08/17Hands-On with Total War: Warhammer 2's Sadistic Skaven Faction
We take the stealthy, sadistic empire of diseased, magical Ratmen for a spin, and ...
08/17WWE 2K18: 6 Changes That Create a More Realistic Match
Quick leverage pins, buckle bombs, enhanced graphics and more are part of this yea...
08/17Wild West Online Aims to Fill Red Dead Redemption 2's PC Void
No Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? No problem, says the developers of Wild West Online.
08/17Dragon Ball FighterZ: Four New Characters Announced
The upcoming brawler is getting some Super Saiyan Blue love.
08/17Shenmue 3: Deep Silver Announced as Publisher
Shenmue 3 draws ever closer with the announcement of a publishing partner.
08/17Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review
This standalone adventure succeeds on the strength of its characters and writing.
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