» Enter the Fray with the Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device
04/15/19 20:01 from Guild Wars2
The clock is counting down until your enemies are defeated. Read More

» ArenaNet Joins the Mox Gauntlet for Charity
04/14/19 20:02 from Guild Wars2
Supporting local communities across the board. Read More

» Welcome Back to Guild Wars 2: Week Four
04/14/19 20:01 from Guild Wars2
A blog to guide you. Read More

» Requiem: Zafirah
04/08/19 20:02 from Guild Wars2
Read the second chapter of "All or Nothing: Requiem." Read More

» Hum a Happy Tune with the Magnificent Hummingbird
04/08/19 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Spring is in the air, and so is the newest mount skin. Read More

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