» Guitar Pro Update: 7.0.1 version is online
25/04/17 08:06 from Guitar Pro 6's blog - Arobas Music
The first update for Guitar Pro 7 is now available to solve performance issues. There may still be some minor bugs to fix and our team is dedicated to doing so. A second update will be available this week and … Continue reading ...

» 100% Freshly Squeezed Sytrus
21/04/17 03:37 from Image-Line news
FREE project made from 100% Sytrus, including the percussion by Synth_dfr

» Winkl free fold-back distortion plug-in updated to v1.2.1
19/04/17 22:00 from Tek'it News
Winkl , a free foldback distortion for VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit plug-in formats has been updated to version 1.2.1. This update focus mainly on performance improvements for all plugin formats and less CPU use when the plug-in is idle. Ch...

» Acon Digital Releases Restoration Suite 1.8 with Improved DeNoise Tool
19/04/17 07:49 from Acon Digital
We have released an update of our Restoration Suite. The update is free for all current Restoration Suite owners. The focus in version 1.8 is DeNoise which has received several quality improvements. A new soft knee parameter allows for m...

» FL Studio Logickeyboard
18/04/17 23:08 from Image-Line news
Introducing the logickeyboard for FL Studio

» Rod Argent FIRST to tour with the revolutionary Hammond Xk-5
14/04/17 20:37 from Hammond USAHammond USA
Hammond Organ USA is proud to announce ROD ARGENT is the first of its Artists to play the new Hammond Xk-5 Organ on a major tour. Rod debuted the Xk-5

» Guitar Pro 7 Pre-Order Special
13/04/17 14:44 from CANADIAN DEALERS Archive Feed
96 Guitar Pro 7 Pre-Order Special p{ margin:10px 0; padding:0; } table{ border-collapse:collapse; } h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{ display:block; margin:0; padding:0; } img,a img{ border:0; height:auto; outline:none; text-decoration:none; } body,#bo...

» Transistor Bass vs TB-303
13/04/17 02:40 from Image-Line news
We compared a real Roland TB-303 to Transistor Bass. How close did we get?

» Store Update: USD / EUR / VAT Made Simple
12/04/17 08:57 from The Dark Side of The Cat
One Single Price for All With the increase of individuals purchasing on our store and since the USD/EUR rate is now getting close to 1, we have decided to simplify the shopping experience on the bluecataudio store: all prices are now ide...

» Gregg Rolie and Rick Wakeman inducted into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
10/04/17 16:35 from Hammond USAHammond USA
CONGRATULATIONS to Hammond Artists GREGG ROLIE of Journey and RICK WAKEMAN of Yes who were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 7th. This is the

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