» The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of May 12
05/09/19 20:02 from Guild Wars2
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers. Read More

» Meet the New Voice of the Female Charr Player Character
05/09/19 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Mara Junot is taking command. Read More

» Requiem: Guild Chat
05/08/19 20:02 from Guild Wars2
Don't miss the next episode of the Guild Chat livestream. Read More

» Watch the Trailer for “War Eternal”
05/08/19 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Prepare for the Living World Season 4 finale with 50% off Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire . Read More

» Fashion Magic with Etherbound Gauntlets
05/06/19 20:02 from Guild Wars2
For the discerning battle-tempered mage. Read More

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