US homeless population spikes dramatically under Zillow estimate

11/12/18 16:28 from Inman News Headlines

The homeless population in America last year stood at 661,000 men and women, according to an analysis by Zillow released Tuesday.

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Daily Religion Headlines, Dec. 11, 2018

11/12/18 16:00 from Pew Research Center Archive Feed

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Delinquency rates, down overall, soar in cities hit by fires, flooding

11/12/18 15:57 from Inman News Headlines

In the face of historically low foreclosure rates the effects of climate change on homeownership has begun to take shape in cities now recovering from natural disasters.

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Connect the Speakers: Trista Curzydlo on how to stay out of legal trouble as a real estate agent

11/12/18 15:40 from Inman News Headlines

"Without disclosure, recording is a deceptive trade practice, and it puts agents in such a difficult position."

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Plaza at Santa Monica development trudging forward

11/12/18 15:25 from Curbed LA

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NAR and Upstream get a divorce

11/12/18 14:53 from Inman News Headlines

UpstreamĀ and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) are ending their relationship. NAR, which spent millions in supporting the development of the data management platform for the real estate industry, had previously served as Upstrea...

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