Can Carnivores Mutate Into Herbivores? Thoughts on The Rule of Law
A former top political aide to late ousted premier Zhao Ziyang says lawlessness is in the DNA of the communist movement.

North Korea's Leader Wants an Affluent, Tightly Controlled Country
But stricter social controls may not be enough to keep the country's people in line, a North Korea expert says.

China Detains Women's Rights Activist Over Support For Hong Kong Democracy
Ye Haiyan is taken away from her home by Wuhan police after she shaves her head in support of Occupy Central.

Fresh Cucumbers and Soft Tofu
New Survey Chronicles Chinese Sex Habits By Richard Silk For anyone in China who has ever wondered what the their neighbors get up to between the sheets, the experts at the China Sexology Association are trying to clarify things. In partnership with two magazines, Health News and Well-Being , the NGO surveyed 10,520 professionals of both sexes in 22 cities earlier this year.  They have just finished compiling the results, along with some helpful tips, in the “China Ideal Sex Bluebook,” t...

The Chinese President’s Love Affair With Confucius Could Backfire on Him
Xi Jinping is turning to China’s ancient philosopher to reshape the country’s political future. But that strategy is riskier than he seems to believe By Michael Schuman Ever since Xi Jinping first began to claim the reins of power in Beijing nearly two years ago, China watchers have speculated on where he would take the budding superpower.  Initially, it was widely held that Xi was more of a folksy, “man of the people” than his aloof and expressionless predecessor, Hu Jintao , and that h...

Hong Kong Politician Likens Protesters to African-American Slaves
By SIOBHAN DOWNES  Laura Cha A prominent businesswoman and politician has come under fire for comparing the Hong Kong protesters’ bid for democracy to that of African-American slaves. Laura Cha , a nonofficial member of Hong Kong’s Executive Council, and the first non-mainlander to serve China’s central government at a vice-ministerial level, was in Paris on Wednesday promoting Hong Kong at a trade event when she made the analogy. “American slaves were liberated in 1861, but did not get ...

Told you so
The protests in Hong Kong fuel Taiwan’s distrust of China The Economist “ONE country, two systems”, the formula supposed to guarantee Hong Kong’s autonomy under Chinese sovereignty, was first devised for Taiwan.  But it has never held much appeal there, and China’s refusal to cede to the demands of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong comes as no surprise.  But the confrontation makes it harder to enthuse Taiwan about unification with the mainland. Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou ...

China’s Clandestine Submarine Caves Extend Xi’s Naval Reach
By David Tweed  In this Aug. 28, 2014 photo, fishermen look at a Chinese nuclear submarine sails past Yalong Bay in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province Xi Jinping continues to extort the miliary to get into shape, saying Sept. 22 that PLA forces should improve their combat readiness and sharpen their ability to win a regional war in the age of information technology. This picture taken from a Vietnam Coast Guard ship on May 14, 2014 shows a China Coast Guard ship, left, chasing a Vietna...

In Hong Kong Photographer, Paranoid China Sees Image of Spy
The claim is part of the effort by Chinese officials and state-controlled news media to discredit Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement as an insurrection ignited from abroad. By CHRIS BUCKLEY Dan Garrett, a student who has taken thousands of protest photos, says he once worked as a military intelligence analyst.  HONG KONG — Dan Garrett , a gnarled, tattooed former Pentagon intelligence analyst, has attracted more stares than usual lately when he prowls the streets here with a ca...

Obama Pushes Reforms in Phone Calls to Myanmar's Thein Sein and Suu Kyi
The US president makes the calls hours before an unprecedented high-level meeting hosted by Myanmar's leader.

Any North Korea Visit Must Include Access to Prison Camps: U.N. Rights Envoy
U.N. special rapporteur on North Korea says the prison camps “have been uppermost” in the concerns of the international community.

Hong Kong: a Protest that Wouldn't Die
More than a month into the demonstrations that have at times paralyzed parts of the city of Hong Kong, signs of support for the students asking for the right to elect their leaders are still visible in several areas of the territory. Photos: RFA

Laos Plans to Allow Foreigners to Purchase Land in Controversial Move
Critics liken the proposal to ‘putting Laos up for sale.’

Students Deny Reports of 'Divisions' in Hong Kong Democracy Movement
Some protesters fear to withdraw in case their traditional freedoms are further eroded.

China Clamps Down on 'Underage Religion' Among Muslim Uyghurs
Parents and educators are being pressured to sign pledges to keep under-18s away from mosques, fasting, and Quranic studies.

Graft-Busting Village Chief Ousted in 'Rigged' Shandong Vote
Wang Songling had been popularly elected and had exposed corruption among local leaders.

A Photographic Tour of Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy ‘Umbrella Square’
By Oiwan Lam Major landmarks in Admiralty protest site.  Pro-democracy protesters have occupied three major sites in Hong Kong for over a month now to demand an open nomination system for the candidates in the election of the city's top leader in 2017. So far, talks between officials and representatives of student activists haven't gone far — Hong Kong's government insists that the largely pro-Beijing nominating committee prescribed by mainland authorities cannot be changed. To prepare f...

Toronto School District Kicks Out China's Goebbels Institute
By AUSTIN RAMZY  In early 2011, Hu Jintao, left, who was president of China at the time, visited a Confucius Institute at Walter Payton College Preparatory High School in Chicago. The program has entered partnerships with hundreds of schools and universities around the world. The Toronto District School Board’s vote to cancel plans for a Confucius Institute marks the latest setback for China’s language- and culture-based soft-power initiative. Canada’s largest school district moved on We...

China Must Avoid Destabilizing Asia: Indonesia Army Chief
By Andrea Tan  China must not use its “great force” to create regional instability, Indonesian military chief General Moeldoko said, as his nation seeks to avoid being drawn into China’s territorial disputes in the South China Sea. “China is a great economic superpower, however we don’t want this great force to create instability in the region,” Moeldoko, who goes by one name, said in a speech in Singapore yesterday.  “Just a small disturbance within this maritime zone will give a b...

China Advisory Body Boots Hong Kong Lawmaker
James Tien Had Urged City’s Chief Executive to Resign Over Handling of Protests By ISABELLA STEGER and FIONA LAW in Hong Kong andCHUN HAN WONG in Beijing Delegates to China's top government advisory body voted Wednesday to kick Hong Kong tycoon James Tien out.  A leading Hong Kong politician was stripped of his seat on China’s main advisory body after contradicting Beijing’s views, in another step to quiet dissent during monthlong protests in the former British colony. The Chin...

Chinese Aggression: India Signs Defense and Oil Deals With Vietnam
The agreements were signed during a visit to India by the Vietnamese Prime Minister By Rishi Iyengar  Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung waves next to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi during Dung's ceremonial reception at the forecourt of India's presidential palace in New Delhi on Oct. 28, 2014 On Tuesday, India pledged to supply naval vessels to Vietnam and also secured oil exploration rights from Hanoi in parts of the contentious South China Sea, in moves that promise t...

Exiled Lao Activist Recalls 1999 Protest, Says Democracy Still Attainable
The former student protest leader says said although the protest ended prematurely, its aims and objective remain alive today.

Myanmar President Calls For High-Level Meeting to Discuss Political Problems
It is believed to be the first-ever meeting among top government officials, key political parties, and ethnic groups.

Hong Kong Lawmaker Expelled From Beijing Body After Resignation Call
The expulsion of James Tien sends a signal to Hong Kong's establishment that dissent won't be tolerated.

Chinese Security Checks 'Target Uyghurs' Ahead of APEC Summit
The Turkic-speaking ethnic minority group has been singled out for dawn raids and compulsory registration, an exile group says.

Taking Back Hong Kong's Future
By JOSHUA WONG CHI-FUNG HONG KONG — Tuesday night marked one month since the day Hong Kong ’s police attacked peaceful pro-democracy protesters with tear gas and pepper spray, inadvertently inspiring thousands more people to occupy the streets for the right to freely elect Hong Kong’s leaders. I was being detained by the police on that day, Sept. 28, for having participated in a student-led act of civil disobedience in front of the government’s headquarters.  I was held for 46 hours, cut...

China seeing faster capital flight
BY SAM FORGIONE Jim Chanos, Founder and Managing Partner of Kynikos Associates LP speaks at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook summit at the Thomson Reuters building in New York, November 19, 2013. Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos, who has a long-running bet against China, said that the country's credit bubble was starting to cause capital outflows to accelerate and may ultimately lead to weakness in the nation's currency. Speaking at a Reuters summit on Tuesday, the prominent short seller po...

Hong Kong protests bring crisis of confidence for HK traditional media
Young turn to social media as newspapers and TV stations owned by local tycoons take care not to offend mainland China By Jonathan Kaiman in Hong Kong Students demonstrate in Hong Kong, where protests are now in their second month. Every time Alice Lau visits Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, she wears two photo ID badges, slung around her neck in a clear plastic sheath. The first badge identifies her as a full-time employee of a pro-government newspaper.  Every day, her employer conde...

'I'll just make less then': Chow Yun-fat responds to Chinese ban for supporting Hong Kong protests
By Katie Nelson When asked about being banned in mainland China after voicing support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, actor Chow Yun-fat simply replied, "I'll just make less then". Chow was asked by reporters at Kowloon Park after news had surfaced that the Chinese central government had put him on a blacklist. In early October, the Hong Kong celebrity spoke out in support of the student sit-ins, which just entered their unlikely fifth week, during an interview with Apple Daily. ...

Another Reason Not to Trust China's Economic Data
By Bruce Einhorn The Kwai Tsing Container Terminals in Hong Kong on April 28 The numbers don’t match. In September, China exported $37.6 billion to Hong Kong, according to government data compiled by Bloomberg. For the same month, Hong Kong’s government says imports from the mainland amounted to only $24.1 billion. That’s this year’s biggest gap between Chinese and Hong Kong figures. Where did all those billions of dollars go? Julian Evans-Pritchard , Capital Economics’ China economist, calle...

Wife of Myanmar Journalist Killed in Military Custody Vows to Push Probe
She wants her husband’s body to be exhumed in her presence as part of the probe.

Researchers identify sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group
“Axiom’s activities are supported by China to steal trade secrets and to target dissidents, pro-democracy organizations and governments.” -- Peter LaMontagne By Ellen Nakashima  A coalition of security researchers has identified a Chinese cyberespionage group that appears to be the most sophisticated of any publicly known Chinese hacker unit and targets not only U.S. and Western government agencies but also dissidents inside and outside China. News of the state-sponsored hacker group dub...

Beijing Zeroes In on Energy Potential of South China Sea
By CHRIS HORTON A Chinese Coast Guard vessel near a drilling rig that China installed in disputed waters in May. HONG KONG — For the past several years, China has been throwing its weight around the South China Sea, a body of water studded with coral reefs that laps at the shores of not only China but also Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei. China has sent ships to stake claims across the area, notably when a flotilla that included the country’s most advanced amphibious assault ves...

E-waste inferno burning brighter in China's recycling capital
By Felicia Sonmez Workers dismantle electronic waste at a workshop at Guiyu Township in Shantou City, south China's Guangdong, August 9, 2014 Guiyu (China) -- Mountains of discarded remote controls litter the warehouse floor.  In a dimly-lit room, women on plastic stools pry open the devices, as if shucking oysters, to retrieve the circuitry inside. In a narrow alley a few blocks over, a father and son from a distant province wash microchips in plastic buckets.  Men haul old telepho...

America in Northeast Asia: Credibility and Deterrence
Why the United States should close the credibility gap in a tense region. By Robert Dujarric Recently, I had lunch with a keen analyst of Asian affairs who feared for American credibility in Northeast Asia.  I argued it was likely, though not certain, that a PLA attack on Taiwan would push the U.S. to respond with force.  In the case of Japan, it’s nearly impossible to think a Chinese assault, even one limited to remote islands, would not lead to a Sino-American war if Japan require...

Hong Kong Protesters Press Allies to Step Up
Students Leaders Want Greater Public Involvement of Sympathetic Groups By FIONA LAW, CHESTER YUNG and MIA LAMAR A man reads a book on Monday at tents set up on a closed road in a part of Hong Kong's financial central district occupied by pro-democracy protesters.  HONG KONG—Student leaders of pro-democracy protests continued to push Monday to shift the burden of their month-long demonstration to sympathetic groups after a scrapped plan to poll followers. Student leaders ha...

Hong Kong Marks One-month Anniversary of Student Protests
VOA News Protesters in Hong Kong are marking the one-month anniversary of their student-led pro-democracy demonstrations. The anniversary on Tuesday comes amid an impasse between the protesters and authorities in the semiautonomous Chinese territory. Protesters want Beijing to repeal its decision to screen candidates for the territory's 2017 election for chief executive. Authorities have refused, instead declaring the gatherings to be illegal and cracking down on the protesters several times....

China, Vietnam say want lasting solution to sea dispute
BY MAI NGUYEN AND BEN BLANCHARD China and Vietnam agreed on Monday to use an existing border dispute mechanism to find a solution to a territorial dispute in the South China Sea, saying they did not want it to affect relations. The two countries have sought to patch up ties since their long-running row erupted in May, triggered by China's deployment a drilling rig in waters claimed by the communist neighbors, which lead to confrontation at sea between rival vessels and violent anti-Chinese pr...

Beijing’s Hong Kong Disinformation
Declassified records show China always opposed democracy, even when Hong Kong was a colony. By L. GORDON CROVITZ Officials in Beijing claim they’re doing more for democracy in Hong Kong than Britain ever did in colonial days.  “In 150 years, the country that now poses as an exemplar of democracy gave our Hong Kong compatriots not one single day of it,” declares an editorial in the Communist Party organ People’s Daily. It’s pure disinformation .  Starting with the era of Mao Zedong ,...

China Began Push Against Hong Kong Elections in ’50s
Chinese communist leaders were so opposed to the prospect of a democratic Hong Kong that they threatened to invade should London attempt to change the status quo. By ANDREW JACOBS BEIJING — It is a common riposte among those who oppose the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong , especially here in mainland  China : Where were the champions of universal suffrage during the many decades that Britain denied Hong Kong residents the right to govern themselves? “In 150 years, the country t...

Saying “No” To Better Serve Patients
Commentary: The retina allows physicians to look into the vascular and nervous systems of the body. These sometimes allow the physicians to make diagnosis of neuro-vascular diseases sooner.     From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Vietnamese Singer Viet Dzung Honored With Highway Naming
Commentary: It is a rare honor that a Vietnamese American get the streets to be named after. Viet Dzung, multi-talented entertainer of the Vietnamese diaspora, who suddenly passed away last year, was honored by the California State Legislature with the … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Promotion Ceremony of Brigadier General Viet Luong Celebrated By Vietnamese Community
This morning,  Colonel Viet Xuan Luong made history by becoming the first Vietnamese-born to get promoted to Brigadier General of the U.S. military, the world’s most powerful military. Not too long ago, Vietnamese military men’s competence and aptitude were usually questioned by … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Bon 14 Juillet! Happy Bastille Day!
  From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Happy Independence Day!
From: Tây Sơn News Wire

UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights - GlobalPost
UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights GlobalPost 3 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations (UN) pledged to support Vietnam in ensuring and promoting human rights through the 2012-2016 UN One Plan, said UN Resident Coordinator Pratibha Mehta on Tuesday. Addressing the launching of the Universal Periodic  ...

UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan - Global Voices Online
Global Voices Online UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan Global Voices Online A UN group of human rights experts has found that the detention of Vietnamese blogger and human rights defender Le Quoc Quan stands in violation of his right to freedom of expression and a fair trial. Le Quoc Quan was arrested in December 2012 on  ...

Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam - Los Angeles Times
Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam Los Angeles Times As I tried to enter Vietnam from Cambodia, things were not looking good. I had encountered border troubles before. The Thai border guards didn't seem to know what to make of me and my bright yellow motorcycle. I spent six hours at the border trying to  ...

Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A -
Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A CAM TRUNG, Vietnam, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- A population coordinator in a rural Vietnamese commune distributed beans to children he claimed to be vitamin A, health officials said. Parents brought their young children to a Cam Trung commune clubhouse Sunday  ...

Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital - CBS Local
Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital CBS Local CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago-area Vietnam veteran will get a $12 million medical malpractice settlement from the federal government. John Johnson was a Vietnam Veteran and heart patient. He went in for oral surgery at the Hines V.A. Hospital in 2007,  ...

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