» The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of August 13
08/14/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers. Read More

» Unlimited Mining with a Useful Choya Trio
08/13/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
A gathering of choya is called a "babble." And if that's not true, it should be. Read More

» Weekend Boss Blitz Bonanza
08/08/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Who watches the watchknights? You do. Read More

» Pass the Time with Anniversary Sales and New¬†Fashions
08/07/18 11:29 from Guild Wars2
Time flies when you're having fun. Fortunately, it also glides when you're falling off a cliff. Read More

» Arm Yourself with Winning Weapons
08/07/18 11:29 from Guild Wars2
Discover ghostly stories to earn the top three weapons from the Guild Wars 2 Design-a-Weapon Contest. Read More

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