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Mini Review: Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo
06 May 2015 07:40 PM
It’s been a while since I did a game review on this blog, mostly because I’ve been playing mostly bit AAA titles and there’s no real need to throw one more voice into the pile, but then there was a somewhat interesting PS Vita release last week which I picked up. Damascus Gear is a [...]

Deciphered Melody
04 May 2015 08:13 PM
Song: TUTU BALLERINA Artist: Ruka, Mona, Miki from AIKATSU☆STARS Album: Party Collection / TUTU BALLERINA Other: Ending song for the anime AIKATSU! tsumasaki de tatte hoshi ni te wo nobashita ichinichi tsubasa no moufu ni kurumarete saa ashi wo yasumete tsukareteiru no nante kanjinai shiawase de hitomi ha hana no youni, tojizu ni saiteiru nemuranakya […]

Deciphered Melody
μ’s – Super LOVE=Super LIVE! | Lyrics Translation
03 May 2015 11:39 PM
Song: Super LOVE=Super LIVE! Artist: μ’s Album: MI ha μ’sic no MI Other: Dengeki G’s Magazine Collaboration Single SU-PA- RABU! minna de SU-PA- RAIBU! Live! Are you ready? Go! SUPER LOVE! A SUPER LIVE with everyone! Live! Are you ready? Go! Super LOVE! hajimatta (Come on!) Super LIVE! koe dashite (Come on!) Super LOVE! koechau […]

Deciphered Melody
μ’s – MI ha μ’sic no MI | Lyrics Translation
27 Apr 2015 07:06 PM
Song: MI ha μ’sic no MI Artist: μ’s Album: MI ha μ’sic no MI Other: Dengeki G’s Magazine Collaboration Single μ’sic forever! wasurenaide kimi to boku no ashiato μ’sic forever! Don’t forget these are the footsteps we left behind! shinjiru chikara de koko made kita yo mitsumeru MIRAI ha kitto onaji datta ne takaramono da […]

Through the Looking Glass
Anime roundup: Spring 2015
22 Apr 2015 07:09 PM
This post was meant to be up last week but the press Start concert bumped it down a week so this is a little late. Having said that, this season hasn’t really set me alight though there are some definite must watch shows… In any case, lets look at least seasons shows first and then [...]

Through the Looking Glass
Press Start to continue.
15 Apr 2015 07:09 PM
Long time readers may remember that I have a Love/Hate relationship with the city of Paris, in that I hate it but it loves to do events which I would enjoy and go an extra mile to attend. The last time I did something so drastic as to go to Paris for an event was [...]

Through the Looking Glass
Day of the Unicorn
09 Apr 2015 06:04 PM
Sorry for the delay in post but I was travelling after spending the long weekend away from my usual tools. But as an offshoot, I had some time to finish off my unbuilt gunpla! Even better (or worse), right at the end of my time off, a parcel arrived from my friend Q in Hong [...]

Deciphered Melody
CINDERELLA PROJECT – Star!! | Lyrics Translation
21 Mar 2015 09:28 PM
Song: Star!! Artist: CINDERELLA PROJECT Album: THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 01 Other: Opening song for the anime THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS SAY ippai kagayaku kagayaku hoshi ni nare unmei no DOA akeyou ima mirai dake miagete SAY, shine plenty, shine and become a star! Let’s open destiny’s door and keep our sights on […]

Deciphered Melody
*ω* Quintet – Complex:CRESCENT | Lyrics Translation
19 Mar 2015 08:32 PM
Song: Complex:CRESCENT Artist: *ω* Quintet Album: *ω* Quintet PV SONGS taiyou to daichi no tsumi umiotosareta mikadzuki samishisa uchikesu youni ongaku wo kanadeta The sin from the sun and earth gave birth to the crescent moon and played a song as if erasing this loneliness. kizu wo fusaida kokoro no uchi ni himeteru PURIZUMU fukisoku […]

Deciphered Melody
*ω* Quintet – Manmaru Marui – Lyrics Translation
19 Mar 2015 08:24 PM
Song: Manmaru Marui Artist: *ω* Quintet Album: *ω* Quintet PV SONGS fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa fuwa DOKI tto shite BIKU tto shite dounatta? mo iya da UE wo mite SHITA wo mite dounatta? tondetta My heart […]

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