» Go Wild with the Beastslayer Glider
04/16/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Watch where you're swinging that tail. Read More

» April 20—Guild Wars 2 Weekend Bonus
04/15/18 20:02 from Guild Wars2
Gather up bonus experience and materials. Read More

» The Tyrian Tarot Indiegogo Campaign Is Live
04/15/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Support for a great cause is in the cards. Read More

» The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of April 16
04/12/18 20:01 from Guild Wars2
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers. Read More

» Sign Up for the Unity Gaming Org 5v5 PvP Tournament
04/11/18 11:51 from Guild Wars2
The Unity NA/EU 5v5 Tournament returns for 2018! Sign up and get all the details here. Read More

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