» How stress affects your brain (Video)
20/10/17 20:16 from Inside the Brain
Stress isn’t always a bad thing; it can be handy for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you’re playing a competitive sport or have to speak in public. But when it’s continuous, it actually begins to change your brain. In this v...

» Heuristics and Web Skills Acquisition in Open Learning Environments
20/10/17 19:12 from OLDaily
Daniel Dominguez Figaredo , Educational Technology & Society , Oct 20, 2017 I'm linking to this item to make sure it remains available to me in future discussions of critical literacies. Here's the argument: "Many of the frameworks.....

» Students’ Reactions to Different Levels of Game Scenarios: A Cognitive Style Approach
20/10/17 19:05 from OLDaily
Zhi-Hong Chen , Sherry Y. Chen , Chih-Hao Chien , Educational Technology & Society , Oct 20, 2017 More peer-reviewed literature involving the use of learning styles to describe, explain or predict learning outcomes. This study examin...

» The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online
20/10/17 18:37 from OLDaily
Jenna Anderson , Lee Rainie , Pew Research Center , Oct 20, 2017 Pew released a big report on truth and misinformation online yesterday and I was one of those consulted to contribute to it. The overall result was that "experts are evenly...

» Transitioning to 5G in Developing Countries
20/10/17 18:06 from OLDaily
Gerard Halimi , Developing Telecoms , Oct 20, 2017 Over the last decade or so ther was no end to the stories talking about how mobile phones would bring the internet to developing nations and especially to Africa. I've covered these over...

» Bringing Mixed Reality to the Web
20/10/17 17:36 from OLDaily
Andre Vrignaud , Lars Bergstrom , The Mozilla Blog , Oct 20, 2017 Nice review of work foward mixed reality (XR) (which would include virtual reality (VR)  and augmented reality (AR)) in 2017 as well as discussion of "a  draft W...

» Learning Creative Learning: It’s not a MOOC, it’s a community
20/10/17 17:23 from OLDaily
Medium , MIT Media Lab , Oct 20, 2017 MIT's Media Lab has discovered the cMOOC (which they will now rebrand as 'not a MOOC'). "The ultimate goal of LCL is to cultivate an ongoing learning community, where people from around the world can...

» The University Is Not a Technology
19/10/17 13:06 from OLDaily
Sam Fallon , Len Gutkin , Chronicle of Higher Education , Oct 19, 2017 Actually, the university  is  a technology, but thats periphrial to th main point. This article response to a critique of universities that has two major pa...

» MIT Introduces Digital Diplomas
19/10/17 13:02 from OLDaily
Lindsay McKenzie , Inside Higher Ed , Oct 19, 2017 People have using blockchain for certification for a number of years now so it's no real surprise to see MIT's new digital diplomas. "Using a free, open-source app called  Blockcert...

» New presentation
18/10/17 22:16 from OLDaily
, () Oct 18, 2017 [ Comment ]

» A Personal Learning Framework
18/10/17 22:16 from OLDaily
This presentation looks at the quantum mechanics of learning theory, drilling down from the idea of a subject or a piece of knowledge to the elements constituting a personal learning framework. ICDE2017 World Conference on Online Learnin...

» Change, Challenge and Opportunity
18/10/17 18:08 from OLDaily
In this presentation I discuss six major trends impacting online learning: Machine learning and artificial intelligence; Handheld and Mobile Computing Badges and Blockchain; Internet of Things; Games, Sims and Virtual Reality; Translatio...

» Tracking online learning in Canadian universities and colleges
18/10/17 14:09 from OLDaily
Tony Bates , Contact North , Oct 18, 2017 According to the press release , "Online learning is now a core form of delivery for Canadian universities and colleges." This is the result of a national survey of Canadian universities and coll...

» JATS4R: Optimizing the Reusability of Scholarly Content
17/10/17 11:56 from OLDaily
Mary Seligy , The Scholarly Kitchen , Oct 17, 2017 Adding to the alphabet soup of standards and specifications is JATS4R - 'JATS for Reuse', where JATS is 'Journal Article Tag Suite'. Then" the Open Access Media Importer (OAMI) was ...

» Pedagogical Principles of Design for Active, Reflective and Self-Regulated Learning
16/10/17 18:19 from OLDaily
Session summaries from the  World Conference on Online Learning , Toronto. , , Oct 16, 2017 [ Link ] [ Comment ] Share | var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};

» The crowdsourcing fallacy
16/10/17 15:45 from OLDaily
Jake Orlowitz , Wikimedia , Oct 16, 2017 Jake Orlowitz makes the important point thta crowdsourcing isn't simply about assembling a crowd. A number of things need to be in place before the crowd can work effectively, and he lists a ...

» Celebrating ORCID@5 with the launch of new resources!
16/10/17 13:43 from OLDaily
Laura Wilkinson , Oct 16, 2017 ORCiD is an identification system for scholars and researchers, and is often used in journals to establish unique identity. This is useful because different researchers often have the same name (in my case ...

» The Unexamined Algorithm Is Not Worth Using
14/10/17 19:39 from OLDaily
Ruben Mancha , Haslina Ali , Stanford Social Innovation Review , Oct 14, 2017 "Algorithms can be an asset to nonprofit organizations, reducing costs and making processes more efficient," write Mancha and Ali, "but they can also be an eth...

» You Probably Need a Public Portfolio Even If You're Not a Freelancer or a "Creative"
14/10/17 19:19 from OLDaily
Nick Douglas , LifeHacker , Oct 14, 2017 The messaging for personal portfolios, as in this post, is that people with online portfolios will stand out when being considered for work, interviews, or any other thing related to their profess...

» Udacity Official Declares MOOCs ‘Dead’ (Though the Company Still Offers Them)
14/10/17 18:45 from OLDaily
Jeffrey R. Young  , EdSurge , Oct 14, 2017 Udacity's latest word on MOOCs, reported first by Economic Times in India: “Our mission is to bring relevant education which advances people in careers and socio-economic activities, and M...

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