» Directly Focused in All Directions
12/08/17 20:02
Sometimes life is like that. As much as it would be nice to focus your energy on one thing, instead you have to run madly off in all directions! So that’s what life is like right now, as I take just a moment to take a breath and wr...

» People Under Construction
03/08/17 10:22
Yesterday Shari and Hannah were in the community of Jesús María, lending a hand at the kids’ club that the church is putting on this week. Quite a crowd, as you can see! The theme of the year is “Under Construction”, an...

» A Month of Short Term Teams Ends!
11/07/17 15:32
We have reached the end of a month filled with short term teams! How can I sum it all up? Impossible. I did show you a few photos from the Mt. Calvary Team’s first few days. I also wrote a bit more about their trip and the upcoming...

» The Roof
01/07/17 18:25
Yes, the sanctuary roof for the Path of Life Bible Church in Jesús María is now up! Wanna see it? Here’s a brief video from last Sunday.

» A Hearing Aid/Glasses Event (video)
25/06/17 15:33
Some of you have heard about our recent events in Ixtapaluca, where we have been providing hearing aids and reading glasses for people in need, along with a presentation of the gospel. Well, today you can get a glimpse of what one of the...

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