» Behind the scene of transition
14/09/19 07:21 from Southern Africa Missions

» Book Project, an Invitation
05/07/19 15:06 from Adventures in Joy - Blog
The following is an email that I am sending out today, inviting anyone who feels called to pray and/or support this exciting project!--------------------------------Dear Friends and Family,If you are receiving this, it is either because ...

» The Testimony of the Lord - A Mother's Day Reflection
12/05/19 04:49 from Adventures in Joy - Blog
Recently I watched a vlog by Danny Silk, encouraging Believers to find hope in a fear-driven world.He said, “Look for the testimony of the Lord”...This thought stayed with me and been whispering in my heart for these past few...

» The Babybox, Chapter 5 (Conclusion)
29/04/19 10:12 from Adventures in Joy - Blog
It has taken me almost 2 months to write down the happenings of 5 hours of my life.  Clearly, these were meaningful moments, full of personal, deep, and intimate connection.A friend of mine recently asked me about my experience at T...

» The Babybox, Chapter 4
29/04/19 05:40 from Adventures in Joy - Blog
After Pastor Lee left, Wendy and I sat across from the beautiful lady who had entered with him and had been sitting quietly in the room with us as we spoke.  She had on a blue-green smock, the same as the other staff had, so I knew ...

» Conference Collaboration - Malawicon 2019
23/04/19 16:27 from Southern Africa Missions

» Is God A Liar?
19/04/19 13:27 from Crumbs

» The Babybox, Chapter 3
21/03/19 14:35 from Adventures in Joy - Blog
Here we go…I am sure this will be the hardest chapter to write, not because of the moments or the people involved, but because of the intimate interactions and raw faith that I would like to somehow accurately paint onto this canv...

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