» Parents Should Claim Their Baggage
02/12/18 17:29 from MenGetPregnantToo
  We are all the result of our genetics and our upbringing. Nature and nurture. The percentages of the recipe may be debatable, but the cake’s out of the oven: we are our parents’ products, for better and for worse.

» Alive Magazine - Falling Into a New Routine
10/09/18 09:17 from MenGetPregnantToo
Changing careers, or working toward physical or psychological self-improvement can, at a minimum, be daunting. But not all changes have to be all-encompassing or immediate.

» From Alive Magazine - Is Improvisation a Cornerstone for Dealing with Dementia?
03/07/18 22:10 from MenGetPregnantToo
When you are a parent of a child, and also a child of a parent afflicted with dementia, how do you plan for what’s coming? Sometimes, you just don’t.

» Caring for Caregivers - Expert Advice on Coping with Dementia
17/04/18 10:32 from MenGetPregnantToo
Though these diseases can manifest themselves through myriads of different symptoms, the caregivers’ challenges (and stresses, and fears) are remarkably similar. While families are often thrown into a state of panic by the realization of...

» CTV News Channel's Culture Shock Panel
23/03/18 09:15 from MenGetPregnantToo
Here is a panel discussion on CTV News Channel with Todd van der Heyden, Hadiya Rodrigue, Jason Rockman, and me. Topics include: Male birth control pills are closer to becoming a reality Inner Circle - A dating app designed by a team of ...

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