The days the bills died
02/27/24 06:55 from Florida Playbook

Will DeSantis sink or sign Renner’s big priority?
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Attack lines form in the Florida Senate race
02/23/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

Guthrie's new message on hurricane evacuations
02/22/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

Defamation bill gets tweaked following conservative pile on
02/21/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

Florida lawmakers push anti-communism curriculum
02/20/24 06:55 from Florida Playbook

Lawmakers close in on key priorities
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Passidomo rejects Florida GOP’s wish list
02/15/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

How lawmakers tried to roll back Parkland measures
02/14/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

Rick Scott on Mitch McConnell: ‘He's not representing Republicans’
02/13/24 07:03 from Florida Playbook

Florida GOP embraces anti-abortion stand
02/12/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

Florida's evolving war on 'woke'
02/09/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

Disney goes in — and far beyond — Florida
02/08/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

Florida Supreme Court will decide fate of abortion ballot initiative
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Florida Republicans' border bill resistance
02/06/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

The state of Florida's session
02/05/24 06:57 from Florida Playbook

The fight awaiting big ballot initiatives after the election
02/02/24 06:58 from Florida Playbook

Inside the money machines financing Florida's Senate race
02/01/24 07:01 from Florida Playbook

What to look for in DeSantis’ campaign finance reports
01/31/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

Biden heads to Florida for cash
01/30/24 06:55 from Florida Playbook

DeSantis vs. Biden on the border
01/29/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

Florida GOP embraces Trump — and he returns the love
01/26/24 07:00 from Florida Playbook

Legislature wants kids on digital detox
01/25/24 06:57 from Florida Playbook

The DeSantis-Trump feud marches on
01/24/24 06:58 from Florida Playbook

Trump and DeSantis test their new détente
01/23/24 06:56 from Florida Playbook

DeSantis jumps on the Trump train
01/22/24 06:57 from Florida Playbook

Florida faces key decisions on abortion rights
01/19/24 06:58 from Florida Playbook

Florida rejects summer grocery money targeting child hunger
01/18/24 07:01 from Florida Playbook

Why DeSantis is staying in the 2024 race
01/17/24 07:01 from Florida Playbook

DeSantis eyes the Granite State
01/16/24 06:55 from Florida Playbook

Florida cranks up ‘tool time’ sales-tax holiday on Saturday
08/30/22 09:07 from Juice: National politics
Florida’s first “tool time” sales-tax holiday on tools and other home-repair and construction items will kick off during the Labor Day weekend.

Two disturbances, including one approaching the Caribbean, could become tropical depressions
08/30/22 08:01 from Juice: National politics
An area of low pressure has been given an 80% chance of developing into a tropical depression this week as it moves west-northwest toward the Caribbean. Forecasters are watching a second area in the Atlantic.

Two teens face charges after burglary, car thefts and fatal crash
08/29/22 19:49 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Two teenagers face an array of charges for their alleged involvement in the burglary of an upscale home in Fort Lauderdale’s Harbor Beach neighborhood, the theft of two cars and a chase by police that ended in a woman’s death, authoritie...

Tropical depression likely to form near southeast Caribbean
08/29/22 19:48 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
An area of low pressure that could form into a tropical depression this week as it moves west-northwest toward the Caribbean.

‘Swift action’ and more state oversight expected as new Broward School Board takes control
08/29/22 19:10 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Fast and dramatic changes could be coming to the Broward School District, with four members abruptly gone, a majority of new members appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and now more oversight by the Department of Education.

‘Daddy’s dead:’ Jury hears more unsettling details about Parkland gunman’s troubled childhood
08/29/22 18:04 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Defense lawyers on Monday presented the jury with an account of the 2004 death of Roger Cruz, a pivotal moment in the life of the young boy he adopted nearly six years earlier.

Fishermen’s drownings in Loxahatchee refuge ruled accidental
08/29/22 17:56 from Juice: National politics
Two fishermen who drowned Sunday in the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge in West Boca fell into the water by accident, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Parkland killer’s life or death, Day 47: Details from father’s death and childhood tantrums
08/29/22 16:57 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Here’s what you need to know from Day 47 of the Parkland school shooter’s sentencing trial.

NASA’s 1st shot for the moon runs into engine trouble
08/29/22 15:56 from Mayo on the Side / South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Call it a wave-off. Call it a scrub. Either way, NASA couldn’t get its $4.1 billion rocket off the ground Monday.

A pivotal moment in Boynton Beach: Competence or politics? | Editorial
08/29/22 15:39 from The Slant | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
An unqualified candidate for city manager in Boynton Beach also happens to be a police captain who has wanted to end the Boynton Beach Police Department and contract with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

Women are sowing the seeds of change in Latin America | Opinion
08/29/22 15:15 from The Slant | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Across Latin America, 55% of women participate in the workforce, compared with 69% of men, writes Pro Mujer CEO Carmen Correa. Promoting the health, businesses and entrepreneurship of Latin American women is a top human rights issue and ...

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