Bernie Sanders’ not-so-transparent transparency
11/15/18 15:48 from Shark Tank
Democratic  Senator Bernie Sanders  gained nationwide exposure during the 2016 Presidential elections when he blasted Secretary Hillary Clinton as not being a transparent candidate. In turn, after she won the primaries, it seems he sold ...

Latest call for recount volunteers, lawyers and training
11/15/18 12:23 from
Thank you for all you are doing during this crucial time! Our team has been working diligently to recruit and shift volunteers for all of our candidates throughout the manual recount process to ensure that we are prepared and trained for...

State Department Adds to Cuba Restrictions List
11/15/18 11:53 from Shark Tank
"The United States will not prop up a military monopoly that abuses the citizens of Cuba." The post State Department Adds to Cuba Restrictions List appeared first on Shark Tank .

Miami owes $120K in legal fees from Crazy Joe Carollo’s lawsuit
11/15/18 00:03 from Political Cortadito
The legal bills are coming in from Commissioner Joe Carollo‘s ill-fated, frivolous lawsuit to try to stop the strong mayor referendum that was doomed to fail anyway. And so far, the city is liable for almost $120,000 in legal fees....

County tries to take out CITT member who irks Carlos Gimenez
11/14/18 22:57 from Political Cortadito
It is nothing more than political retaliation. The Miami-Dade County Attorney’s office is trying to remove an outspoken, critical member of the Citizens Independent Transportation Trust who has been a thorn in the mayor’s sid...

Trump “cultivates hate” and “demonizes Immigrants” (Video)
11/14/18 20:56 from Shark Tank
Sharpton’s invited guests included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), and Sen. Kirsten Gilibrand (D) The post Trump “cultivates hate” and “demonizes Immigrants” (Video) appeared first o...

President Trump Endorses First Step Act
11/14/18 19:11 from Shark Tank
"If something happens and they make a mistake, they get a second chance at life.” The post President Trump Endorses First Step Act appeared first on Shark Tank .

David Simmons Chosen for President pro Tempore Role
11/14/18 16:53 from Shark Tank
"He will ensure we maintain the high standards of fair and open civil discourse expected of the Florida Senate.” The post David Simmons Chosen for President pro Tempore Role appeared first on Shark Tank .

Rubio and Frankel Comment on Hamas/Israel Ceasefire
11/14/18 10:35 from Shark Tank
"At these times leadership is not doing the easy thing, but the right thing, even if it is hard.” The post Rubio and Frankel Comment on Hamas/Israel Ceasefire appeared first on Shark Tank .

Florida Republicans Move Forward Amid Recounts
11/13/18 15:26 from Shark Tank
“We are excited to announce this great team of professionals who will help us build a larger staffing framework to serve Governor-elect DeSantis." The post Florida Republicans Move Forward Amid Recounts appeared first on Shark Tank .

Ros-Lehtinen and Deutch Slam Hamas After Israel is Attacked
11/13/18 14:57 from Shark Tank
“I support Israel’s right to defend herself from attacks by Hamas." The post Ros-Lehtinen and Deutch Slam Hamas After Israel is Attacked appeared first on Shark Tank .

Trump: “When will Nelson concede?”
11/13/18 12:06 from Shark Tank
With the Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes struggling to figure out how to recount 714,000 ballots, senatorial candidates Rick Scott and Bill Nelson are laying low until the final vote is tallied. The post Trump: “When ...

Broward County’s other biggest loser not named Snipes
11/13/18 06:58 from Shark Tank
Without question, this week’s (year’s) biggest political loser is Broward County’s Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes. The post Broward County’s other biggest loser not named Snipes appeared first on Shark Tank .

Rooney Presses Labor Department on Union Transparency
11/12/18 19:27 from Shark Tank
“It is imperative for the Department of Labor to protect union workers." The post Rooney Presses Labor Department on Union Transparency appeared first on Shark Tank .

Governor-elect DeSantis Exhibits Confidence in new Election Returns Video
11/11/18 13:19 from Shark Tank
"It’s now time to come together as a state as we prepare to serve all Floridians.” The post Governor-elect DeSantis Exhibits Confidence in new Election Returns Video appeared first on Shark Tank .

Can You Come Out This Morning?
11/10/18 03:41 from
    (This message is from Shay Morgan, Broward Field Organizer for the Florida Democratic Party.) Today, Saturday, November 10th, at 10:30 AM, there will be a press conference at the Lauderhill Mall Supervisor of Elections’ office....

Rick Scott: “My win will be certified by the court”
11/09/18 22:18 from Shark Tank
The election night drama continues in Broward County, as the Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, still refuses to give any details on how many ballots are left to be counted. Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Florida Governor ...

President Trump Blasts Broward Recount as “a Disgrace”
11/09/18 14:55 from Shark Tank
"It’s the Democrats." The post President Trump Blasts Broward Recount as “a Disgrace” appeared first on Shark Tank .

Carlos Gimenez meets with $15K donor to strong mayor opposition
11/08/18 19:55 from Political Cortadito
Want to meet with Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez? Got $15,000? Apparently that’s the price for a half-hour meeting with the county’s strong mayor, the one in charge of all the purse strings and who would be instrumental in g...

Looks Like Our Votes Were Not Counted
11/08/18 13:18 from
My wife and I requested vote by mail ballots — then, just to be sure, delivered them in person to an early voting location rather than trusting the mail. We should be able to confirm that they have been counted on the “status...

Emergency for Recount – Your Help Needed – TOMORROW!
11/07/18 21:28 from
    THIS IS URGENT!!!!!  –  Your help is needed tomorrow!     The Florida Democratic Party and the Broward Democratic Party are in a desperate search for voters whose mail in ballots were rejected due to signatures, and for voters ...

Annette Taddeo’s win over GOP superwoman makes her stronger
11/07/18 16:36 from Political Cortadito
Now, this is a victory. Sen. Annette Taddeo showed on Tuesday that she is truly a viable candidate who can win more than just special elections against racist apologists when she solidly defeated a challenge by Republican superwoman Mari...

It Takes a Lot to Get Me Discouraged
11/07/18 15:29 from
    So the Democratic Party was victorious in enough races to take back the House.  That’s great!     And here in Florida, in what was otherwise a very frustrating night, Amendment 4 passed, which will, restore the right to vote to...

Miami’s Francis Suarez loses big as voters reject strong mayor measure
11/07/18 08:52 from Political Cortadito
In a resounding defeat to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, voters solidly rejected the strong mayor initiative by 65% of the vote Tuesday — a signal that the new mayor doesn’t exactly have the mandate he thought he had. Is Francis...

Blue wave wipes out in FL and 305, with two bright silver linings
11/07/18 08:18 from Political Cortadito
It started good at the top of the ticket. Then, ouch. Was former Sen. Bill Nelson and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum actually winning with absentee ballots? Because early results had them just over 50. Even Jeffrey “Doc” Sol...

Early Voting So Far
11/05/18 13:32 from
As of sunrise Monday morning, 5.1 million Floridians — 38.7% of all elegible Florida voters — had cast a ballot in these midterm elections.  I wrote a small computer program to match each voter who cast a ballot with the race...

11/05/18 12:50 from
    I’m about to go out in Plantation and knock on 46 more doors to try to get out every single vote for our Democratic Winning Team.     Tomorrow I will be at Central Park Elementary from 7 to 10 AM and from 5 to 7 PM.  In between...

Vote! Then Get Out the Vote!
11/03/18 22:07 from
The first thing every patriotic Democrat must do is vote! Early voting is still going on today until 7 pm in Broward County, with Tuesday coming up fast. Then do whatever you can to get everyone you know (and anyone else who will listen)...

What are Joe Carollo’s frivolous strong mayor lawsuits costing us?
11/02/18 23:19 from Political Cortadito
It looks like Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo loves a good spanking. After getting smacked down by a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge who said his lawsuit to block the strong mayor referendum on the city ballot had absolutely no merit whats...

One Last Time: How I Voted
11/02/18 10:38 from
    For those procrastinators out there, tomorrow is the last day for early voting at the libraries and here, one last time, is how I voted:     Hi, everybody!     (This message represents my opinion alone and does not represent the view...

Lawsuit: South Miami mayor let teens drink at Halloween party
10/31/18 16:05 from Political Cortadito
Something scary happened at the home of South Miami Mayor Phillip Stoddard on Halloween four years ago: a 16-year-old boy got sick from alcohol or drugs and ended up in the hospital, where he stopped breathing three times. Stoddard, once...

Gimenez vs Suarez war of words heats up with new radio spot
10/31/18 06:30 from Political Cortadito
As the war of words between Carlos Gimenez and his family and Xavier Suarez and his family continues to heat up, a new radio spot paid by the Suarez PAC began to air Tuesday — calling Gimenez a fraud. Suarez narrates the Spanish la...

Last Chance to Help Win the Senate!
10/30/18 13:21 from
    Hi, Everybody!     Former President Barack Obama will campaign in Florida on Friday with Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson.  They will appear at the Ice Palace Film Studios in Miami.  The time has not yet been announced.  Free tickets, o...

After loss in Senate, Miami-Dade races, Alex DLP may try Miami
10/30/18 13:07 from Political Cortadito
Former State Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, who just lost special election for county commission in June on the heels of a loss in a special Senate race, has moved from his room in his parent’s house in Little Havana to a riverfron...

For People That Think White Supremacy Isn't A Problem
10/25/18 02:44 from Pushing Rope

Quote of the Day: Jared Kushner Edition.
10/23/18 21:49 from Pushing Rope

The Third Way researchers are trying to figure out what happened in 2016.
10/24/17 13:56 from Daily Kos
The Third Way researchers have been conducting research on why people voted the way they did in 2016 and their beliefs are being severely tested.  They thought people would stay in the middle ground of politics and in their way of thinki...

FL-Sen: New UNF Poll Has Bill Nelson (D) & Rick Scott (R) Virtually Tied at 37-36
10/24/17 10:49 from Daily Kos
Latest news out of Florida today courtesy of UNF’s latest poll : A newly released   statewide poll   conducted by the University of Florida finds Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson essentially tied with Republican Gov. Rick Scott, 37 perce...

Investigative reporting bombshell: Florida private schools taking $1 billion with no oversight
10/23/17 13:44 from Daily Kos
While Betsy DeVos does away with protections for our country’s children , and continues to push forward on her billionaire-life’s mission to leave the world a better place for herself when she dies, the Orlando-Sentinel has done an explo...

For stop #2 of his white supremacy tour, Richard Spencer sues Ohio State University
10/22/17 19:53 from Daily Kos
According to the Gainesville Police Department , Tyler Tenbrink, 28, of Richmond, Texas, and bothers William Fears, 30, and Colton Fears, 28, both of Pasadena, Texas were arrested about 20 miles north of Gainesville in connection to a sh...

White Supremacy tour at University of Florida begins with a whimper
10/19/17 18:12 from Daily Kos
We haven’t yet run out of yarn, as Richard Spencer kicks off his white supremacy tour at the University of Florida in Gainesville. At least one person was arrested — (an armed person with a press pass outside the venue). It now seems to ...

This Week in Statehouse Action: You Give Laws A Bad Name edition
10/19/17 15:53 from Daily Kos
It’s not as hot as Virginia’s election action this fall, but New Jersey is also home to gubernatorial and state legislative elections next month. And while political rock star Barack Obama is rallying Virginia Democrats for Northam this ...

Donald J Trump; Words have Consequences.
10/19/17 12:54 from Daily Kos
My grandfather, Homer Wilson Sr. was the greatest man I ever knew. He grew up during the great depression. He lost both his parents by the age of thirteen. He dropped out of school with a third grade education. He had to take care of his...

Richard 'don't call me Dick' Spencer's "state of emergency" tour will feature Nazi opening acts
10/18/17 17:39 from Daily Kos
Nazis marching this evening in Gainesville… because tiki torches x A group of about 15 protesters are holding a sign where the Old Joe statue used to be in downtown Gainesville. #SpenceratUF — Jimena Tavel...

FL-Gov: Gwen Graham (D) Takes Aim At Scott (R), AG Pam Bondi (R) & Big Pharma On Opioid Crisis
10/18/17 15:36 from Daily Kos
Received this e-mail today from former Rep. Gwen Graham’s (D. FL) gubernatorial campaign: Gwen Graham (D. FL) We have a crisis on our hands in Florida -- and Rick Scott and his administration aren’t doing enough to stop it. The effects o...

Florida National Guard mobilized for Richard Spencer speech in Gainesville Florida
10/17/17 03:16 from Daily Kos
So Richard “don’t call me Dick” Spencer, fresh from declaring that women shouldn’t vote , has decided that getting military security for his speech represents flattery even if banana republics usually use their national guards to “overki...

Florida Republican candidate: “The aliens were dressed in party outfits”
10/16/17 15:35 from Daily Kos
Oh Florida, Is there anything you can’t outdo?  Is there is no event in these United States that Florida doesn’t take right to the edge and throw right over the side.  Gun nuts crazy in your state? They’re not shoot at the hurricane craz...

FL-Sen: Bill Nelson (D) Takes Aim At Trump & GOP's $500 Billion Medicare Cuts
10/14/17 16:25 from Daily Kos
Playing a little catch-up today. Received this e-mail yesterday from U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s (D. FL) re-election campaign: It's unbelievable:   The new Republican budget cuts nearly $500 BILLION from Medicare, all to pay for tax cuts ...

Republican Congresswoman Calls Out Trump's Sabotage of the ACA
10/13/17 12:14 from Daily Kos… At least one Republican member of Congress has called out Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") by eliminating the subsidies that keep the program alive and keep millions of Americans insured. In doing s...

A Lesson in Courage: Bob Graham's Vote Against the Iraq War 15 years Later
10/11/17 15:48 from Daily Kos
Devoting his life to public service, my father, Bob Graham, has countless accomplishments that have made me proud  — but I have never been more proud of him than 15 years ago, today, when he stood up to vote against authorizing the Iraq ...

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