27/12 How to understand verification criteria of ENG.4 and ENG.5
14/02 SUP.10 - Change Management - BP1 and BP2 queries.
01/02 How does ASPICE support the Safety Lifecycle?
09/05 Automotive SPICE PAM v2.5 released
21/02 ISO/DIS 26262
02/10 Is banking SPICE dead?
31/05 Next ISO meeting in Lima, Peru
31/03 our company will implement Automotive spice (LEVEL 3)
28/01 What does a Lead Assessor in Europe expect from an assessor in Japan?
28/10 Research on Elicitation Technologies for Process Innovations
15/10 High Maturity Issues
12/10 IEEE P829 Standard on System and Software Test Documentation
24/09 Media backup definitions
18/08 Aspectos a tratar en PYMES
10/08 Welcome to SPICE Research Group!
28/07 Trade-off between effort and quality of process assessment results
24/07 SPICE Level 4
30/03 Experiencias con iso 15504 en empresas pequeñas
07/03 Experience in SPICE and in IT Service Mgt
29/02 Banking SPICE official launch event - 9 April 2008
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