/06/18 23:55 from Political Cortadito
There’s no mention of them in the lawsuit filed Tuesday by Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo against the city and Mayor Francis Suarez in an attempt to stop the strong mayor vote, but the county mayor’s family is involved. While...

Join Us On Tuesday Night
09/06/18 18:37 from BlueBroward.org
    Good afternoon, friends!     History can be made on November 6, 2018.  We can help elect the first Democratic Governor of Florida in 20 years, and the first African-American Governor!  We can help Broward County do what is necessary ...

Carlos Gimenez abuses power in election interference for lobbyist son
09/05/18 21:33 from Political Cortadito
Let’s say that the mayor of a big city calls one of his employees on a Sunday morning at home. This employee, who years ago he promoted to chief of her department, is in charge of municipal elections and, lo and behold, she changes...

Primary elections bring few local surprises, leaving general on the hook
09/05/18 11:30 from Political Cortadito
Sorry Ladra has had to take a week to recover from the primaries and, yes, I am talking mostly about congressional district 27, where I was part of the campaign. My candidate came in third and, even though she was always the underdog and...

Protect the Right to Choose: Make Two Phone Calls
09/04/18 01:32 from BlueBroward.org
    The Senate Confirmation Hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh starts tomorrow (Tuesday.)  If you did not get a chance to see the Rachel Maddow show, try to watch it.  A very compelling case is made for opposing this nomin...

Today’s Picnic Cancelled
09/03/18 12:38 from BlueBroward.org
    NBDC’s Labor Day Picnic has been cancelled due to weather. This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. www.avast.com

Who Is Ron DeSantis?
09/01/18 22:13 from BlueBroward.org
Ron DeSantis is, of course, the Republican nominee for Governor of Florida.  He was also, until the day after he was nominated, an administrator of the Tea Party Facebook Group.  Other Tea Party group administrators included Corey Stewar...

Do Republicans Have Any Idea Who DeSantis Is?
08/30/18 15:12 from BlueBroward.org
    Hi, everybody!     ThinkProgress is a news website sponsored by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization.  Earlier today, ThinkProgress reported that Florida’s Repub...

Andrew Gillum will be the First Democratic Governor of Florida in 20 Years!
08/29/18 00:26 from BlueBroward.org
    Evening, everybody!     To say that what happened today in Florida’s Primary Election was a monumental upset is frankly an understatement.  Mayor Andrew Gillum’s victory in the gubernatorial race was simply amazing, and j...

Ladra’s long awaited endorsement list for Aug. 28 2018 primary — go vote
08/28/18 07:55 from Political Cortadito
I know its late. I know Ladra has been quiet lately. We have been distracted with other work and getting her puppy bien instalada at college. Forgive me. This midterm election is much more important than we’ve treated it and for th...

The Third Way researchers are trying to figure out what happened in 2016.
10/24/17 13:56 from Daily Kos
The Third Way researchers have been conducting research on why people voted the way they did in 2016 and their beliefs are being severely tested.  They thought people would stay in the middle ground of politics and in their way of thinki...

FL-Sen: New UNF Poll Has Bill Nelson (D) & Rick Scott (R) Virtually Tied at 37-36
10/24/17 10:49 from Daily Kos
Latest news out of Florida today courtesy of UNF’s latest poll : A newly released   statewide poll   conducted by the University of Florida finds Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson essentially tied with Republican Gov. Rick Scott, 37 perce...

Investigative reporting bombshell: Florida private schools taking $1 billion with no oversight
10/23/17 13:44 from Daily Kos
While Betsy DeVos does away with protections for our country’s children , and continues to push forward on her billionaire-life’s mission to leave the world a better place for herself when she dies, the Orlando-Sentinel has done an explo...

For stop #2 of his white supremacy tour, Richard Spencer sues Ohio State University
10/22/17 19:53 from Daily Kos
According to the Gainesville Police Department , Tyler Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond, Texas, and bothers William Fears, 30, and Colton Fears, 28, both of Pasadena, Texas were arrested about 20 miles north of Gainesville in connection to a sh...

White Supremacy tour at University of Florida begins with a whimper
10/19/17 18:12 from Daily Kos
We haven’t yet run out of yarn, as Richard Spencer kicks off his white supremacy tour at the University of Florida in Gainesville. At least one person was arrested — (an armed person with a press pass outside the venue). It now seems to ...

This Week in Statehouse Action: You Give Laws A Bad Name edition
10/19/17 15:53 from Daily Kos
It’s not as hot as Virginia’s election action this fall, but New Jersey is also home to gubernatorial and state legislative elections next month. And while political rock star Barack Obama is rallying Virginia Democrats for Northam this ...

Donald J Trump; Words have Consequences.
10/19/17 12:54 from Daily Kos
My grandfather, Homer Wilson Sr. was the greatest man I ever knew. He grew up during the great depression. He lost both his parents by the age of thirteen. He dropped out of school with a third grade education. He had to take care of his...

Richard 'don't call me Dick' Spencer's "state of emergency" tour will feature Nazi opening acts
10/18/17 17:39 from Daily Kos
Nazis marching this evening in Gainesville… because tiki torches x A group of about 15 protesters are holding a sign where the Old Joe statue used to be in downtown Gainesville. #SpenceratUF pic.twitter.com/pN1JC5DtBu — Jimena Tavel...

FL-Gov: Gwen Graham (D) Takes Aim At Scott (R), AG Pam Bondi (R) & Big Pharma On Opioid Crisis
10/18/17 15:36 from Daily Kos
Received this e-mail today from former Rep. Gwen Graham’s (D. FL) gubernatorial campaign: Gwen Graham (D. FL) We have a crisis on our hands in Florida -- and Rick Scott and his administration aren’t doing enough to stop it. The effects o...

Florida National Guard mobilized for Richard Spencer speech in Gainesville Florida
10/17/17 03:16 from Daily Kos
So Richard “don’t call me Dick” Spencer, fresh from declaring that women shouldn’t vote , has decided that getting military security for his speech represents flattery even if banana republics usually use their national guards to “overki...

Florida Republican candidate: “The aliens were dressed in party outfits”
10/16/17 15:35 from Daily Kos
Oh Florida, Is there anything you can’t outdo?  Is there is no event in these United States that Florida doesn’t take right to the edge and throw right over the side.  Gun nuts crazy in your state? They’re not shoot at the hurricane craz...

FL-Sen: Bill Nelson (D) Takes Aim At Trump & GOP's $500 Billion Medicare Cuts
10/14/17 16:25 from Daily Kos
Playing a little catch-up today. Received this e-mail yesterday from U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s (D. FL) re-election campaign: It's unbelievable:   The new Republican budget cuts nearly $500 BILLION from Medicare, all to pay for tax cuts ...

Republican Congresswoman Calls Out Trump's Sabotage of the ACA
10/13/17 12:14 from Daily Kos
www.msn.com/… At least one Republican member of Congress has called out Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") by eliminating the subsidies that keep the program alive and keep millions of Americans insured. In doing s...

A Lesson in Courage: Bob Graham's Vote Against the Iraq War 15 years Later
10/11/17 15:48 from Daily Kos
Devoting his life to public service, my father, Bob Graham, has countless accomplishments that have made me proud  — but I have never been more proud of him than 15 years ago, today, when he stood up to vote against authorizing the Iraq ...

The end for SaintPetersBlog
10/08/17 10:50 from Saint Petersblog
Ever since I acquired the rights to the perfect domain for my efforts — FloridaPolitics.com — I knew that one day, this website would have to be put out to pasture. Well, after more than 51,000 posts, this is the final one. Going forward...

Darden Rice on St. Pete’s campaign finance ordinance — it’s ‘by no means over’
10/08/17 07:00 from Saint Petersblog
Two days after the St. Petersburg City Council passed an ordinance limiting campaign contributions, which is expected to be legally challenged, Council Chair Darden Rice was still exulting. A former president of the League of Women Voter...

AP Top 25 Takeaways: Oklahoma upset; Miami over FSU, finally
10/08/17 06:39 from Saint Petersblog
Four of the top five teams in the country kicked off their games at noon Eastern on Saturday, which suggests that all were expected to roll. No. 2 Clemson, No. 4 Penn State and No. 5 Georgia all did just that. Then there was No. 3 Oklaho...

Leading nation, St. Pete Council is 1st to ban corporate campaign cash
10/08/17 06:00 from Saint Petersblog
After hours of debate, the St. Petersburg City Council approved a campaign-finance reform measure Thursday, which could have national implications. The final vote was 6-2, with Council members Ed Montanari and Jim Kennedy dissenting. Onc...

Rick Baker, Rick Kriseman reload campaign coffers for general election
10/08/17 06:00 from Saint Petersblog
If there was any doubt about the interest level in the ‘battle of the two Ricks,’ check the latest campaign finance reports for Rick Kriseman and Rick Baker, both of whom raised substantial money during the last two weeks of ...

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