Free-floating electrocatalysts outperform tethered ones

TPC faces consequences for Texas explosion

Gilead and Moderna lead on coronavirus treatments

US opioid crisis: 100,000 overdose deaths may have gone uncounted

First private space rescue mission sees two satellites latch together

How to make aziridines from olefins without expensive metals

We process a song's lyric and melody on different sides of the brain

Cheap balloon-borne telescopes aim to rival space observatories

Wonyong Choi to lead ACS ES&T Engineering

Tens of thousands of communications satellites could spoil view of giant sky telescope

It turns out loads of frogs and salamanders are fluorescent

Weird worm is earliest known animal to evolve away body parts

Gut bacteria may be responsible for bowel disorders including cancers

Newts and frogs light up like glow sticks under the right light

Coronavirus: What you need to know to prepare for a covid-19 pandemic

Redesigning opioids may not prevent their fatal side effect

Politicians are mulling a global tax rate to tame the tech giants

Heathrow airport expansion ruled illegal on climate change grounds

33 new positions at Organic Chemistry Jobs

The Analytical Chemistry Jobs List: 10 positions

Uranium and thorium make their debut in dual aromatic–antiaromatic molecule

Now’s not the time to tiptoe around the issues on science and immigration

Singapore claims first use of antibody test to track coronavirus infections

Interior Department moves to impose new rules on use of science in decision-making

A single ‘paper mill’ appears to have churned out 400 papers, sleuths find

An ancient empire hiding in plain sight, and the billion-dollar cost of illegal fishing

‘Astounding new finds’ suggest ancient empire may be hiding in plain sight

Simultaneous and Selective Detection of DNA/RNA and Proteins

Chemistry in Pictures: Tinsel town

Turning down the heat turns up better perovskites

Pauling's rules about crystal structures flunk test

Red panda genes suggest there are actually two different species

China’s rover has discovered what lies beneath the moon’s far side

AI finds molecules that kill bacteria, but would they make good antibiotics?

E-scooters are a disaster for cities – but we must embrace them

The atmosphere gets in the way of the universe’s most amazing objects

Earth has acquired a brand new moon that's about the size of a car

We have only just figured out how human feet work

How everyone decided trees will save the planet – and why they won’t

Handheld device weeds out cannabis from hemp

Light-responsive liquid crystal gel crawls, walks, jumps and swims

Covid-19: Why won't the WHO officially declare a coronavirus pandemic?

This rainy exoplanet could be ripe for life

Bold prediction time: what will happen with COVID-19?

Warning Letter of the Week: unorganized office edition

Why diversity and inclusion at conferences matter

Questionable research practices are hurting junior researchers

Modern dance about zebrafish brains wins 12th Dance your PhD prize

Thousands of Denisovan tools reveal their Stone Age technologies

Aboriginal Australians hunted kangaroos with dingoes a century ago

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