» Plug’n Script V3 – What’s New?
17/10/17 09:38 from The Dark Side of The Cat
Initially released in 2014 to add scripting capabilities to your favorite DAW, Plug’n Script has evolved into an integrated audio plug-ins development environment: native (compiled) scripts have been supported since 2015, and versi...

» Liquid Notes 2 has new features for intelligent chord generation and does not use Java anymore
13/10/17 15:30 from Re-Compose RSS Feed
We announced earlier today that a successor to Liquid Notes is in the works. It brings a suite of new functionalities, amongst them intelligent chord generation and advanced features for reharmonization. An important fact for many is dis...

» License activation process undergoes small changes in preparation for Liquid Notes 2
13/10/17 15:00 from Re-Compose RSS Feed
We are making some changes to the activation process of licenses for Liquid Notes. This is a step in preparation for the launch of Liquid Notes 2, which is scheduled to be released by April 2018 only. Find here what this is about, and wh...

» RMX Jayce Lewis 'Shields'
13/10/17 04:08 from Image-Line news
Remix Contest. Win $1000 IL VCash, Logickeyboard ASTRA, FL Studio and Spinnin Records Caps/Tees, etc. Entries close 27 Nov 2017. #JayceLewis #FLStudio #RMX

» Pianoteq at IMSTA Festa Berlin, 28 October
12/10/17 22:00 from Pianoteq News
IMSTA Festa Berlin is a day-long celebration of music technology, attended by thousands of music makers of all levels of experience and proficiency. Pianoteq will be demonstrated by Leo Auri, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He is the...

» Sonarworks Reference 4 – What’s further down the road?
11/10/17 07:06 from Sonarworks

» Watch Luca Stricagnoli Cover Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.”
10/10/17 14:36 from Guitar Pro 6's blog - Arobas Music
Luca Stricagnoli from the label Candyrat Records is back with a new treat for you. Check out this video and download the Guitar Pro tab of his own acoustic-guitar arrangement of Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.” on a triple-n...

» Reference 4 is out now!
10/10/17 13:04 from Sonarworks

» Reference 4 now supports 101 headphones
10/10/17 11:15 from Sonarworks

» Video Contest 2017 launching
08/10/17 22:00 from Pianoteq News
Upload a video at Youtube which shows Pianoteq 6 in action and win a value coupon worth up to 400€ in our online store. Everyone participating but not qualifying for the top 3 is guaranteed a value coupon worth 20€. More details

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