Japan, India joining hands to counter China’s ‘String of Pearls’
THE ASAHI SHIMBUN Indian Premier Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit Toji Temple in Kyoto on Sunday. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a centuries-old Buddhist temple in Kyoto known for its five-storied pagoda and its tranquillity. But the two leaders are expected to focus on a more turbulent situation thousands of kilometers away that could threaten Japan’s national interests and may prove a big test for the nation’s new security policies und...

Coalition of the willing
Indian Leader Narendra Modi Wants Closer Ties With Japan to Counter Expansionist China Prime Minister Says India and Japan Have Big Responsibility for World Peace By NIHARIKA MANDHANA and MITSURU OBE Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech at the headquarters of the Japan Business Federation in Tokyo on Monday.  TOKYO—Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday that India and Japan need to forge a closer strategic partnership to promote peace and prosperity in Asia and ...

China Restricts Voting Reforms for Hong Kong
“After having lied to Hong Kong people for so many years, China finally revealed itself today.” -- Alan Leong By CHRIS BUCKLEY and MICHAEL FORSYTHE Protesters switched on their cellphones at a rally in Hong Kong on Sunday night after China curbed election reforms in the city. HONG KONG — China’s legislature laid down strict limits on Sunday to proposed voting reforms in Hong Kong, pushing back against months of  rallies calling for free, democratic elections. The decision by the National...

Hong Kong protests loom after China rules out democracy
BY CLARE JIM AND DIANA CHAN Pro-democracy lawmakers hold up a banner and signs during a protest as Li Fei (seen on screen), deputy general secretary of the National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee, speaks during a briefing session in Hong Kong September 1, 2014. Pro-democracy lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung is dragged away by security guards as he protests against Li Fei (not pictured), deputy general secretary of the National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee, who is speaking at...

China’s ‘great rejuvenation’ hardens Han racism
There are derogatory terms for virtually every ethnic group By Jamil Anderlini in Beijing The killing of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson , Missouri, in August prompted riots and soul-searching as America confronted the uglier side of its multi-ethnic society. The unrest also handed a propaganda gift to authoritarian regimes in places such as Russia, Iran, China and North Korea, which are more used to being criticised for their dismal human rights records. State...

Tibet's Exile Government Rejects Beijing's Claim of Dalai Lama Return Talks
A Chinese official has claimed that the spiritual leader is in discussions with Beijing through his 'personal envoys' about the possibility of his return to Tibet.

Responding to China’s Air Intercept
The US response to the recent intercept is important in the context of the safety and freedom of international airspace. By Ryan Santicola Last week, a Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) J-11 fighter aircraft intercepted a United States Navy P-8A aircraft over the South China Sea, at one point coming within 30 feet of the P-8A while making sharp maneuvers and crossing the P-8A’s flight path.  According to statements by officials at the U.S. Department of Defense and the White Hous...

China's Mandarin Teaching Drive Sparks Uyghur Anger
Cultural genocide: "The posting of so many Han teachers to Xinjiang is actually the obliteration of Uyghur language and culture" -- World Uyghur Congress  By Xin Lin A teacher leads a group of Uyghur children exercising on a school ground in Kashgar in the Xinjiang region, Nov. 8, 2013. Authorities in the Chinese capital have sent dozens of volunteer teachers to the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang in a bid to boost comprehension of Mandarin among local ethnic minority Uyghurs, o...

China returns to show trials of 1950s and 60s
Analysts say China moving back toward 1950s-era public trials aimed at shaming and intimidation By Massoud Hayoun Not since the 1950s and 60s – when denouncements of so-called counterrevolutionaries were a common sight in China’s stadiums and squares – has the People’s Republic seen anything like its recent slew of showy public trials, legal experts say.  The trials are broadcast on TV and the Internet, even as calls have come from Beijing’s top prosecutor to reform the nation’s judicial...

China and Hong Kong poised for showdown over democracy
Beijing will tightly curb nominations for the 2017 leadership poll to filter out any candidates it deems unacceptable. Candidates must be backed by at least 50 percent of a 1,200-person "nominating committee" stacked with pro-Beijing loyalists. By James Pomfret HONG KONG -- Hong Kong is poised for a showdown with China when the Chinese parliament meets later on Sunday, with the largely rubber-stamp body likely to snuff out hopes for a democratic breakthrough in the regional financial hub at e...

China expands runway, harbour at Woody Island (Đảo Phú Lâm)
By James Hardy Airbus Defence and Space imagery shows land reclamation, harbour modifications and other ongoing construction at Woody Island (Đảo Phú Lâm): part of the Paracel Islands (Hoàng Sa) in the East Sea. China continues to expand Woody Island (Đảo Phú Lâm), the largest of the Paracel Islands (Hoàng Sa) in the South China Sea. Satellite imagery shows that since October 2013 China has undertaken substantial land reclamation, harbour redevelopment and other infrastructure construction on...

China's Occupation on Disputed South China Sea Continues
By Anchal Vohra A Philippines government photo claims to show Chinese construction work in the South China Sea The Philippines government has released a latest picture of reclamation work being done by China on one of the disputed Kennan reefs in the South China Sea.  Obtained from intelligence sources in the government, the picture shows huge cranes, construction raw material, tin containers to be used as shelter for people and a cemented portion that the Philippines government believes...

Beijing Gets Ugly in Hong Kong
Agents raid a prominent supporter of local democracy The Wall Street Journal Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai in 2011. The people of Hong Kong want China to honor the democratic promises it made when the city became a special administrative region in 1997, and this fight for freedom deserves more world attention—especially as Beijing's counterattack is getting ugly. Agents from Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) searched the homes of media tycoon Jimmy Lai , his empl...

Amid Chinese assertiveness in South China Sea, territorial dispute with India goes unnoticed
Associated Press In this Oct. 21, 2012 photo, an Indian girl poses for photos with an Indian flag at the Indo-China border in Bumla at an altitude of 15,700 feet (4,700 meters) above sea level in Arunachal Pradesh, India. For more than 50 years, it has pitted India against China - a smoldering dispute over who should control a swath of land larger than Austria. Two militaries have skirmished. A brief, bloody war has been fought. And today, thousands of soldiers from both countries sit deploye...

Eyeing China, Japan's defense ministry seeks record budget to defend southern islands
By Associated Press TOKYO – Japan's Defense Ministry on Friday requested money for F-35 stealth fighter jets as part of its biggest-ever budget to bolster its ability to defend remote southern islands, including ones also claimed by an increasingly assertive China. Plans to buy P-1 surveillance aircraft and "Global Hawk" drones, as well as an Aegis radar-equipped destroyer, are also part of the 5 trillion yen ($48 billion) budget for the year beginning in April 2015, a 3.5 percent increa...

3000 years of bad taste
These Aren’t Wrestlers, They’re Chinese Women Modeling the Latest Beachwear By Emily Rauhala Woman wearing facekini on Aug. 21, 2014, in the Yellow Sea in Qingdao, China. When you look at Kevin Frayer ’s slightly unsettling images, you ask yourself if masked Mexican wrestlers have invaded the coastal Chinese city of Qingdao.  But no. The lucha libre look is just the latest in beachwear, a must-have for women worried about getting too much — or, um, any — sun.  And while they ma...

More Than 70 Percent of Cambodia’s High School Students Fail Key Exam
Officials cite efforts to crack down on bribery and cheating as the main reason for the disappointing result.

'Mao And Deng Were The Same, And We Should Ditch Them'
A former aide to a late, ousted premier says Mao and Deng were two stages in the same process.

Two Holdout Myanmar Armed Ethnic Groups Agree to Cease-Fire Deal
The move by the UWSA and NDAA adds optimism to a deal that could be forged this year.

Interview: Sanctions Could Force Change in North Korea
Tough new sanctions in proposed US legislation could change Pyongyang's behavior, an advocate for North Korean human rights says.

North Korea Bans Recycling of Leader Kim Jong Un’s Image
Children had been submitting newspapers bearing his photo for a wastepaper drive.

Tensions Rise in Hong Kong Ahead of Decision on Elections
Pro-democracy activists and rights groups hit back as Beijing steps up pressure on the universal suffrage campaign.

China Offers Cash For Marriage to Promote Assimilation in Xinjiang
Authorities in Xinjiang offer cash rewards for mixed marriages.

How the SATs may undermine China’s Communist Party
By Simon Denyer “SAT reform causes worry of ideology intrusion,” China’s official  Xinhua News Agency wrote this week . Earlier this year, the U.S. College Board amended its syllabus for SAT college entrance exam to include reading passages from the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Students will be expected to learn about the values of “freedom, justice and human dignity," the College Board says, not only as “a way to develop valuable college and...

Creeping invasion: China’s reef reclamation in full swing
By Jaime Laude Aerial photo taken last month shows an increase in Chinese construction equipment and shipping containers used as shelter for workers on Kennan Reef within the Philippines’ Kalayaan Island Group. MANILA, Philippines -- Aside from a newly established islet at the reclaimed Mabini (Johnson South) Reef, China’s reclamation projects are also in full swing on three more reefs within the Philippines’ Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) in the disputed Spratlys archipelago. In a territorial a...

Top U.S. admiral slams China, accuses Beijing of creating instability
By Guy Taylor U.S. Pacific Command 's Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III , talks to the media following a session on "Security Outlook" in the ongoing World Economic Forum on East Asia Friday, May 23, 2014, at the financial district of Makati city east of Manila , Philippines . CAMP H.M. SMITH, Hawaii — The top admiral in charge of U.S. military operations in Asia lambasted China this week, accusing Chinese leaders of actively fomenting instability in the South and East China seas instead of us...

In China, Detecting Fraud Riskier Than Doing It
China shows more hostility to those who found the frauds than to those who committed them and has been reluctant to share information with investigators for the Securities and Exchange Commission By FLOYD NORRIS Kun Huang, a Canadian citizen born in China, was arrested there after researching a Vancouver silver-mining company. It can be very risky to do things in China that are taken for granted in other countries. Kun Huang , a Chinese-born Canadian citizen, is back in Vancouver after spendi...

Chinese interceptions of US planes could intensify due to submarine base
The bellicose flying tactics against the American planes were not bad behavior by Chinese pilots as the Pentagon concocted but were indicative of a deliberate decision by China to push the United States surveillance farther and farther from the Chinese coast By JANE PERLEZ BEIJING — Although China and the United States have long been at odds over American surveillance flights near Chinese territory, the all-too-close  encounter of an American spy plane and a Chinese fighte...

Myanmar Targets Property Sector in Move to Combat Money Laundering
The move comes amid concerns about a massive inflow of ‘black money’ into the booming real estate industry.

Taiwanese Group Requests Thousands of Chinese Workers For Vietnam Project
Reports of the move ignite security fears in Vietnam.

Hong Kong Graft Police Raid Home of Critical Media Magnate
The move comes ahead of a key announcement on the city's political future by Beijing.

Tibetan-Chinese Reconciliation an 'Urgent, Historic' Task: Exile Official
A envoy of the Dalai Lama warns of bigger problems if the quest for a peaceful resolution to the Tibet question is abandoned.

Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Refuses to Plead For Release
Instead, he demands unconditional freedom and an explanation of the reasons for his arrest.

Yangon MP Calls on Myanmar Government to Rein in Runaway Rents
He says low-priced housing should supplement better enforced rent laws.

Chinese Security Personnel Storm Zhejiang Church, Demolish Cross
Protestant church-goers are holding 24-hour vigils to protect churches amid a demolition campaign.

Five rules when negotiating for the South China Sea
By Scott Cheney-Peters Seated across the table, China’s representative railed against the Americans for a litany of offences.  The Vietnamese, Philippines, and Indonesian representatives looked on, their thoughts obscured by a mix of smirks and smiles.  This wasn’t, however, a meeting at this month’s  ASEAN Regional Forum in Myanmar.  Rather, it was a South China Sea simulation at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. Divide...

China’s Cyber Attacks Tied to U.S. Companies, Contractors and Gov’t Systems
A roundup of some of the most notable cyber attacks tied to China from the last several years. By Hanqing Chen Photos of Chinese hackers accused by the Department of Justice of infiltrating U.S. computer systems. U.S.-China tensions have risen recently over suspicions of Chinese nationals infiltrating U.S. company computer systems.  In late May, the U.S. Justice Department accused five Chinese military officers of hacking several U.S. companies, marking the first time the Obama administr...

American Stupidity: How a Chinese National Gained Access to Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
The un-vetted Chinese computer engineer plugged into law enforcement networks and a database of 5 million Arizona drivers in a breach that was kept secret for years. By Ryan Gabrielson and Andrew Becker Lizhong Fan ’s desk was among a crowd of cubicles at the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center in Phoenix.  For five months in 2007, the Chinese national and computer programmer opened his laptop and enjoyed access to a wide range of sensitive information, including the Arizona dri...

U.S.-China Rivalry Simmers Underseas
Pentagon Concerned About Beijing's Expanded Submarine Forces By JAMES T. AREDDY  SHANGHAI—A close midair encounter between U.S. and Chinese military planes last week reflected long-running tensions in the skies—a rivalry that is building under the waters below, as well. The Defense Department didn't explain the mission for the U.S. Navy P-8 aircraft—a plane designed to track submarines—that was intercepted by a Chinese J-11 fighter over the South China Sea to the east of China's Hainan I...

After Overwhelming U.S. Visa Program, Where Will China’s Emigrants Go Next?
    By Jason Chow Wealthy Chinese hoping to move abroad have overwhelmed the immigration departments of the U.S. and Canada—their favorite destinations—this year. But will China’s rich who want a visa head elsewhere or will they hold out for the American dream? The answer, immigration experts say, is both. Australia, Europe and the Caribbean are emerging as destinations for China’s rich, while Chinese investors still keen on moving to the U.S. are told to expect wait times as long a...

Saying “No” To Better Serve Patients
Commentary: The retina allows physicians to look into the vascular and nervous systems of the body. These sometimes allow the physicians to make diagnosis of neuro-vascular diseases sooner.     From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Vietnamese Singer Viet Dzung Honored With Highway Naming
Commentary: It is a rare honor that a Vietnamese American get the streets to be named after. Viet Dzung, multi-talented entertainer of the Vietnamese diaspora, who suddenly passed away last year, was honored by the California State Legislature with the … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Promotion Ceremony of Brigadier General Viet Luong Celebrated By Vietnamese Community
This morning,  Colonel Viet Xuan Luong made history by becoming the first Vietnamese-born to get promoted to Brigadier General of the U.S. military, the world’s most powerful military. Not too long ago, Vietnamese military men’s competence and aptitude were usually questioned by … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Bon 14 Juillet! Happy Bastille Day!
  From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Happy Independence Day!
From: Tây Sơn News Wire

UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights - GlobalPost
UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights GlobalPost 3 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations (UN) pledged to support Vietnam in ensuring and promoting human rights through the 2012-2016 UN One Plan, said UN Resident Coordinator Pratibha Mehta on Tuesday. Addressing the launching of the Universal Periodic  ...

UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan - Global Voices Online
Global Voices Online UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan Global Voices Online A UN group of human rights experts has found that the detention of Vietnamese blogger and human rights defender Le Quoc Quan stands in violation of his right to freedom of expression and a fair trial. Le Quoc Quan was arrested in December 2012 on  ...

Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam - Los Angeles Times
Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam Los Angeles Times As I tried to enter Vietnam from Cambodia, things were not looking good. I had encountered border troubles before. The Thai border guards didn't seem to know what to make of me and my bright yellow motorcycle. I spent six hours at the border trying to  ...

Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A - UPI.com
Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A UPI.com CAM TRUNG, Vietnam, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- A population coordinator in a rural Vietnamese commune distributed beans to children he claimed to be vitamin A, health officials said. Parents brought their young children to a Cam Trung commune clubhouse Sunday  ...

Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital - CBS Local
Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital CBS Local CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago-area Vietnam veteran will get a $12 million medical malpractice settlement from the federal government. John Johnson was a Vietnam Veteran and heart patient. He went in for oral surgery at the Hines V.A. Hospital in 2007,  ...

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