The Regional Episode (14/09/14 14:56)
On this week’s episode of Slate Money, Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of Columb...

Why Scotland’s Voting Yes (13/09/14 17:35)
They’re going to vote for change.

The Apple Watch Will Make Everyone Around You Just a Little Worse Off (12/09/14 22:58)
The Withings Activité  is the polite smart watch

Apple hasn’t solved the smart watch dilemma (09/09/14 22:20)
If Apple manages to come up with a thin, waterproof watch which I can wear comfortably under a sh...

In Defense of Chain Links (06/09/14 17:40)
As old-school chain cuff links face an existential threat, one man makes a stand for true closure.

Slate Money Talks Dollars and Sense (06/09/14 16:53)
Listen to Slate’s show on former congressmen working for Wall Street, dollar-store mergers, and p...

It’s amazing how much more you earn, when you have a penis. (05/09/14 06:13)
It’s not much of a caveat to say that if women were exactly the same as men, then they would earn...

Should you Take the Plunge? (04/09/14 14:18)
The big interactive project I’ve been working on since May. Explore, enjoy!

House of Cards: Magic and Probability (30/08/14 14:46)
Slate Money on card tricks, tech valuations, and investing in professional athletes.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Isn’t Going Away (25/08/14 13:20)
But giving money to disease-specific charities is still a bad idea.

The Ethics of Buying Stocks (23/08/14 15:03)
Slate Money on tech deals minus the bankers, Amazon’s new payment system, and answers to listener...

No need for banks in an era of intellectual capital (21/08/14 18:03)
Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model

Slate Money: The Payday Edition (16/08/14 15:35)
Slate Money on payday loans, BuzzFeed’s latest valuation, and the value of data scientists.

Bad Paper (15/08/14 13:18)
My first #post-text project for Fusion: Bad Paper, a game which should help people understand the...

How to understand A16Z’s investment in BuzzFeed (12/08/14 13:31)
If you’re looking at it asking how anybody could pay that kind of money for a bunch of listicles,...

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