Retailers Prepared to Pay Higher Prices for Cambodia Made Garments
The international retailers are willing to factor in any wage increase for garment workers.

Green Groups Tell Mekong Leaders Lao Dam Evaluation Process Flawed
Environmental groups, riparian communities want Don Sahong dam project halted.

Myanmar Demands Justice for Murdered in Malaysia
Observers say the killings may be linked to communal violence in Rakhine state.

'Loss of Faith in Communism is a Healthy Defense in a Sick Society'
A former aide to a late, ousted premier takes aim at a recent report examining "social ills" in today's China.

Beijing Rights Activist Receives Death Threats, Car Vandalized
Hu Jia says his health is failing and he has no idea whether the attacks will continue.

'We Never Thought We'd Get Beaten Up'
A Chinese spa worker describes a campaign to reclaim unpaid wages.

The Paracels: historical evidence must be examined
Advocates of the Chinese territorial claim to the islands of the South China Sea frequently cite vague historical references in support of their arguments. In order to be properly assessed, the exact references should be made explicit and honestly assessed. By Bill Hayton A Vietnamese staff at a weather forecast station based on the Paracels in a file photo taken prior to 1975. Professor Li Dexia ’s commentary on the Paracel Islands is a useful compendium of the arguments made in support of t...

South China Sea spat deflects attention from Vietnam’s real issues
By Joe Buckley Vietnamese protest outside the Chinese Embassy in May.  Ask anyone, anywhere in the world, what the most important Vietnam-related issue has been over the past few months, and I bet that lots of them will say the South China Sea dispute.  In May, China put an oil rig in disputed waters.  Vietnam didn’t like that, so it all kicked off.  Things seem to have calmed down a bit now, although recent reports suggest that tensions may well flare up again. For a few ...

China Has Slowly And Quietly Been Seizing Disputed Territory Along Its Border With India
China slowly infiltrates and takes control of a disputed border by a series of small maneuvers, a policy of limited steady steps to take and hold Indian territory.  By Jeremy Bender Indian soldiers, left, and Chinese soldiers during celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, at the Indo-China border, about 41 km (25 miles) from Tawang district in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh on Oct. 1, 2009. Chinese and Indian troops...

Defensive India needs to take firmer stand against China
By Brahma Chellaney Prime Minister Narendra Modi has bent over backwards to befriend China.  Yet Xi Jinping ’s India visit has been marred by border incursions, including one that ranks, in terms of the number of intruding troops, as the worst in many years.  Modi coined his “inch toward miles” slogan to underscore how India-China collaboration could positively transform Asia.  But the slogan more aptly describes the salami-slice strategy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) t...

Economic Xenophobia
Foreign Companies Harassed by Investigations By Dexter Roberts An Apple Store in Beijing “China continues to welcome foreign investment, and the door will open even further,” Premier Li Keqiang told foreign company executives on Sept. 10 at a World Economic Forum in Tianjin.  “We are committed to taking our opening-up policy to a higher level,” he said five days later in Beijing, at a second conference. Why the reassuring words?  A recent flood of regulatory actions and bad press ab...

Cambodian PM Says He Will Not Meddle With Parliament
Hun Sen clarifies his threat to opposition leader Kem Sokha.

Myanmar’s Monks Call For Reforms to State Sangha
They say authorities use the committee to stamp out the monks’ influence.

China Holds Blogger, Rights Activist in Psychiatric Hospitals
One had criticized the government in online posts, while the other attended a Tiananmen anniversary event.

China Expands Detention Center in Tibet's Defiant Driru County
More detentions are expected as county residents challenge rule from Beijing.

Trial of Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Ends, Verdict To Come 'Soon'
'It is not a crime to express one's views, nor to carry out research,' Tohti tells the court.

In China, big companies are learning the business of human rights
Chinese tactics against human rights activists have now migrated to the private sector.  By Sophie Richardson IBM and Ai Weiwei , L’Oreal and Liu Xiaobo , Daimler and the Dalai Lama .  In many senses these aren’t likely pairings, but suddenly it seems major international corporations and critics of the Chinese government have more in common than previously thought. In recent weeks, the American Chamber of Commerce, the European Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S.-China Business Counci...

Exposing China’s Provocations
U.S. and allied forces should film Chinese assertiveness and let the whole world see it firsthand. By James R. Holmes Sunlight is the best disinfectant when dealing with people who take certain, er, liberties with the truth.  If a picture is worth a thousand words; a video clip speaks volumes.  Pick your favorite expression for deploying factual evidence to debunk mythmaking.  In a war of conflicting narratives such as the one raging across the China seas, the spokesman who pro...

Woman's virginity worth £3,000, rules court in China
Chinese court awards woman £3,000 after man "violates her virginity" By Afp A Chinese woman who sued a man for "violating her right to virginity" after he wooed her with false promises has been awarded nearly £3,000 by a court, reports said on Wednesday. The two were dating but after the woman, surnamed Chen, found out her boyfriend was already married she sued him for swindling her out of her virginity, accusing him of pretending to be single and pledging to make her his wife, Shanghai media...

US intelligence worker caught in Chinese honey trap spy scheme
Contractor gets 7 years in military secrets case By Audrey Mcavoy No country for old horny men-- Benjamin Bishop, 60 HONOLULU — A former civilian defense contractor working at the U.S. military's Pacific headquarters was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison on Wednesday for divulging military secrets to his Chinese girlfriend and keeping classified documents at his Honolulu home. Benjamin Bishop demonstrated poor judgment and jeopardized national security because of an intimate...

Misunderstanding China
How did Western policy makers and academics repeatedly get China so wrong? By MICHAEL PILLSBURY On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China while standing atop Beijing's Gate of Heavenly Peace.  In the decades that followed, many China watchers in the West confidently predicted the fall of his regime.  Others hoped that a cadre of moderates in the Beijing government would lead to a kinder, gentler, more democratic China. As China turns 65...

WUC Appeals to Indonesia Not to Send Uyghur Suspects Back to China
World Uyghur Congress leader Rebiya Kadeer says she fears they would face harsh punishment on their return home.

Cambodian Workers Demand Wage Hike Under Watchful Gaze of Military
The workers want a U.S. $77 monthly minimum wage increase.

Karen Rebel Group Defies Myanmar Military Order to Disarm
The group’s commander says the move threatens nationwide peace talks.

Vietnamese Authorities Threaten to Demolish Pagoda, Churches
The move will open up coveted land for a lucrative development scheme.

China Hacked Defense Contractors 20 Times in One Year
U.S. Transportation Command was aware of only 10 percent of the cyber intrusions prior to a Senate investigation. BY DUSTIN VOLZ A nation of thieves and spies: Chinese military hackers China committed about 20 cyberattacks across a year-long period on defense contractors working with the government agency responsible for the transportation of military forces and equipment, according to a newly declassified Senate report. The Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday released the findings o...

China refuses to explain whereabouts of envoy to Iceland
Ambassador Ma Jisheng reportedly taken away by Chinese state security amid spy claims Reuters in Beijing Reykjavik, Iceland. The Chinese foreign ministry has not said who is representing Beijing in the country.  China 's foreign ministry has refused to say where its ambassador to  Iceland is or who is even representing Beijing in the country, following reports Ma Jisheng had been arrested by state security for passing secrets to Japan . New York-based Chinese language portal Mingjin...

A Major Setback to the Rule of Law in China
With its treatment of Gao Zhisheng, Beijing shows the extent to which it fears the rule of law. By Jared Genser Geng He with a picture of her husband, dissident lawyer Gao Zhisheng About a month ago and with little fanfare, the Chinese government released renowned Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng from Shaya County prison in Western China.  He is now under house arrest, denied access to medical care, and convalescing from horrific and punishing torture.  While at first blush, one m...

Hong Kong Protests Beijing's 'Backward' Democracy
By Robert Olsen Supporters of Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement participated in a “black cloth march” on Sunday afternoon to call for genuine universal suffrage for the city’s chief executive election. Dressed in black and carrying large sheets of black cloth, more than a thousand protestors silently marched from one of Hong Kong’s most crowded commercial districts to the city’s financial center, where leaders of the civic organization Occupy Central plan to stage a sit-in protest in early ...

Philippine Base for US Ships Draws Mixed Reactions Amid China Tensions
By Jason Strother A Philippine warship BRP Ramon Alcaraz. PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES — The Philippines and China are locked in a territorial dispute in the South China Sea.  In recent years, Beijing has sent forces to occupy reefs claimed by Manila and boats from both countries have engaged in stand offs in those waters.  The island of Palawan in the west Philippines is at the forefront of these tensions.  Now, Manila is considering allowing the United States to base some of its...

White House Rejects Chinese Demand to End U.S. Spy Flights
Increased U.S. surveillance of China is one of the Obama administration’s key elements of its pivot to Asia that is designed to monitor China’s large-scale conventional and nuclear forces buildup, which has been taking place in secret. By Bill Gertz U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon National Security Adviser Susan Rice was pressed by Chinese leaders last week to end all U.S. surveillance flights near China, and the White House said Monday that the flights will continue. “We have made clear that our flig...

China's Democracy Challenge
Xi Jinping should follow in the footsteps of Chiang Ching-kuo, not Putin, Mao, or even Deng. By Zheng Wang Wu Tien-Chang | Five Phases of President Chiang Ching-Kuo 25 years ago in 1989, the student movement in Beijing brought to view the first wave of democratic challenge for the Communist government.  On the surface, it seems that the democratic challenge brought to light in 1989 has no longer been a contentious issue for Beijing over the past 25 years, as the government successfully s...

Alibaba’s Link to Elite Military Family Is Etched in Stone
By Michael Forsythe, Jonathan Ansfield The family tomb in Changshou township where Chen Xiaoying is listed with her husband, Zhang Lianyang, on a stone tablet. HONG KONG — Perched on a steep hillside in Changshou township lies the modest family tomb of a military dynasty, overgrown with tall grass and lined with cheap white tiles. Carved in an ancestral tablet that records the living as well as the dead is the name of Zhang Zhen , the family patriarch, who turns 100 next month and was one of ...

Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese aggression
Russia is the top military exporter to Asia, followed by the U.S. and then European countries such as the Netherlands. By JACK CHANG Japan Ground Self-Defense Force's Type 90 tank BEIJING — Vietnam has nearly doubled its military spending, Japan is requesting its biggest-ever defense budget and the Philippines is rushing to piece together a viable navy. Several Asian nations are arming up, their wary eyes fixed squarely on one country: a resurgent China that’s boldly asserting its territ...

China’s human rights abuses demand a tougher U.S. approach
The Washington Post Gao Zhisheng THEY KEPT him in a cell so small he could walk barely two steps in any direction.  There was no sunlight, no ventilation; just one five-watt bulb, burning dimly 24 hours a day.  He was allowed nothing to read and no one to speak with, not even the guards.  They fed him one piece of bread and one bowl of watery cabbage a day. When they let Gao Zhisheng out of prison last month after nearly five years, he had dropped from 175 pounds to 137.  ...

China’s wealthy vote with their feet
Almost Half of China's Rich Want to Emigrate By Dexter Roberts  Even as the number of Chinese millionaires grows, the number of those aiming to leave China is getting ever larger. About half of China’s wealthy are considering moving to a new country within five years, says a just-released report by U.K.-based bank Barclays .  The survey of more than 2,000 individuals around the world, all with personal wealth over $1.5 million, showed Chinese are more eager to emigrate than the very...

Narendra Modi’s ‘Mausam’ manoeuvre to check China’s maritime might
By Sachin Parashar Indian Navy warships in the Arabian Sea. New Delhi has been alarmed by the interest shown by Sri Lanka and Maldives in Beijing's maritime silk route initiative.  NEW DELHI -- As China's President Xi Jinping comes calling on Wednesday, India is all set to launch what is probably the Narendra Modi government's most significant foreign policy initiative for countering Beijing's growing influence in the Indian Ocean region. Long accused of remaining a mute spectator t...

Vietnam, India to Expand Oil Exploration in Contested South China Sea
Vietnam, India Sign New Oil and Gas Deal Despite Previous Objections From China By VU TRONG KHANH AND NGUYEN ANH THU Vietnam and India have struck a deal to expand oil and gas exploration and production in the South China Sea, despite previous Chinese claims that it violates China's "sovereignty".  HANOI—Vietnam and India agreed Monday to expand cooperation in oil and gas exploration and production in contested waters of the South China Sea, despite previous objections from China. The ag...

Vietnam’s Naval Upgrades Likely Will Limit but not Deter China in the South China Sea
The Vietnamese are acutely aware of how vulnerable prestige items such as the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning actually are. By Zachary Abuza Vietnamese Gepard-class frigate Dinh Tien Hoang undergoing maintenance in Da Nang during February 2014. There has been significant media attention about Vietnam’s acquisition of six Russian-made Kilo -class submarines.  Two have been delivered and are going through training runs.  One is undergoing sea trials in Russia while the last three wi...

Sick Man of Asia
    Chinese student ‘dies of heart attack’ while masturbating at sperm bank  By Metro News Chinese student Zheng Gang has ‘masturbated himself to death’  A trainee doctor has died while producing a sample at a sperm bank. Zheng Gang , who suffered a heart attack, was found unresponsive in a booth at the building at China’s Wuhan University. Worried workers had accessed his private booth when they realised he had spent two hours inside. They discovered the 23-year-old uncon...

Saying “No” To Better Serve Patients
Commentary: The retina allows physicians to look into the vascular and nervous systems of the body. These sometimes allow the physicians to make diagnosis of neuro-vascular diseases sooner.     From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Vietnamese Singer Viet Dzung Honored With Highway Naming
Commentary: It is a rare honor that a Vietnamese American get the streets to be named after. Viet Dzung, multi-talented entertainer of the Vietnamese diaspora, who suddenly passed away last year, was honored by the California State Legislature with the … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Promotion Ceremony of Brigadier General Viet Luong Celebrated By Vietnamese Community
This morning,  Colonel Viet Xuan Luong made history by becoming the first Vietnamese-born to get promoted to Brigadier General of the U.S. military, the world’s most powerful military. Not too long ago, Vietnamese military men’s competence and aptitude were usually questioned by … Continue reading → From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Bon 14 Juillet! Happy Bastille Day!
  From: Tây Sơn News Wire

Happy Independence Day!
From: Tây Sơn News Wire

UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights - GlobalPost
UN pledges to support Vietnam in guaranteeing human rights GlobalPost 3 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations (UN) pledged to support Vietnam in ensuring and promoting human rights through the 2012-2016 UN One Plan, said UN Resident Coordinator Pratibha Mehta on Tuesday. Addressing the launching of the Universal Periodic  ...

UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan - Global Voices Online
Global Voices Online UN Experts Condemn Detention of Vietnamese Blogger Le Quoc Quan Global Voices Online A UN group of human rights experts has found that the detention of Vietnamese blogger and human rights defender Le Quoc Quan stands in violation of his right to freedom of expression and a fair trial. Le Quoc Quan was arrested in December 2012 on  ...

Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam - Los Angeles Times
Kindness One: Motorcycle causes a heap of travel trouble in Vietnam Los Angeles Times As I tried to enter Vietnam from Cambodia, things were not looking good. I had encountered border troubles before. The Thai border guards didn't seem to know what to make of me and my bright yellow motorcycle. I spent six hours at the border trying to  ...

Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A -
Children in Vietnamese commune received beans instead of vitamin A CAM TRUNG, Vietnam, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- A population coordinator in a rural Vietnamese commune distributed beans to children he claimed to be vitamin A, health officials said. Parents brought their young children to a Cam Trung commune clubhouse Sunday  ...

Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital - CBS Local
Vietnam Vet Wins $12 Million Malpractice Settlement From VA Hospital CBS Local CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago-area Vietnam veteran will get a $12 million medical malpractice settlement from the federal government. John Johnson was a Vietnam Veteran and heart patient. He went in for oral surgery at the Hines V.A. Hospital in 2007,  ...

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