» ​SK Telecom, Hyundai, and Trimble to use 5G in construction
10/12/18 01:34 from Latest News
SK Telecom, Hyundai Construction Equipment, and Trimble will collaborate to use 5G for the development of solutions to remote construction equipment monitoring, real-time safety management, and AI-based construction operations.

» Queensland government moves to improve NBN with state-owned fibre backhaul
10/12/18 01:07 from Latest News
FibreCo Qld will use under-utilised backhaul on its existing state-owned fibre network to connect to the NBN in regional areas of Queensland.

» Australia's encryption laws are a cyber cane toad: Husic
10/12/18 00:59 from Latest News
Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy Ed Husic continues to state problems with the Bill his party rolled over on and passed.

» NBN unveils business pricing bundles
10/12/18 00:17 from Latest News
NBN has introduced a series of wholesale discount bundles for its business services.

» ​State and federal governments look to Australia-wide data sharing
09/12/18 23:46 from Latest News
The Australian Digital Council is aiming for a nationally consistent approach to data management and use.

» ​Labor slams Commonwealth's visa privatisation plan
09/12/18 23:20 from Latest News
Labor announces 'fight' against the privatisation of Australian border control.

» China tells US to drop Huawei arrest warrant
09/12/18 23:06 from Latest News
China has demanded the US withdraw an arrest warrant for a Huawei executive as a senator mooted a Bill to ban Chinese telcos from doing business in the US.

» 2018 technology trends that'll matter a decade from now
09/12/18 23:00 from Latest News
Here's the year in review viewed through a lens of long-term staying power. What'll matter in 2028? Let's find out.

» Telstra, Optus, TPG-Vodafone win 5G spectrum
09/12/18 22:13 from Latest News
Telstra paid AU$386 million for 143 lots; Optus paid AU$185 million for 47 lots; the TPG-Vodafone Australia joint venture paid AU$263 million for 131 lots; and Dense Air Australia paid AU$18.5 million for 29 lots.

» Apple's iPhone XR isn't selling? I went to Best Buy to find out
09/12/18 13:00 from Latest News
The rumors are flying. So I tried to get some objective information.

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