The beginning of the end of Facebook as a traffic engine (17/12/14 04:28)
My NiemanLab prediction for journalism in 2015

Whither nanopublishing? (16/12/14 05:17)
An IM conversation with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson

Whither nanopublishing? (15/12/14 20:17)
An IM conversation with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson

Digital giants get bigger at the expense of the small blog sites (14/12/14 19:49)
The growth of companies such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, Mashable and Vice Media could crush independent...

We’re out on the streets. Why aren’t the street artists? (14/12/14 17:59)
Street art is a way for the voiceless to be heard. Or, at least, it used to be.

The Let’s Kill All the Lawyers Edition (13/12/14 18:06)
Slate Money on Preet Bharara’s overturned insider-trading convictions, a lawyer’s battle with a C...

The Chris Hughes gambit (09/12/14 15:44)
Does The New Republic have a future?

The true purpose of Art Basel Miami Beach (07/12/14 15:06)
A bat-signal for the obscenely wealthy

The Arts and Crafts Episode (06/12/14 14:17)
Slate Money on art markets rich (Art Basel) and less rich (Etsy), Maurice Sendak’s estate, and th...

A Promise to Slate Listeners Cost Me Nearly $20,000 (05/12/14 22:37)
And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Why the Sony Pictures salary list should be public (02/12/14 19:10)
It might make for depressing reading – but only with the sunlight of publicity are lists like thi...

The Computer That Changed My Life (02/12/14 13:36)
If I’d bought $2,600 worth of Apple stock instead of that TiBook, the shares would be worth...

Uber’s secret weapon: The world (01/12/14 15:48)
The value of Uber is only partially in the service it provides; increasingly, it’s also in the gl...

Why We Shouldn’t Be Concerned About Infighting Over Ebola in Liberia (26/11/14 20:44)
The men and women involved in coördinating the international response will sometimes end up fight...

Why non-partisan immigration coverage is impossible (25/11/14 13:45)
You simply can’t write about immigration policy in a plain-English, non-partisan manner, the kind...

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