» FL Studio 12.4.2 Released
21/03/17 22:54 from Image-Line news
FL Studio 12.4.2 is out now!

» Transfering Blue Cat Audio Plug-Ins to a New Windows PC
20/03/17 09:53 from The Dark Side of The Cat
If you are using multiple machines or if you want to transfer your plug-ins quickly to a new PC without having to register your all your Blue Cat Audio plug-ins again and setup your preferences, here is the solution. Note: … Contin...

» bluecataudio.com goes https
20/03/17 08:52 from The Dark Side of The Cat
bluecataudio.com is now entirely safe for browsing, using an encrypted connection (https / SSL) for all pages: Enjoy!

» Mark Stein, the 1st Hammond Artist to record with the Xk-5
16/03/17 22:13 from Hammond USAHammond USA
MARK STEIN legendary Organist and Vocalist for the VANILLA FUDGE recently made history by becoming the first Hammond Artist to record with the revolutionary new Xk-5. Upon Mark’s advice, Tom

» n-Track Studio v8.1.2 Build 3421 Released
15/03/17 16:30 from n-Track Studio changes log
Added German and Russian translations of quick tips and quick guide texts [Improvement] Fixed sporadic crash when selecting Asio4All audio drivers (Windows) [Bug fix]

» n-Track Studio 8.1.2 Released
13/03/17 22:00 from n-Track Studio changes log
Summary of changes from v8.1.0 to v8.1.2: Added Quick Guide window: discover how to setup your project or how to do the common operations [New feature] Added controls Quick Tips: move the mouse over a control to get info about its functi...

» Research Engineer
09/03/17 14:56 from Audionamix
Audionamix is seeking a highly motivated Research Engineer specialized in (under-determined) audio source separation to join the R&D team located in Paris, France. Mission: Develop audio source separation and audio signal processing...

» Oru wavefolder distortion released
08/03/17 23:00 from Tek'it News
We are proud to announce a new entry in our HQ Distortion Unit, " Oru " a wavefolder distortion  plug-in. Oru  offers  powerful  wave  folding  distortion,  well  suited  to  distort  your  synthesizer sounds. Manipulate the harmonic spe...

» Organissimo-the Fab Three!!
07/03/17 22:50 from Hammond USAHammond USA
Organissimo’s New CD! “B3tles” Organissimo, led by Hammond Artist JIM ALFREDSON has released their new CD, “B3tles” and it’s FAB!. The Trio has taken a whole bunch of Beatles tunes,

» Hammond Artist Ondre J and Grammy Winner Gregory Porter
07/03/17 22:32 from Hammond USAHammond USA
Gregory Porter Best Jazz Vocal Grammy™ Congratulations to GREGORY PORTER who won the Grammy™ for Best Jazz Vocal this year. Why do we celebrate him here? Well, he’s GREAT, to

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