'They escorted me as if I were a terrorist'
Irene Clennell, a woman married to a British man for 27 years, has been sent back to Singapore.

Are motorbikes a barometer of India's economy?
As India is about to release its latest economic growth numbers, BBC News looks at why two-wheelers are seen as a barometer of the economy.

How Trump’s ‘Historic’ Defense Spending Proposal Could Affect Asia
The Trump White House has big league plans for the U.S. military.

Early signs
It will have 7,000 signs that explain words used in academic and routine conversations.

Singapore could face choice between US or China, PM says
"We will be coerced to choose" if tensions between the superpowers keep rising, he said.

Gentle Bones: Singapore's answer to Ed Sheeran
How choosing music over university paid off for singer-songwriter Joel Tan, aka Gentle Bones.

China needs legal reform before more elections
Without legal reform China is unready to progress beyond village level elections, argues John Kennedy.

Australian man finds A$1m lottery ticket a year on
The grandfather had no idea he was a winner when he found the ticket in a shopping bag.

Olathe, Kansas, shooting suspect Adam Purinton in court
Adam Purinton wears a safety smock designed to prevent him from harming himself during the hearing.

US-China relations: Trump meets top diplomat Yang Jiechi
Yang Jiechi "had an opportunity to say hi to the president", the White House says.

Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima: The Pacific War and US-Japan Reconciliation
The island of Iwo Jima plays an important role in U.S.-Japan reconciliation.

Tibetan Monk Detained in First Ngaba Protest This Year
Kirti monk Lobsang Tsultrim called out for Tibetan freedom before being taken away by police.

Kim Assassination: 3 Suspects Likely to be Indicted Wednesday on Murder Charges
Malaysian officials have declared airport terminal where attack by poisoning occurred to be safe for travel.

China Orders Factories to Close in Pursuit of 'Blue Sky' Parliament
Factories are ordered to halt production to clear the skies of smog ahead of the National People's Congress in Beijing.

Detained on Unknown Charge, Uyghur Kills Five With Axe
Memet Eli was undergoing political re-education after being forcibly returned to his township by police, sources say.

High-Ranking Chinese Envoy Visits Trump’s Washington: What’s on the Agenda?
Details are scarce about Yang Jiechi's trip to the United States.

Laos Sees Little Problem With the Pak Beng Dam
Vientiane wants to begin construction on the controversial project this year.

Myanmar’s Decision to Give Some Muslims Official IDs Stirs Protest
Protestors want the government to take back the identification cards.

Hong Kong Police Officers Sentenced to Jail for Beating Umbrella Movement Protestor
That judgment comes over two years after a police brutality case that scandalized Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Police Officers Sentenced to Jail for Beating Umbrella Movement Protester
That judgment comes over two years after a police brutality case that scandalized Hong Kong.

Trump, Taiwan, and the ‘One China’ Policy
Insights from Jonathan Sullivan.

New Chinese Missile Installations in Spratlys?
Structures might house long-range SAMs as China inches closer to "militarization" of islands.

Philippine Abu Sayyaf jihadists behead German hostage in video
Juergen Kantner was abducted in November and a ransom deadline passed on Sunday.

Taiwan's Chiang Kai-shek Memorial to Close on Anniversary of Massacre
The move comes as momentum builds for a truth-and-reconciliation style reckoning with the island's dark political past.

China Is Carelessly Losing Its Soft Power Battle, One Project at a Time
The case of a Chinese flag flying over an Angolan construction site.

Why India’s Hindu Nationalists Love Donald Trump
Like right-wing groups around the world, India's Hindu nationalists are celebrating Trump's presidency.

Russia to Commission World’s Largest Nuclear Icebreaker in 2019
Moscow is looking to expand its reach in the Arctic region.

Why Everyone Should Support China’s Banned Feminist Voice Group
Even for non-feminists, the arbitrary banning of a social media group should be concerning.

The Golden Urn: Buddhist Lamas and Chinese State Control
The historical roots and modern-day ramifications of Chinese government attempts to control Vajrayana Buddhism.

Governing Myanmar
The NLD government’s first year in office was difficult, and more challenges remain ahead.

The New ‘Normal’ in the East China Sea
China and Japan are engaged in a long-term test of wills over disputed waters and territory in the East China Sea.

China Wages Costly Battle For Currency
Reserves are now sagging below strategic levels in support of the yuan.

South Korea at a Crossroads
As a president’s fate hangs in the balance, South Korea is in a state of pervasive political uncertainty.

Kim Jong-nam death: Four wanted N Koreans 'are spies'
South Korea's intelligence agency says four North Koreans wanted by Malaysia over killing are spies.

Japan Doubles Number of Fighter Jets Used for Intercepting Chinese Warplanes
Japan increased the number of jets deployed for scrambles against foreign airplanes from two to four.

Woman sent back to Singapore despite 27-year marriage
Irene Clennell has been sent back to Singapore, leaving behind her husband and sons in Britain.

Former Hong Kong Chief Executive Sentenced to Jail
Donald Tsang gets over a year in prison for a bribery scandal while he was in office.

Kazakhstan’s Anti-Corruption Drive Turns Against Opposition
Kazakhstan's renewed efforts against corruption might mask a strategy aimed to silence opposition figures and activists.

Free Trade Push: Australia, Indonesia Eye Deal
After a summit meeting, Australia and Indonesia's leader pledge to complete a bilateral deal by the end of 2017.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Finishes 4-Day Visit to Australia
Australia's relations with Israel are a balance between developing strong ties and managing moral quandaries.

What Do the New Philippine Protests Mean for Duterte?
A closer look at what recent protests against the Philippine president signify.

A Warning From Nepal’s ‘River Man’
In 20 years, Nepal may not have any undammed rivers left.

After Opposition Leader is Detained, Protests Kick Off in Kyrgyzstan
Omurbek Tekebayev was detained Sunday as part of a corruption investigation -- supporters say it's all politics.

Why is Singapore Eying a Military Base Deal With New Zealand?
A closer look at a new potential opportunity for the city-state to train its fighter pilots.

What’s Behind the First ASEAN-Australia Special Summit?
A closer look at what the agenda will look like when both sides meet next year.

Rocky Australia-Indonesia Military Ties Restored After Jokowi Visit
The Indonesian leader’s trip provided both sides with a valuable opportunity to patch things up after a recent spat.

Is China Ready for Global Leadership?
Yes and no, but China should get ready for global leadership if the U.S. further retreats from the world.

Showdown in Indonesia Brings World’s Biggest Gold Mine to Standstill
The American mining company Freeport-McMoRan has brought the world's biggest gold mine, in the Indonesian province of West Papua, to a standstill. The corporation is butting heads with the Indonesian government over protectionist mining regulations. And now that Freeport has started to dismiss tens of thousands of workers, the local economy is poised to take a huge hit. In Mimika Regency, the West Papua province containing the Grasberg gold mine, 91 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)...

Sri Lanka prison bus shooting kills seven
The shooting of a suspected gang boss is the single deadliest of its kind in the country for years.

Christians flee Islamic State violence in North Sinai
In only ten days, seven people have been shot, beheaded or burnt to death. Refugees have been welcomed in Ismailia, Suez, and Cairo. Christians are Daesh’s new target.

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