» LAPD looks to expand mental health units, citing slow response times
31/07/21 10:00 from PoliceOne Daily News
The dozen or so units respond to at least 26 calls a day, some of which take hours to resolve, officials said

» San Diego PD's most diverse academy helps force look more like city's population
31/07/21 10:00 from PoliceOne Daily News
The department said it's seeing positive results from recent recruiting initiatives aimed at greater diversity

» Watch: Cop fishes "naked suspect" out of homeowner's hot tub
31/07/21 10:00 from PoliceOne Daily News
A wayward alligator was quickly sent on its way

» The future of police report writing
30/07/21 22:23 from PoliceOne Daily News
Artificial intelligence is changing the way police write reports

» Using smart design to protect the protectors (eBook)
30/07/21 21:28 from PoliceOne Daily News
Download this free eBook to learn how vehicle interior design can enhance efficiency, safety and comfort

» COVID-19: Law enforcement deaths
30/07/21 19:26 from PoliceOne Daily News
Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. police officers and other LE personnel

» Minneapolis EMS union says city rushed crisis response teams without medics' input
30/07/21 18:16 from PoliceOne Daily News
The statement comes after the city announced it would soon start sending unarmed mental health professionals to certain calls instead of police

» US Capitol Police to open field offices in Tampa, San Francisco
30/07/21 16:44 from PoliceOne Daily News
The field offices are meant to bolster the agency’s ability to assess threats and provide security for Congress members and their offices, police said

» ‘Joke’s on us’: Police respond to deli's warning sign in good-humored exchange
30/07/21 16:39 from PoliceOne Daily News
A viral moment between a Pennsylvania police department and a local deli gave everyone a chuckle

» Police find bodies of 2 children in trunk during traffic stop; aunt arrested
30/07/21 15:55 from PoliceOne Daily News
A 33-year-old woman was arrested after police found in her car the decomposing bodies of her niece and nephew

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