Aug 13 2020 2nd Qt prayer letter
 Our blog has been usurped by google. I can only  write on it. No photos no edits. Frozen in time. So it will remain online and searchable (for now) but i can no longer update it. BR.. looking for fix
Jun 5 Camera Man Ike - Minneapolis/St Paul Appointments & Information
Appointment dates available in MPLS/ST PAUL   July 17-19-20 and July 24-25-26-27   (July 18th is unavailable due to an already booked wedding) Isaac will be choosing a park in Minneapolis and a park in St Paul for each of the w...
May 20 2020 1st Quarter prayer letter
Please keep us in prayer. Thank you
May 19 Ideas and Plans
The day the calendar rolled over to May, did you marvel at how many years you spent getting through the first four months of 2020? We did .   I haven’t written here since before all the virus things began to happen. My last three entries were...
Feb 29 Old Friends
Noah & Geronne today  I can honestly say, we did not approach several things the same way and the cultural divide was challenging and obvious at times. My long-time relationship with Geronne taught me a lot about myself and Haiti and huma...
Feb 14 It Can't Be About Us
I’m sure other people have written about this eloquently. That is not what will happen here. Today, I bring you another way to write about it.  sans eloquence  Over the last decade and a few spare years I watched and learned a lot in Hai...
Feb 6 4th qtr 2019 Prayer Letter
4th quarter 2019 Prayer Letter Please take the time to read and rejoice with us.
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