You’re fired! 10 tips to prevent clients from giving you the ax

21/04/19 07:30 from Today's Real Estate News

To help you avoid the nightmare of getting fired, we’ve compiled a list of 10 commonly overlooked situations that can frustrate clients and lead them to sever your relationship and how to handle them.

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Ahead of Earth Day, a look at how people around the world view climate change

20/04/19 11:00 from Pew Research Center Archive Feed

Ahead of Earth Day, a look at how people around the world view climate change .responsive_hl { line-height:140%; margin:15px 0 14px; font-size:20px; } .responsive_graph { margin:0 0 24px; font-size:18px; line-height:130%; } .responsive_h...

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‘Bosch’ is a modern noir that showcases an unadorned LA

20/04/19 01:09 from Curbed LA

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Compass CEO reveals more ambitions to be real estate’s ‘one-stop shop’

20/04/19 00:44 from Inman News Headlines

Compass CEO Robert Reffkin believes the real estate industry is experiencing a "Netflix versus Blockbuster moment," and he wants his company to emerge as a one-stop shop that provides all services associated with moving.

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Breaking: Zillow sues Compass over poached employees, intellectual property

20/04/19 00:29 from Inman News Headlines

Zillow on Friday filed two lawsuits against Compass, alleging the tech-enabled brokerage poached its employees as part of an effort to steal its intellectual property. The suits were filed in Washington state and in federal court, respec...

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Atlanta’s privatized affordable housing startup PadSplit raises $4.6M

19/04/19 22:54 from Today's Real Estate News

The Atlanta-based startup has raised $4.6 million with help from Core Innovation Capital and other socio-economic aware investment organizations.

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